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05-15-2001, 06:07 AM
Does anyone know how long cats stay in heat? My cat (angel) seems to be in heat for like a month now. She goes along about every other week, and seems fine then she acts like she is in heat. Her being in heat is not the problem my Golden Tiva, could practically chew her head off when she comes down and angel lets her http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/frown.gif I am hoping she will come out of heat soon. Any suggestions. THanks........ Linda

4 feline house
05-15-2001, 09:54 AM
Sorry to tell you, there is only ONE solution to this problem: S P A Y

If you are short on funds, many animal groups and vets offer discounts.

Not only will spaying prevent her going into season, it will prevent many cancers later in her life. Of course, it will also prevent an accidental pregnancy.

It is cat mating season - she will stay in heat more that she will be out of until until as late as late summer, depending on where you live.

05-15-2001, 01:06 PM
wow!! spaying is the answer then. thanks for the info.

05-15-2001, 09:25 PM
I agree, SPAY!!! I have had two females in a row now, and when they went into heat, it seemed like it happened all the time!! And they would howl, and flirt. It was horrible. Both of them used to back their rear ends up to my poor ex-husband's face too. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/eek.gif Shrimp Boat and Mimi ended up being "fixed" very early in their little lives! And life got much better after that.