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10-25-2000, 09:50 PM
Hello all animal lovers! I am a new member and am thrilled to share pet stories and advice. I am also a proud (mother) of six furry felines: Shadow, Patches, B Girl, Simba, Kally and Whiskey. There is alot I would like to share and don't know where to start so I'll begin with how my boyfriend and I started a mission to save cats. My sister's cat had a litter of three and there were no suitable homes for them so she took them to a pet shop. When she returned home I asked her where they were. I couldn't bare the thought of them being separated and most of all, who would be taking them home. So, my boyfriend and I went to the pet shop and rescued all three. Those three happened to be Shadow, Patches and B Girl. The next addition to the family was Simba. Simba is Shadow's son. We gave Simba to an acquaintance of mine assuming he was taken care of. We later found that he was neglected so off we went and took him home. Next in line was Kally. One winter day my boyfriend and I were returning to our apt. and noticed an adorable cat in the lobby. We knew she was a stray because she was extremely thin and her ears were frost bitten. We decided to bring her upstairs then posted a lost & found note. Well, there was no response so we kept her. Lastly, well sort of, there was Whiskey. My other sister got a kitten which she had us kittysit one weekend at her apt. I felt that Whiskey needed some feline friends and brought her to my apt were there were plenty. When it came time for her to go home, we felt too bad for taking her away from her new friends so my sister said we could keep her. During that time, we took care of many strays including Frisky. Frisky was an outdoor cat(it was best he lived outdoors since his male human was mean to him). Even through the winter he stayed outside(and you know how these Canadian winters can be, brrr *lol*). We made him a little house lined with blankets, bought him food dishes, food, treats, toys, etc. and even offered to get him neutered. That's when the bad news came. His owner took him to the vets for his operation and came to find that he had a brain infection and would not survive much longer. She decided that it would be best to put him out of his misery. She got him cremated and I asked for him so now he is here with us. The very last addition to the family was Louie. Louie was a Netherland Dwarf Bunny (I believe) that lived at the cemetary where my boyfriend worked at. He noticed that his owner never fed him and kept him cramped up in a little cage inside a garage filled with gasoline and noisy machinery. So, he brought him home. We got him neutered, all accessories including two cages that were connected together like a "bunny condo". Louie also had his own large bedroom in which he roamed freely (we never kept him caged). We had him for about six months and sadly one night, he passed away. We are not sure as to how he died but the vets assumed it could have been old age (we didn't know how old he was). Louie was also cremated and is with us. Well, as you can see I have a full apt but intend on having a whole farm of animals some day. By the way, my boyfriend almost lost his job for rescuing Louie, but it would have been well worth it!!

10-25-2000, 11:42 PM
Hi Sarah! I'm relatively new here too! Wow! You have a colourful life when it comes to your pets!It sounds wonderful!

All my pets 7cats/2dogs are rescues too! There names are: cats-Puca(pro;pookah),Juju, Willow, Candi, Pearl, Harry, Rufus! Dogs-Jake, Tilly! We live in Ireland!

Talk to yah!.....Gina

10-30-2000, 06:58 PM
Hi Sarah! I'm relatively new, too. I have both kittys and dogs, and started with the doggie forum and now am orienting myself to the Cat Page!!! Hi fellow feline lovers...I have two kittys: Bud, aka Buddy, Mr.B, The B Man, B-Boy, Beaster, The EasterBeaster, (on Easter, of course) and The Polarbeaster in the winter. He looks like a big polar bear with snow booties on. He is a beautiful (of course) DLH white with butterscotch splotches! Bi-color? Long, full coat. He is a bruiser; very large boned and weighing in at 16lbs. But the most gentle, docile, lap lovey ever. At the vet he plays "Gumby" You know. "Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me." You can do anything to him and won't complain. He is about 9 years old. My other baby is Elizabeth; she is 19 and so tiny; no bigger than a little squirrel; I rescued her and her littermates from a storm drain; I think she had stunted growth! Cannot weigh more than a pound or two, but feisty and active and a little doll. I recently lost two. Maybe sometime later I can tell you about these precious souls. Love reading about all the other "kids" and their families. Talk to you soon. Sandra