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10-02-2000, 07:32 AM
I posted below, sorry for repetitive behavior(lol)...if I lived in a larger apartment, I'd probably have more than I do, too...as it is I have 4-and they are the highlight of my day. Each has it's own personality and can brighten my mood in a different way. I just love reading these posts and hearing about everyone else's pets and their antics. Knock on wood, I haven't had alot of rough times w/mine--but, I've seen(on other boards, haven't been here long enough)that many people have behavioral problems w/their cats and since my fiance has recently moved in w/me, my 7yr old daughter and my 4 cats, I was sort of looking for bad behavior http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/frown.gif(bad on my part, I know)...but have not noticed any--am I just lucky, or is this not as much of a problem as it seems??

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10-18-2000, 10:53 AM
Sounds like you are a lucky one with sociable cats. Cats do sense who is cat-friendly too and this helps their adjustment, but I think
some loved cats (and I can see yours are loved) want to share their home with ones you wish to share their home with. I have one who is very possessive and barely tolerates my husband even though she is loved too. I have another who just loves company, kids, house guests, etc. He would welcome all to his house and shows it by his friendly behavior. So go figure???? :-)

10-25-2000, 11:32 PM
Hi there! yeah you posted on my "Q". Your fuzzy family sound wonderful!

10-26-2000, 03:10 PM
You are lucky. Some cats will not accept any other cats in their household. My Mimi, whom I have had for 11 years, just flat refused to accept a three week old kitten into our home. We do have a "part time" cat, Thomas (at least that is our name for him), who visits about twice a day to eat his meal, but Mimi avoids him always. He is much larger than she is, but the kitten we tried to introduce a few years ago wasn't. He was a tiny baby.
The funny thing is that Mimi has accepted 4 dogs into this household at different times and trains them to respect her very quickly. But, there will be no more cats before Mimi goes to the Rainbow Bridge. She has made that very clear! I'm ok with it. Just want her to stay around a LONG time. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif