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08-07-2004, 10:55 PM
Tonight I had a shower around 9 pm, then right after I cleaned the kitties litter box and put the bag rightout side the door. My mom then went to put it in the garbage I guess (around 9:30-10) Smitten ran out, but mom took her back in.

I've been in my room since (it's almost 12) and just doing some online things. I didn't think much of the fact that I didn't hear Kiba running around. I figured she was sleeping from being so hyper earlier. I always say good night to her though when I go to bed and give her a kiss. I'm SO glad I did tonight. She's always out somewhere. She never sleeps under things or places we can't find her, so I start to worry when I couldn't find her. I made noise with her toys (would get her to come out if she were hiding somewhere) and she didn't. So mom suggested that maybe she got out when smit did but she never noticed. So we go out, and call to her. I hear her bell on her collar (another thing I'm glad I did ;)) so I grab a flash light and there she was in my moms rose bush.

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I'm paranoid. My mom never even would have thought about it. I'm also glad in the 2 hours she was out there that she didn't run off. I would die if something happened to her. She's my most precious kitten and I love her to death. I've told my mom before she needs to be careful when opening the doors cause they've been trying to sneak out lately.

I still feel really scared even though she was fine.I just can't help but think what if I never went to give her a kiss goodnight? :(

I'm so glad you stayed close kiba! Don't you ever make me worry again!! :mad:

08-07-2004, 11:00 PM
Kiba don't scare your mommy like that!!!!
Glad your safe and sound!

08-07-2004, 11:05 PM
I'm happy to hear that Kiba stayed close to home so you could find her.

08-07-2004, 11:07 PM
Oh that is so scary!!! I'm so glad everything turned out ok. It's a good thing your such a great meowmie and give kisses to Kiba every night. I don't even want to think about how far she might of gone if she had been out longer!

Kiba, don't you do that again!!! Silly kitty! Just think you almost missed your good night kisses!

08-07-2004, 11:38 PM
Oh, that was so scary! I am so happy to hear Kiba is safe and sound in your arms tonight!


08-08-2004, 12:30 AM
What a scare. I'm glad she is okay and safe in side now.

08-08-2004, 02:14 AM
Originally posted by jazzcat
What a scare. I'm glad she is okay and safe in side now. Ditto. I'm also glad that she had a bell on her collar so you could hear her.:)

08-08-2004, 05:01 AM
Kiba, don't do that again to Meowmie! Good you kept close:)

Ally Cat's Mommy
08-08-2004, 07:52 AM
Thank goodness you noticed she was missing and managed to find her so quickly. That happened to Ally once too, and I was a wreck for days afterwards, jumping up and shouting every time someone opened a door!. I am nervous at the moment too, as my in-laws are here on vacation, and are not used to inside-only cats, plus it's school holidays so I have a constant stream of teens in and out of the house!!!

NAWTEE Kiba for giving your Meowmie such a fright, and big smoochies for you now that you are home safe and sound!!

08-08-2004, 12:14 PM
Kiba,this is The Cat Angel Army! We know,that it is fun,to be outside,but there are Many Cats here,who got lost,or were killed when they got lost,and strayed! So,please stay in yopur Furr Ever Home,unless yOur Meowmie,is with you!