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08-05-2004, 09:27 PM
All of u mute know Mango by now.
If not I'll give u a short breiffing

Mango is a fullgrown 10 inch Male Red Devil (fish). He is SUPER Agressive. I'll walk into my room & he'll smash his face against the tank & try to bite me, & all I hear is SPLASH, THUD, SCRATCH, SCRAP, CHOMP CHOMP!!!!

I had to put a lid on his tank because he was soaking my WHOLE ROOM!!!! I'd be sleeping & he would see me move & he's try to bite me & would splash me with so much water I thought I was drowing. Talk about a scary way to wake up.

Here are a few pics of Mango.

See hisall his black needle teeth?? From what I've observed, it that the teeth hide inside the jaw & when he attacks they COME OUT!!

OK OK OK, I'll admit it, I think its funny to get him going sometimes hehehe

Jaws wide open heheh

it's he super pretty???? I love his Orange colour, the phots never give his scales justice. New people drop their jaws when they see him. Oh he's terrified of strangers. Its mostly me he tries to eat. he'll snap at Rob but thats it. I still swear he's planing my death. I know he's gonna evolve legs & walk out & kill me in my sleep... heheh


Well guess what will stop him in his tracks & calm him right down??


I play ABBA, ENYA & some other nice bands & he'll just relax. I have the speaker squeezed inbetween his tank & my Mt. of boxes. Its so nice being able to be in here & not having to deal with him throughing fits cause I'm in here & him trying to build a rock pile with MARBLES!!!

I still don't know why I gave him Marbels. oh ya so he can toss them around his tank all day & night to annoy the hell out of me, oh how could I have forgotten.. sheesh..

08-05-2004, 09:31 PM
I've never heard of a red devil before. Are they salt or fresh water fish?

L:eek: :eek: K at those death! I think I'd have music on 24/7! lol

08-05-2004, 09:31 PM
Wow. He is such a beautiful fish! Hopefully he won't grow legs...:D


08-05-2004, 09:42 PM
He's fresh water. U can get them at super pet. I got mine at a really GOOD store that only deals in fish. I even have my very own fish guy. He knows all their names, ages, breeds & helps me when they got sick last year, which almost killed poor Oscar.

Red Devils aren't an easy fish to care for, they r more so an advanced level type of fish. They are very harty fish, don't die easly, but can be tricky, as in DESTROYING EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Took him about 2 weeks to smash the glass cover on the light lid!!

Here look at what the little shit head did!!! He also split his lip in half from breaking that glass cover.

The broken glass on my bed

Mango's split lip. Its dark, but it had to be inorder to get a close close up

Oh & he's the only survivor of 3!!! he was killing the other 2 so I moved him byhimself. One of the others was killing Oscar so I tossed him into the pond to fend from the turtle. & well the last one picked a fight with Oscar & lost. its belly was ripped wide open to I put him in the pond too. Neither lasted.

Oscar means more to me then the new commers. I spent over $500.00 on her & refuse to loos her to stupid evil fish from HELL!!!!