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07-30-2004, 12:09 AM
well I know it has been a while and here is the update right now he is at MD Anderson he just finished his 4 hour med. for chemo...and the other is a 72 hour med. I talked to him on the phone and he was doing good so far they are going to try this first time with chemo to see if it shrinks the tumor and the chemo they are using is the strongest there is so he has to stay there for 5 to 7 days because he will be really sick..... but right now he is resting and doing well... my family and I wanted to thank everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers and to please keep them coming that the chemo works.....

07-30-2004, 12:13 AM
More prayers on the way.

I really hope this chemo treatment shrinks the tumor!

07-30-2004, 12:18 AM
Lots of prayers just for your father tonite! I will keep you in my thoughts.


07-30-2004, 12:42 AM
thanks guy!

07-30-2004, 02:15 AM
Lots of good thoughts and prayers coming you and your families way..


07-30-2004, 04:14 AM
It's gonna be a rough time for you and your Daddy, My thoughts are with you right now, I hope his treatment is over with soon, and he is well on his way to recovery, have faith, he is a strong person and with all your love and support is well on his way to beating it. TAKE CARE AND HUGS TO YOU .

07-30-2004, 09:29 AM
Thank you for the update. We'll continue praying for him.

07-30-2004, 09:46 AM
Prayers on their way. Don't be afraid to hug him, or just touch his hand or shoulder - feeling isolated is often the worst part about cancer treatment.

07-30-2004, 09:52 AM
That's great that he's doing well. I hope the chemo works.

07-30-2004, 10:23 AM
KayKay, I am so sorry to hear your dad has been sick. I should have responded sooner, sorry about that.

I know how it is to have a dad go sick on you, and the worry is so deep. I hope your dad gets well soon, and gets back home with you all good as new very soon.

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family, and especially with your dad.


07-30-2004, 10:26 AM
I hope that this has good results for him. I've heard that the medication can make you very sick. So, hoping he stays strong. You might want to talk to Robilee about this. She's been through a lot of treatment herself and had success with it. Might help you understand what your dad is going through a little.

07-30-2004, 10:26 AM
thanks everyone!....I won't get to see him til he comes home:( ...but I can talk to him on the phone anytime...I talked to him this morning and he was doing okay he has not got sick yet but he is VERY tired so my mom came home for the night and is going to leave in about a hour to go back and see him.....agian thanks for all the prayers I can't wait til he comes home so that I can hug him and we can watch a movie together

07-30-2004, 10:52 AM
I'll continue praying for your daddy:) Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be fine soon!

07-30-2004, 07:26 PM
I'll be saying some extra special prayers tonight for your brave daddy and your entire family. Keeping you in my thoughts...all my love to you and BIG hugs. You're a wonderful daughter:) Please keep us updated. Sandra

07-30-2004, 09:27 PM
I will be keeping your father and your family in my prayers, KayKay. I'm so sorry your father has to go through this. My father has cancer too and I know how difficult it can be to watch a loved one go through chemotherapy. Please stay strong for your Dad - he doesn't want you to worry yourself sick! Just keep looking forward to that day when he comes home and you two get to sit down and watch a movie together again! :D

07-30-2004, 10:52 PM
Sending lots of good warm thoughts to you
and your family.

07-31-2004, 10:29 AM
Thanks for the update, Kaylin. I will be keeping the prayers and positive thoughts going for your daddy,


07-31-2004, 11:35 AM
Thank you for the update. Your father, you and your family will continue to be in my thoughts. Many good thoughts are headed his way :)

07-31-2004, 11:40 AM
I'm glad to hear your dad's doing well. I hope he continues to do well.
I'll still be keeping you all in my prayers.

07-31-2004, 10:10 PM
(sorry I haven't been on to reply) I wanted to thanks you guys agian and let ya'll know that you are the best freinds that a person could EVER HAVE!!!!!!!!.......I have talked to him three times today and he hasn't thrown up at all which is REALLY good but he is VERY tired and weak and his stomach hurts:-(....but if nothing goes wrong he will be home tuesday:D ...thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers they are working:D he has one more 24 hour bag of chemo and that is done..so prayer that everything goes well and my daddy gets to come home on tuesday agian thanks guys

08-01-2004, 12:41 AM
I'm glad to see somewhat good news on your father, Kaylin! Ket him know that he has PT'ers all around the world thinking of him! :D

I hope he comes back Tuesday so you can hear him snore again. ;)