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07-12-2004, 10:26 PM
now I cant write a poem to save my life, nor understand poems that have all this imsagry and such, but my dad is a really really good poet/writer and have even been published. he wrote this poem to my mom recetly out of the top of his head(if you dont know my parents are seperated) anyway he wrote this for there 19th anneversery

Can’t say it all was perfect
can’t say all times where great
I know I caused you heartache
I know I brought you pain
I wasn’t the best man for you
that much at least is clear
but now I hope your happy
for the first time in many years

Can’t say all times where bad times
I think we had some fun
I remember walking hand in hand
under a bright summer sun
I remember snow ball fights
dog walks in the park
I remember first time I laid
my eyes upon our newborn son
I remember that too the phone call
though I was so far away
to say another baby would soon
be on her way.
I’d like to think through 18 years
some happyness I’d brought
I hope not all was misery
I hope not all was lose

And now with this past year apart
no more to walk as one
and what would be our 19th year
I hope you have some fun
and feel free to be free
and grasp all life can give
take happiness and peace of mind
and feel free to live

I wish you only happiness
and peace from up above
and remember too the good times
that made us fall in love
I wish for you those times again
with someone who’ll be true
and love just the way you are
not change or control you
I wish to be your friend this day
and always through the years
and I’m the better for have known you
through all these 19 years.

he has written many others as well, this is just the most recent. any other poets on pettalk?

07-12-2004, 10:32 PM
Here's one, no.. don't worry. It's nothing i'd ever do. :p
I've written many.

i sit here in my misery
as the salty tears stream
my eyes aren't as bright as they once seemed
your words are harshly spoken
my mind is spinning
as my heart is broken
the salty tears begin to fade
as they flow into an ocean of hate
the hate is formed into what i have became today
today the day, the day that i commit a crime
today the day, the day i commit homicidal suicide
i'll put death upon you
then upon myself
with a grin - the sharp metal
cold and wet , soaked already
from your hideous flesh and bright red blood
it plunges into my skin - piercing my soul
and soon my body falls, pale and cold
i fade away, just as you did
the hate bled from my soul in which it hid
the salty tears no longer sting
your heartless words are no longer heard or seen.

07-12-2004, 10:37 PM
One I wrote after my best freind was murdered

As I sit next to your deathbed
Many memories run through my head
All the fun we used to have
Oh how much we misbehaved

We would drive down the road
We really had no place to go
Spontaneously we would leave
We had the same mind I believe

We would hang out everyday
Watch TV, talk or just play
Oh yes best friends we were
But to me you were like my brother

Over the years we grew apart
But always you were in my heart
Now death brings us together and I ask why
I can’t help but cry and cry

Forever our bond will stay with me
The love we had will stay with me
With the angels in heaven you will fly
Goodbye my friend goodbye

07-13-2004, 07:59 AM
Im.. Or was...
I cant write poetry if im happy or something... Sometimes i become sad only for writing :p

Running in the dark
See your shadow in
the moonlight
Running away from you...
A cat scream in the night...
A man walk whit hes dogs...

I still running in the dark
Its raining now
I'll be wet...
I can see a house.
A family sleeping in the dark..
I pic up a letter
Read it fast...
I go down the steet
I see a man... You

I pic up a gun
You saw me...
You shot me...
My eyes is dark, black...
I feel grass under my neck...
I feel the smell of flowers

I die now.....

I see a light
I see my death
I hear a sound
I hear my death
I running in the dark
Hear a voice, you...
You say....
Come back to us..
I say No
But no body hear me
I hear a sound
See blue light
Peoples running in the dark
Its the police
I die...

I woke up in a hospital
Im not dead
I feel bad
I want be dead
You sit in my room
You are a murder
You say someting
I can't hear you...

Running in the dark
See your shadow in
the moonlight
Running away from you...
I still running in the dark....
I pic up a letter
Read it fast...
I go down the steet
I see a man... You

I see a light
I see my death
I hear a sound
I hear my death
I running in the dark
Hear a voice, you...

Im not in the hospital
any more, but im not
dead.... Yet...
I still running in the dark...
But i can't see you....
That's good

I see a light
I hear a sound
I see a car
The driver is drunk
its YOU!
I see my deat...
I hear a song...
In my head...
Its sing about you...

You run away from the car
Its raining
You running in the rain
You be wet
You see a house
A family eat in the kitchen
You running away...

I hear a sound
See blue lights
Peoples how running in the dark
Its the police...
Im not dead yet

You are dead now
You can see me
I can't see you
That's good

I see a woman walking
whit her cats...
I hear a dog scream
in the night...

I write a letter...
Pick up a gun...
Shot my self in my head
Im dead now...

I see a light
I hear a voice
I hear a sound
I hear a song
A song about you
A song from you
A song whit you

We are death now
Still friends
We running in the dark...

07-13-2004, 08:02 AM
Sadness girl catched in a dark world, the mordern world
The Sadnes girl is kidnapped in to a color world, the better world
She seems to so angry to be a changed girl, to be the happy girl
We can choise to put her down or let her just run away
She run away and the color world and come to the dark world, her world
I think she is happy in the sadness now
I never had time to understand her when i meet her but now
Im welcomed in to the dark world, her world

I sit in my little window in my little dark house
She live in my neighbourhood
She seems fine, the sadness girl
Im looking out ower our world
Its dark whit a red light, the red sun of blood and sadness
Im lissen at Psychedelic Trance, its my way to view the dark inside me
I meet her in the superstore sometimes, the sadness girl
She see me, i know it she is angry at me but in this world seems this play not have a diffenes
I can say we hate eatch other, thats ture
Thats ture i promice you

Sadness boy chatched in a dark world, he come from the world of colors, the better world
The Sadness boy is kidnapped in to his orginal world, the colorful world
He seems to sad to be changed to the happy boy
We put him in a cage, he is aggressive, we give him drugs to be a happy boy
Its dont working
One night a bus stop near our building
A girl go slow ower the grass
She looks unhappy, dark and dangerous
We have seem her before...

In the morning our cage was empty
No boy and no girl, it was empty
The police find two persons dead in the forest
Its them they have live this world for ever
Are they happy or sad now in the dead mans world

We are dead now yes
We are happy in the sadness world
Our world, yes our world
Our world is dark it smell rotten bodys here
we hear and see all dark things from your world
No world is perfect
The color world is dark to
Trust us

07-13-2004, 09:53 AM
Hey, great stuff everyone!

I've got loads....here's one *not really a poem per se but:

And with my heavy heart beating slowly to death in my hands I offer it all to the masters of my world
Blood dripping down like teardrops, an offering and a sacrifice from the chosen sufferer of wrongs
Lament me, lament my tearful farewell for I have not said all I needed to say, nor have I done all the deeds required of me
To my despair you react in fear
To my sadness you cringe in terror
I see but I hardly understand
Wound me with your inability to perceive this hell
Cast me aside for it is nothing but the ramblings of a delusional madman
Am I not worthy of your sympathies?
If you fear me then hate me, destroy me for who I am and who I am not
I only wanted to feel the love I long since looked upon but never touched
I love but they fear, why must they fear what they cannot perceive?
Will someone not cast aside the mask that humanity has thrust upon my soul?

07-13-2004, 11:24 AM
There's a lot of talented people on here! I've got tons of stuff, HUNDREDS of pages of poetry. This is one I wrote a while ago, and one of my favourites. :)

It's raining again.
The shadows of the leavs
Fall to the floor in my room
Onto my heart
Shaded already by you.
Tired and feeling just a little unlike myself.
You held me and told me it would be all right.
And I said I would believe.
And I said I was glad you stayed.
You've stolen the ground out from under my feet
And in exchange for everything I am.
You've given me the essence of you.
For how long I don't know. I don't care.
You can't lose what you don't own.
I'd never try to own you.
So please don't run.
You've given me alien roses.
What did I do for you to let me have
Alien roses for a breath of a moment
In my hands.
Can I hold these roses without having them fall
As all things fall?
Why did you trust me with yourself?
Why have I trusted you with me?
How did we find eachother?
Do we know the shade of fragile water-coloured roses?
Pieces of our days
Shaded by shadows of fallen laeves.
I caught my breath
And my fingers tripped on my guitar strings
When I saw you had placed yourself within me.
You've stolen the ground out from under my feet
You've stolen the wolves for awhile
In exchange for roses I understand.
Roses coloured the shade of fallen leaves.
We ride to the moon and back again
Paint ourselves greyer shades of grey
Between you in my arms
And sighs that blend into night
You take my breath away.
Thank you, friend, for your patience.
Thank you love, for your light.
Thank you or bringing sweet calm to my nights.
Don't shy away from me, please.
You've brought colour to my life.

07-13-2004, 12:09 PM
heinz: Sounds like something my Ex told me when I broke up with her...

Ouch....*kidding, I'm over it now lol* Good work though!

07-13-2004, 02:05 PM
Oddly enough, it was written while we (an ex and I) were still together. :) I have break up poems... they're A LOT, uh, darker. :D

07-13-2004, 03:35 PM
I've got some rather choice break up poems myself ;)

Women can be really cruel :rolleyes: I'm no exception to this rule lol...

You gotta REALLY tick me off though :p