View Full Version : those that have had their wisdom teeth yanked out please HELP.

07-08-2004, 02:32 PM

as some may know i had my wisdom teeth cut out in march and it was a very unpleasant experiance.

anyway beleive it or not i'm still having problems wand having to go see the surgen this month will be the 4th time and its getting very old LOL.

anyway the reason for that is because i have a stuburn bone that won't come out so he might have to RECUT my gums :eek: so unless he can just pluck the thing out well i'm screwed lol.

one thing he said is if it swells up i need to call him asap,and i think it has but i'm not sure,my question is how do i know its swelled up????:confused: any ideas? all inputs are very apprecaited thanks and take care:)

ugh i'm gonna be seeing this guy for the rest of my life:rolleyes: