View Full Version : Who broke their first Res-a-looshin?

01-12-2001, 01:02 PM
OK, which one of us killed the first New Year's Res-a-looshin? I was forced to do it by forces way beyond my control...

Seems my dumb Twolegger - oops, sorry - "Dad", has this *thing* about trying to stretch the life of the sand in my toidy box for as long as he can. He gets the good stuff, with the anti-stinky powder and the super-sorb, but sheeze - everything wears out eventually! He's good 'bout dumping the Kat Krunchies into the dog's white bowl in the bafroom (afore Cinder can grab one for a snack). An' he rakes out the puddles every time I pee. But then he dumps more no-stink, I think he calls it baking soda, in to the box and stirs it all up.

Now that might make it all pretty for HIS nose, but to me it still STINKS. And the sand's all icky and damp - sticks to my dainty paws. So what am I 'posed to do - write him a memo requesting a box change?

Nope; busted res-a-looshin #1. Hung the ol' butt over the edge of the box and did a pee on the bafroom floor! Yep, he was cranked that night. Stirred in more soda an' locked me in the bafroom for the night and next day.

But I me-owed real cute the next evening, an' he washed the toidy box and put new sand in it, and then I got allowed back in the house rooms again. And I think I heard him mutter sumpin 'bout "...stretched it one day too much..."

So, the ice is broken in my house. After all, res-a-looshin's where made to be either bent or busted. Now I can just coast into 2002!

/s/ Boots, the Kat

4 feline house
01-16-2001, 03:20 AM
Boots, you need to post more often! You and Spencer need to get together, y'all keep me LOLing!