View Full Version : Lily - cat of the day 1/25/01

01-29-2001, 10:23 PM
Hi! I meant to write on the day Lily was posted, but got side-tracked! Just wanted to say how beautiful Lily is and tell you that we have her twin, Indiana Jones (Indy) I think! Altho Indy is 8 yrs old, he looks identical to Lily. He too, was a stray and is handsome & sickingly spoiled now! I always thought he may have Russian Blue heritage, but after going to a cat show yesterday, he looks alot like a Chartreux breed. I know he's a mix, but wondered what you thought. Everyone is taken back by his color, since sometimes he looks taupe or gray or silver. He has a definite silvery shine often. I am interested to hear if Lily has the same changeable coloring as Indy.

Looking forward to hearing from you.