View Full Version : We had a mini-Gathurin in Upper Sandusky (Ohio) at PawzFest 2004

Cinder & Smoke
05-16-2004, 09:32 PM
Hey Huney & Roxey ~
You guyz get HOME OK??

Now yur prolly wunderin "WHUT are they *yappin* about?"
Here's where we wuz tuday (Sunday, May 16, 2004) >>

PawzFest 2004 Web Pages (http://www.wyhumane.org/Pawzfest.htm)

An WHO Attended?? The Pet Talkerz were >>>

Keegan brung her Mom Staci (shais_mom)
Huney & Roxey brung their Mom Anna_66
Gabbie da Dane brung her Mom Carrie (gabbiegirl)
Cinder & Smokey helped Dad (Phred) find da place

Park wuz Reel *Nice* - eben had TWO Lakes -
but we dint *spot* them till we wuz leevin :mad:
Wudda made Great Swimmin Holez!

We wudda been there *urlee* - so Dad desided ta motor up to
our Findlay Bark Park an check out da New Improvementz...
Which are comin along - New lil Green Grass Fuzz is sproutin;
da Entry Gate has been moved towards da center of da Park;
dey MOWED all da durn Hi Grass down to regular height :)

So by da tyme Dad got dun *jawin* wiffa Ranger - we wuz
"stylushlee LATE" gettin back to PawzFest -
an missed da Hike round da Park :(.

Miz Keegan wuz in da Tail Waggin Kontest -
but spent too much tyme *sittin* onna Tail stedda *waggin* it...

Dane Gabbie did da Hot Dawg Retrieval Kontest -
an like mosta da udder kontestantz -
she ATE da Dawg stedda gibin it to Mom! :p
WE shudda entered dat wun - we alluz like ta *munch*
on hot dawgz!

Watched a neet lil show by Sheriff Dawg Gunner
an hiz Dad/Handler Deputy Brown.
He getz his instruckshins in GERMAN!
He kept *lookin* round atta Krowd - musta been wunderin -
"Which wunna dem is da BAD Guy, Dad?
Whey ya gonna tell me to *Go Gettum*!?"

Gabbie & Mom wun a nice "Dawg Bed" ...
but bout da onlee thing that'll *fit* on it is Gabbie's HED! :p

Aftur PawzFest we all motored inta Towne an all us
Dawgs got treeted to Soft-Serv IZE KREEME.
Keegan eben ate herz inna Kone - mosta da rest of us gotz ourz
inna dish. Got sum *pix* of Gabbie werkin on herz.

We'll post da *Pix* prolly tumorrow - think Dad'z a bit *bushed* -
we made him do allua *drivin* -
we held da back seat down an kept it frum jumpin outta da kar.

We shuld add >> **PHUNN Tyme** Had by ALL!


05-16-2004, 10:35 PM
I just want to THANK Anna and Phred and Carrie for coming over today!!!
It was a great time!!! I will work on posting the pics here shortly!!!

05-16-2004, 10:48 PM
My pics from today!!!



05-16-2004, 11:10 PM
What a great outing for all of you!!!!! Loved the pictures, Staci!!!! :D

05-16-2004, 11:29 PM
Great pics! Looks like you had fun! :)

05-17-2004, 12:03 AM
How fun! It looks like you guys had a blast! Loved the pics! :D

05-17-2004, 06:59 AM
Sounds like a fun day was had by all! :D

Thanks for sharing the pictures, they're great!

05-17-2004, 07:14 AM
What a fun day you all had and it looks like the weather cooperated! Thank you for sharing!

05-17-2004, 07:16 AM
Thanks Cinder and Smokey. Reading your account of the day is the next best thing to being there. Thanks too to Staci for sharing her pictures.

05-17-2004, 10:14 AM
Excellent pictures everyone! Looks like great weather for the Ohio crew!

05-17-2004, 03:56 PM
Looks like you guys had fun!! Wish I could have made it!! Maybe next year :)

These are a littlw ways off, but we do have some "doggy" activites coming up in Toledo if anyone is interested...

May 29-30 AKC Dog show at Lucas County Rec Center

Sept. 24 Dog Days of Summer at Secor Metropark

And sometime in January or Feburary will will be hosting The Great American Mutt show. It will be indoors, at the Seagate Center downtown and we will have access to the parking garage, so you don't even have to walk outside to to get in! They are planning on making this much bigger then it was last summer and are planning on having a lot of vendors that sell "mutt" realted things, instead of just the I love my purebred type stuff. There are fun contests too for purebred dogs, like popcorn catching, best trick, etc, etc.

05-17-2004, 04:11 PM
Great pictures! I love seeing all the doggies. Wish I could have been there too.


05-17-2004, 07:33 PM
Yep, we all got home just fine!

Thanks for asking us up Staci, we had a great time:D
Just wish my camera hadn't tore up:(
Glad to see that you got some good pictures!

05-17-2004, 08:33 PM
Great pics!:D All the dogs look so cute and happy! Sounds like you all had a fun time.
Thanks for sharing the pics!:)

05-18-2004, 12:12 AM
Here is what happened to Keegan's Stuffie that she got in her goodie bag!

05-18-2004, 12:13 AM

05-18-2004, 12:14 AM

05-18-2004, 12:16 AM
and then

05-18-2004, 12:17 AM
RIP Blue Bone Stuffie!

05-18-2004, 12:29 AM
Looks like you guys had a great time!

Keegie you weren't supposed to KILL the stuffie though!!

05-18-2004, 08:06 AM
Oh Keegan you crazy girl your not supposed to destuff your stuffie! Expecially that one, it had such a good loud squeaker in it. I bet you had fun thought didn't you girl;)

05-28-2004, 11:19 PM
I just posted some pics of the park last weekend that I took. It was flooded!