View Full Version : Swimming on the carpet....

12-02-2000, 07:03 AM
My cat, Andy, does the silliest thing. Often if he is walking by and we talk to him he will gracefully slide down to the floor (in one sweeping movement) in a laying down position on his side. He stretches himself way out and starts moving his front legs as if he was swimming on the carpet. The whole time he is looking up and "talking" to us. Of course we just have to get down there with him and give him tummy rubs. He is only my second cat and my other cat has never done anything like this. Anyone else have a cat that "swims on the carpet?" http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

12-02-2000, 07:23 AM
Both of mine do this too! They also roll their heads on the carpet before flopping down. It's funniest when they are on a window sill or something narrow and we have to hold them up while they try to do it.

12-02-2000, 08:41 AM
My silly kitten, Trixie, does a sidestroke on the carpet. She'll lay on her side with her bottom front leg stretched out stiff and pull herself along the carpet with her other paw. It's the funniest thing to see!

12-04-2000, 04:34 AM
Harley, Sadie does the sidestroke, too! She also likes to do the same thing along the bottom of the sofa or the bed, and she can get quite a speed up.


12-19-2000, 07:17 PM
Yep, my cat Sprocket does it as well. If I put my hand behind his back legs he will push off and slide himself on his side along the carpet then pull him self using his fron paws. He loves it when I strech him out and rub his belly !!!