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05-12-2004, 04:40 PM
Sorry i posted in Dogs General. Im new to this! :-)


Obviosly to be part of pet talk a computer is required. I was going to have my sister Kay post this information but i will go ahead and do it so i can become part of pet talk. Hey i have already attending meetings and plan on going to the Ohio one with her next weekend. I am in the computer industry and from being in it so long i have some computer parts laying around the house that could benifit someone. I have a complete system i am going to list on here at my cost and hopefully someone could have some use for it. I dont have a digi cam so i cant post 100 pics like Kay would. But if you want pics please let me know and i will have Kay come over and take them.

Gaming/Internet Computer
Custom Neon Case with door
AMD AthlonXP 2400
40Gig 7200RPM HD
52x24x52 CDRW
32MB AGP Video Card
5.1 Sound Card
3.5" FDD
10/100 LAN
56K Modem
Windows XP
Office 2003 Professional
Microsoft Compatible Keyboard
Matching PS2 Optical Mouse
Power Cable
Modem Cable

$650.00 obo

This unit is Brand new and ready to ship. It includes all the software pre-loaded. I will be willing to ship it within the United States for no extra charge. And if you have any problems with it i will be glad to assist you on fixing it. Most parts have a 1yr warranty through the manufacture of the parts. And if needed i wil help you get them replaced. If anyone is intrested please let me know. Talk to you all again soon.