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04-19-2001, 04:34 PM
Animal Planet was recently added to our cable lineup. Suddenly, I have new concerns. How much TV is TOO MUCH TV for a half siamese/half tabby? He simply loves watching. He especially likes bird shows. He does not like singing dogs at all http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

04-19-2001, 08:08 PM
I have two cats but only one of them watches TV. He prefers the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif Sometimes he will walk up to the TV and put his paws on the screen to try and touch the animals on there. He also has walked behind the TV to look for them. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

04-19-2001, 08:43 PM

I suspect quality of TV shows is more important that quantity For example, if your kitty starts watching too many "survivor" type shows, or perhaps an interest in second-rate sitcoms I'd be worried - as long he keeps watching Animal Planet, Discovery, and National Geo (perhaps Ren and Stimpy on occasion) then he should be okay.

...watch out for Dogs with Jobs and K9-5. Why would a cat work when it can be a "kept" kitty http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

04-20-2001, 09:41 AM
S used to watch baseball on TV; unfortunately for her i am not really a sports fan. but she does enjoy sitting on top of the nice warm TV and letting me watch HER.

04-20-2001, 05:19 PM
Taboo also reacts to my computer monitor. Mostly because I tease him by running cat desktop themes which have the greatest sound effects to entice him. He definitely would love it if I would free the cat stuck inside! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

04-21-2001, 05:14 AM
Ms.Pesto likes to watch TV too!

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04-24-2001, 10:46 AM
LOL, Pam...I love that picture!

04-25-2001, 09:06 AM
Great photo!
Bouja and Bushes only pay attention to the TV when I have one movie playing. A cat hisses at the end. They perk right up and stare at the screen, trying to figure out what that guy's so upset about! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

04-30-2001, 08:50 PM
My cat Scooter has little interest in watching tv, he likes to sit on my lap when I am on the computer,and occasionally reach out and add a letter of his own, in fact he is here now.
Clyde on the other hand LOVES nature shows. He sits about 1 inch from the screen, and every now and then smack the screen.

4 feline house
04-30-2001, 09:51 PM
The other day a news story was on about peacocks. Peacocks have very distinctive calls which can sometimes sound like a loud cat. Evidently Pepper thought so, too, because she was going crazy, sniffing and pawing the TV, trying to find the cats hidden in there!

05-01-2001, 02:15 PM
I love that photo. And I will go to the "fuzzy" page recommended, thanks! Taboo is much too smart to be caught watching TV in front of a camera. The other day, they had a dog singing and playing piano. Taboo bounced into the air and whisked out of the room. Then it was on again as a repeat later in the week, and he came from the other side of the house to watch. Since he showed up on my doorstep one day, makes me wonder...maybe they know eachother? http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif How do you attach photos on this forum?

Ben E Gas
05-01-2001, 02:18 PM
Go to the post "HTML". It's all in there.