View Full Version : Cats and illness: Lilly "knows" when something is up!

10-18-2000, 11:03 AM
Dear fellow cat lovers. This is a copy of an article which appeared in our church bulletin recently. It warms my heart as I hope it will yours.

Priest's Column:

I visit a fair number of homes in my life as a priest and thus get to meet whatever pets are about.
My most recent acquaintance is a kitty cat named Lilly. Her owner/companion is one of our parishioners struggling with a terminal disease who acquired the cat upon word of her illness. She says that Lilly knows when something is up: whether pain or restlessness or depression -- whatever the symptoms -- Lilly knows when her friend is not well and goes immediately to apply palliative measures. The usual feline ones are given -- some lap time, a purr, a thoughtful lick or two.

Our parishioner says that Lilly has helped her to face the reality that her life is closing, with grace and acceptance in the mystery of it all. And should we be surprised? Cats and mystery. A lot of symmetry there.
Blessings upon all of us as well as the animals which share our lives. Fr. Eric.