View Full Version : My cat is a big bully.

08-18-2000, 11:50 PM
My cat, Dominik "Buddy", is the bully of the neighborhood. He breaks into a neighbor's house and beats up their three cats. He was neutered when he was six months old. I now clip his claws so that he can't hurt the other cats, but he still thinks that he is the Big Cat in the Neighborhood. I am also trying to keep him indoors in the afternoon and evening, but his favorite thing (aside from catnip) is to go outside. He is of the very catlike attitude that everything and anything belongs to him. He is aggressive with my other cat Eliza, but they are also attached to each other. He is doing better now, but another neighbor has threatened to shoot him because he beats up on that neighbors cat also (even though that cat was here first). What else can I do, aside from keeping him inside all the time, to stop him from being so aggressive?

08-19-2000, 02:55 AM
Is he neutered? If not have him neutered

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08-20-2000, 12:40 AM
I had Buddy neutered when he turned six months old. I got the appointment for him a month after I got him. He has been behaving a lot better now. He will follow me to bed in order to get up the same time that I get up, so he can sneak out the door when I get the paper. My Eliza used to be scared of the outside, but now that he has gone outside, she is cautiously exploring the outside. She has a hiding place outside. She did not go outside at all until, we moved to a place that has a fenced yard. Buddy loves to go outside, but I am scared that he will get hurt. I am trying to wean him off, but he has been bound and determined since the day I got him to go outside.

08-21-2000, 03:58 AM
Does Buddy fight your neighborhood cats anywhere, or is it only when they come into his "territory", i.,e. your garden? It is worrying when your cat is a bully. My cat Sadie doesn't like other cats, and will determinedly chase them out of our garden, but she doesn't bother if she meets them further away, in fact she is the first to run back home. Boys are generally much more territorial than girls, Buddy is obviously in his prime and absolutely loving being Top Cat on the Block! It will be difficult to keep him in when he's used to going out - are you able to spend some time with him when he's outside? He'll probably enjoy your company and stay out of mischief for a while. He's really only behaving as his instincts are telling him to, and hopefully your neighbour might be able to understand that. One thing to hold on to, is that it won't last, as other young pretenders come into your neighborhood, he will eventually be de-throned.

Good luck!