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09-27-2001, 02:29 PM
Help! I have 3 cats - two one year old females (Missye and Mollye) and a 4 month old male (Billye). Missye and Mollye are not biological sister but came to live with me about a month apart (Missye first).

Missye is shy, aloof, doesn't really like to play with others very much; not very affectionate but will lay on my lap and always sleep with me (but you can't really pet her). Mollye, is a beautiful, loving cat; even tempered, easy to get along with.

Here's my problem. When I brought Billye home (he's a beautiful flamepoint) he want to play ALL THE TIME of course, and Mollye loves to play with him. But Missye just wants to be left alone especially when she's with me. But Billye will chase and chase her biting her all the way. Missye doesn't want to play. What can I do? I yell at him but he is by far the most STUBBORN cat I've ever met. Squirt guns has no affect. He just stands there and lets me squirt him! When he's not chasing, he is a very affectionate little guy and I love him. Can anybody help? Thanks so much for your feedback.

God bless.
Pattye (that's really how I spell my name)

09-27-2001, 02:36 PM
Well - Billye is just what he is a 4 mo old full of spunk little guy. I have a 7 mo old who just torments my 7 year old Siamese - but I find that he can usually hold his own. Sometimes a few swats on the brow does the trick. When Billye gets a little older I think he'll settle down - kittenhood is so cute though - don't you think? :) :)

09-28-2001, 12:04 AM
Yes, I agree with Purrly.......he is just a kitten, and kittens will be kittens. I have 7 yr. old cat and a almost 9 month old kitten. The kitten of course wants to play WAY MORE than the cat does. Older kitty gets tired of it and gives him a swat or two. They work it out on their own- I thinks it's best not to intervene unless one of the kitties is being really hurt. Kitten will calm down when he gets older- he just doing what comes naturely.