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09-26-2001, 10:53 AM
So, last night as I was almost asleep, I heard a crash and the sound of breaking glass.... :mad:

Turns out, Noah had been walking on the nightstand checking things out and knocked a "snow" globe my parents bought me in Canada. It hit the bed frame as it fell and now there is glass, glitter and water all over the floor. :(

I didn't get mad at him, he doesn't know what he did, but I'm so sad that broke! :(

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09-26-2001, 11:00 AM
that's too bad about the "snow" thingy, but we cats are like that...and for sure Noah didn't do it on purpose...
we like to have walks during the night too, and the other night, we dropped a picture frame down, what a lovely noice! Our humans didn't think so, we heard what the h*** and then the humans were on the living room already checking out what we had done that time. Nights are the best times for observing things, you can always sleep during the day time :D :D ;)

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Cinder & Smoke
09-26-2001, 04:35 PM
Noizez inna nite... ~ Our Kat's specialty...

Boots, the Kat does his best wurk at nite! He's got a whole repertoire of interesting sounds that are just about gar-un-teed to wake Dad :eek: out of a sound sleep...

Krunch hockey ~ Played on the bathroom vanity (where his krunchie bowl lives, out of our reach). As a liddel kitty, he learnd to pull the stopper thingy outta the sink drain and bat it all around the house. The thingy lives inna drawer now, so's the wadder inna sink trap is exposed down below the sink bowl. Kat stands aside his bowl, *flicks* a krunchie up an out onna playing surface. Object is to bat the krunchie offa sink, airborne, and DIRECTLY down the drain. Kant hit the sink or the side of the drain pipe. A *good shot* (goal) results in a reeelee neat :D {{ker-ploop}} sound quite audible inna bunkroom! Game's over when Dad jumpz outta the bigbed an locks Kat inna baffroom. Kant hear the *goals* so good wiff door slammed shut.

Kitchen hockey ~ Played wiff whatever Dad leaves onna kounter. Emptee bean kans or spoons wurk purdy well. Kat *punts* the item either into the stainless sink (nice noizez when there's a emptee plate in there, too), or onna floor (kans make a lotta racket, but he's gotta miss the rug onna floor for maksimum *bang*.

Dresser hockey ~ Played rite inna bunkroom. Lottsa *pucks* onna dresser - change inna metal dish, FD badge, pens, an keys. Kat starts bashin stuff around, sooner or later it starts piling up onna floor anna noizez start fromma stuff bangin an crashin into each udder. He did the fire pager wun nite - it gotsa rope that ties it inna wall sokket ta charge the batteree. Rope thingy sewpt across the dresser whilla pager was headed down ta the floor. Kat cleaned off the WHOLE dresser wiff that wun. Also, anudder nite spent locked inna baffroom :mad:!

09-26-2001, 06:41 PM
Kat...Trevor here! What's with all this bein' locked inna baffroom stuff? Ya gotta thump on the door wiff your front feet with all the strength ya got. My humans just can't stand it and they always let me in no matter what door is closed. The key is making a pest outta yourself and bein' persistent. Sometimes Andy gives up but not ME! The way I figure it, if you rest up good during the day you are at your best in the p.m. The humans, on the other hand, are bone tired and are putty in your paws 'cause they gotta get their zzzzz's to go out and get the $ to buy us our food and baffroom supplies. Hope to never hear you wuz locked up inna baffroom again. How humiliatin!! :o Us felines gotta stick together!

Cinder & Smoke
09-26-2001, 09:10 PM
Hi, Trev... Boots Kat back atcha :D...

The door bangin won't wurk at my Ranch - durn hall and klozet doors fit so tight they won't rattle! Kant eben pull onna bottom wiffa klaw*knives and make ennie noize :mad:. I pushed my krunchie bowl onna floor wun nite ta try an make sum noize, but then the durn Dawgs jest hadda feast an I went :mad: hungree. Sum nites ya jest kant win!

I don't skrew up an get caught inna baffroom too often ennie more. Seekret is to *beat*pawz* away frum the scene of whateber 'disturbance' I've caused and keep movin :eek: as soon as I hear Dad's foot-pawz hit the floor commin outta the BigBed. Most times he's so sleepie he furgetz to put his extree eye lookerz on; an then he kant see a Black Kat so good when it's dark:thirty. We allus play hide an seek fur a while; then he gibbs up an hasta go toss the Muttz offa the hot spot onna BigBed afore he can klimb back in. Wiff allua pain (runnin inta walls an chairs) an sufferin (back strains tossin Dawgz) he putz hisself through to hunt me down; he often jest grinds his toofies in bed till I run outta things to bang around.

I alluz let hin knowe when I'm dun tearrin up the house an am ready fer a snooze. I often sleep onna bookcase above the BigBed (no room onna bed cuzza that new mutt, SmokePot!) So onna way up to the bookcase, I alluz make sure to say 'hello' to Dad wiffa a carefully placed paw onna facebone or other *tender* spot :p. Then I usually sleep wiffa tailbone *swisshin* acrost his nozebone, too. :D

Nites a purdy phunnie round my house!

09-27-2001, 08:47 AM
Gee Kat sorry to hear that your door won't rattle. :( Gettin' those humans to get outta the bed and let me in (or out) is a feeling of power I just can't explain! One thing I'm glad to hear is that you're still knockin' stuff offa the dresser and kitchen counter. That kinda stuff always tends to get the pup in trouble here 'cuz then she finds the stuff and chews it all up! HA! That's another one of my greatest joys.....seein' the pup gettin' into trouble. :D One day, a long time ago when the other two dogs wuz livin' here, before they got the call to the Rainbow Bridge, I got up on the kitchen counter and got inside a box of Dunkin' Donuts. I jumped down onna floor wiff a cream donut in my mouth. Those dogs just stood onna floor starin' at me, hopin' I'd drop it. That was NOT gonna happen! I was standin' there for the longest time and finally my human came into the room and caught up with me. It was fun havin' alla power over those dogs! Keep up the good work Kat. Your pal, Trev

Kat...Andy here. Sometimes Trevor likes to brag and gets all full of himself. He didn't tell ya how his life is changed since our new pup, Bella, came to live here. He used to ALWAYS sleep onna big bed wiff the humans and got to pick his spot first, even before me. :( Well, now the pup gets the best spot and Trev doesn't even put up a fuss. Sometimes Trev even waits til the pup is fast asleep, to climb inna big bed 'cuz sometimes if the pup is only half asleep and he sees Trev onna bed he starts playin' and Trev is ready for lights out and doesn't wanna play just then. Anyway, Trev is my "brother" and I love him but sometimes he is given to "braggin' if ya know what I mean. Your pal, Andy

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09-27-2001, 10:29 AM
So funny to see this thread, because last night my boys absoulutely refused to let me sleep. They make noise at night, but last night was just ridiculous!! :rolleyes:
First, they decided to lay down on either side of me on top of the comforter, thereby squishing me in between so that I could not even turn over. Very uncomfortable!! This lasted for a few hours.
Next, Danny decides to play Nightstand Hockey. Everything-my watch, contact lens case, hair clippy thingies, and the telephone-landed on the floor.
Elvis then decides that he needs a drink of water from my glass and proceeds to knock the glass over while washing his feet in my water. (yuck!)
Then Elvis got in a snippety mood and decided to show Danny that he's the King of the Bed. After successfully kicking Danny out of the bed, Elvis made himself comfortable on top of me so that again I could not move.

>Sigh< it was a long night!

09-27-2001, 10:34 AM
Hey Thelma,

Elvis and Danny sound so cute! They sound like they are getting along a lot better ... are they?

You've reminded me why I'm happy my girls are older now. I love kittens, but I love my sleep even more ... ;)


09-27-2001, 10:35 AM

How'd the scotch-tape over the plant pots work out?


09-27-2001, 10:35 AM
YEP - been there done that. I have a beautiful three tiered glass table. One night I heard that crash you were talking about - one of my brass kittie figurines was knocked down on top of one of my glass tiers - needless to say the mess was there - but I just went to a glass company and they made me another glass tier - tempered glass this time. Crashes are just a familiar night time sound in my house :D :D

09-27-2001, 11:45 AM
LOL, no beauty rest for me maybe until Danny grows up! Even though Elvis isn't a kitten anymore, he can keep up with little Danny just fine! I think he thoroughly enjoys their 3am rough-and-tumble sessions! Momma, on the other hand, is not amused. :rolleyes:

So far so good on the Scotch tape solution. I went to the hardware store and bought the widest double-sided tape I could find. It didn't work on the couch, though. Danny just peeled it right off! Wiseguy. :rolleyes: