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07-17-2001, 11:45 AM
I have two cats who are 7 and 6 yrs old, spayed/neutered. Starting four years ago they had been using the bed in the spare room as a litter box (only urinating). Every time whoever urinated on it, we would scrub it, bleach the bed sheets on it, et cetera. It wasn't frequently that they had done it. It was only when I neglected the litter box. We stopped them by putting plastic on the bed when it's not being used and keeping up on the litter box. Well two weeks ago I bought new bunk beds for my daughter's room, new mattresses and a new mattress for my bed. The cats had peed on my daughters new bed. The litter box was just clean. I closed the door to her room so they could not get in. So after a few days, they peed on my new mattress. They had never done this before. I now have the door closed to that room. Now, the problem is we have gravity heat. While we can keep doors closed in the summer, we can't in the fall and winter. So I have little options left for the cats. One of my options is this stuff at Drs. Foster and Smith that's supposed to help eliminate cat urine odors. I'll post the link to it. My question is, has anyone heard of this or tried it? I don't want to use it if it is damaging tothem. I will not turn these inside cats into outside cats and I doubt I would be able to find homes for them since they are older (not that I want to). I would appreciate any adivse or comments.
Here's the link: http://cats.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_Display.cfm?pCatId=660

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08-13-2001, 03:50 PM
I have never used the stuff myself, but one of my close friend's moms uses it and she says its really good and eliminates odors very well. She says it doesnt have any harmful effects that she knows of, but dont take my word, if I were you, I would go to a specialist or a pet store (like Petsmart) and ask someone there. :)

08-13-2001, 04:42 PM
Club Soda is excellent for removing pet urine odors. I don't know how you would go about using it on a mattress, but I have used it on the floor and the cat did not pee there again.

08-13-2001, 07:49 PM
The whole point of your cats doing this is to make the new things part of their territory.
Try taking whatever they play with, lie on, sleep on along with bedding that the family have slept in and rub it on to the new stuff as though you have nothing better to do! (Do not let your friends, even good ones, or neighbours see you doing this!) Do not use anything that you can remember being peed on and try to keep the cats out of the room with anything new in for a couple of weeks to let the scents "mature". They should then accept the new object as normal.

09-01-2001, 09:32 PM
Hi Stenograsaurus,

Have you tried the new odor removers like Febreze? You can get it at any supermarket, or Wal-Mart and it's relatively cheap and works like crazy. It takes the odor of anything out of anything. Several other companies like the Clorox people have their own version and theirs works just as well.

Spray the blankets, sheets, etc. and launder as usual or just pour about 1/4 cup into the washer with them and it will get it all out. However, You will need to re-launder them with detergent and fabric softener to get that nice just-washed smell back.

Spray the mattress and let it dry naturally.

Good luck.



09-03-2001, 05:03 PM
Have you had your cats checked out by a vet to rule out a urinary tract infection? Peeing outside the box is one of the signs of this type of infection.

Cleaners such as Nature's Miracle are supposed to be good because they have an enzyme that breaks down the cat urine.

Good luck :)

09-03-2001, 05:11 PM
I've used the Nature's Miracle as the enzyme action is wonderful at removing the odors even we cannot detect, and is completely safe. I cover all my mattresses with waterproof bottom sheeting meant for bed wetting children. At least the mattress stays totally protected!

09-03-2001, 11:53 PM
Ok now....I am a bit confused. Stenograsuars, the stuff you were asking about is the stuff that you spray onto the food, right? I went to the link and that is what came up. Anyway, I have used it. It's a different brand, but basically the same thing. It's called Odor Free and I got it at Petsmart. It works quite well, and I am sure it is safe because the ingrediants are mainly Mohave Yucca, purified water, & citric acid. If you were wondering about Natures Miracle, that works awesome! You can also buy other enzyme cleaners that are about the same thing (but cheaper)-just read the ingredients. I have tried it all for odor removal because I am kinda picky about that.

02-07-2002, 09:04 AM
When I had posted this thread, after a few days of nobody replying I just stopped looking. Well, there was a question about the number of times people posted in what secton (dog, cat, pet, other). When I searched to see how many, I noticed people had replied and I missed it.
Yes, I was talking about the stuff that you spray on their food to make their urine and waste odorless. I use Simple Solutions on the mattresses. I believe it has the enzyme action in it. I was just wondering if the spray stuff made their urine odorless. After thinking about it though, I don't know if that's such a good idea. As was pointed out here, one of the signs of a urinary tract infection is urinating outside the box. When my cats have urinated somewhere else, the smell is the first thing I have noticed. So I decided against the spray just for that reason.
Carrie, I had to laugh at this "Try taking whatever they play with, lie on, sleep on along with bedding that the family have slept in and rub it on to the new stuff as though you have nothing better to do! (Do not let your friends, even good ones, or neighbours see you doing this!) " I think they would have me committed!!!:D
Thanks everyone for the advice. As Carrie said, after the new smells mature, the cats will accept the new smells. That was what happened here.

Sara luvs her Tinky
02-22-2002, 01:33 AM
Just in case you ever have that problem again..........
I used to have a cat that would like to pee in the corners of my room every once and a while and the vet told me to put her litter box in the spot she would pee and gradually move it to where I wanted it to be. It worked and I have seen many magazines recommend this trick. :) :)

02-22-2002, 07:07 AM
I've used Nature's Miracle and found it to be really good, but I also use HELP put out by Hartz and I found it in the grocery store. It's super on getting out pet stains - it does contain a bleach agent though and may not be good for all carpets, but it works super on mine:)