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07-01-2001, 12:28 AM
I got atacked by a ornge tabby in our neighborhood. I did nothing to scare it or anything it simply attacked me. I ahd to get 7 shots and I have like 6 spots where the cat got me. I was wondering if you guys have any ideas on how we can catch it we are going to get a cat trap but if I don't have it cought by the 3rd then I have to go get more shots. please pleas eplease help! I was also wondering if there was a type of food you think woudl be good to put in the trap. All answers are welcome and will be very very helpfull.Thanx a bunch

07-01-2001, 07:04 AM
Buddy...Last summer there was an alert in our area because of a rabies scare in the county just north of me. Apparently there were some cats that were biting people and there was a plea out to NOT pet any strange cats or even approach them because some raccoons in the same area were found to be rabid. My daughter was driving down the street one evening at dusk and saw a stray kitten by the side of the road. Due to the warning she had to pass him by. :( I hope you are going to be OK!! Do you know the owner of the cat or was it a stray? I think Spencer may be responding with tips on trapping. Good luck!!

4 feline house
07-01-2001, 08:03 AM
Just put any kind of good, strong smelling food in it - tuna, canned cat food with fish, etc. and put it in an area you have seen the cat before, but not out in the open. You will more than likely trap it at night since that's when cats (especially roaming and/or feral cats) are active. You will need to check it frequently because it will trap any animal that is attracted to meat and is small enough to get in the trap. You will also need to change the food often enough to keep it from spoiling or becoming a snack to too many insects. If you happen to trap a wild animal, don't attempt to release it yourself - call animal control. Trapping is usually quite simple and effective. Good luck to you, I hope your efforts are successful and the little guy is not found to be rabid.

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