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03-26-2004, 10:48 AM
Jill Mazurek was sentenced to 4 months in prison and 3 years probation.

Woman Gets Four-Month Jail Sentence For Cat Killing
March 26, 2004
By MARYELLEN FILLO, Courant Staff Writer

NEW BRITAIN -- Jill Mazurek tried to hold back tears as she fidgeted in the back row of New Britain Superior Court Thursday awaiting sentencing for killing her roommate's cat two years ago.

"I'm sorry for the cat," said the Newington woman as she sat with her parents. "But I might be dead now if I didn't do it," she said, contending it was peer pressure and an overdose of over-the-counter cold medicine that prompted the crime. "I'd still be doing drugs and not getting the help I need."

Moments later, as about 40 animal-rights activists protested outside, Mazurek was sentenced to four months in jail and three years of probation.

Mazurek and two friends were charged with beating and drowning the cat, Adonis, at Silver Lake in Berlin in February 2002. Mazurek pleaded guilty last month to one count of animal cruelty, accepting a plea deal the same day that jury selection in her trial was to begin.

The two others, Michael Oziomek and Michael Pajak, also of Newington, are awaiting trial.

Since her arrest, Mazurek has been receiving counseling.

Members of several animal-rights groups and others who have followed Mazurek's court proceedings banded outside the courthouse again Thursday, carrying placards and demanding justice be served and that Mazurek be sent to jail.

"I'm just hoping that what has happened in this case will deter others from abusing animals," said Frank Berti, a New Britain resident who joined the group waving signs reading: "No Animal Deserves Jill," and "Kill an Animal - Go to Jail."

"Once and for all someone has to demand that those who break the law must pay for it," said Maria Buchanan. "If we condone this behavior by doing nothing when something as innocent as a kitten is tortured to death, what kind of society are we? The cat had no ability to protect itself. No way of speaking out. We are doing it on his behalf."

At previous court appearances, Mazurek was ushered in through a back door to avoid confrontation with protesters. On Thursday, however, she and her parents hurried to the front door but not before protesters noticed them and began yelling "Jail time for Jill."

"When is this going to stop, she has been punished enough," lamented Mazurek's father, Neil, as he attempted to soothe his sobbing wife, Roberta, while waiting for the proceedings to begin. "My family is constantly being harassed. There has been enough pain."

Mazurek declined to say anything during the proceedings conducted by Superior Court Judge Susan B. Handy.

"This was a brutal, senseless killing," Handy said, noting that the court received more than 3,000 letters on the case. "This act of brutality was committed by a troubled and mentally ill young woman."

Handy said that as part of the sentence, Mazurek is prohibited from having any unsupervised contact with pets during the three-year probation. "But you expressed sincere, genuine remorse, and I do feel you want to start a new life," Handy said.

The cat's owner, Catherine Towle, sat in the front row of the courtroom during the sentencing.

"I'm just glad she is getting the help she needs," Towle said after the proceedings. "But it is no relief when you watch a one-time friend go to jail."

Protesters rejoiced when they learned Mazurek was on her way to the state women's prison in Niantic.

"I think my children learned more here today than they would have in school," said Dayle Coutu, a Colchester mother who took her three children out of school to participate in the demonstration.

"When this happened, my oldest daughter asked me why people who hurt animals don't go to jail," said the young mother, who also runs a cat rescue service called Keep Us Purring. "I want my kids to know things are being done."

Maybe NOW the court system will listen and realize that you abuse/kill an animal, you go to jail!!!

03-26-2004, 11:30 AM
I guess we have to be glad some jail time was given,and she will be getting the help she needs.
Thanks for the up date I'm sure you'll keep us up on the other 2 and their sentences.

03-26-2004, 11:36 AM
The other two are awaiting trial. Although I don't think 4 months is even CLOSE to enough time, at least it's something. What really irked me was the comment:

"I'm sorry for the cat," said the Newington woman as she sat with her parents. "But I might be dead now if I didn't do it,"

Sounds like she was trying to justify her actions. :mad: :mad:

As far as the other two are concerned, we'll have to wait and see.

Ally Cat's Mommy
03-26-2004, 02:03 PM
It's a terrible crime, and she deserves to be punished for it! I am really glad that she got a jail sentence, and not just community service or some other "softer"sentence. Hopefully it will send a strong mesage to other people. Here in Bahrain the MAXIMUM punishment is $50.00

03-26-2004, 02:12 PM
What upsets me is the statement 'the cat'. Didn't she realise the cat had a name and an loving owner.

and also the but she has no regrets apart from getting caught :mad:

Four months is better than no time but not enough to pay for the suffering of that cat trying to swim back to shore :mad: *tear*

03-26-2004, 03:07 PM
Thanks for the update Donna.

03-27-2004, 03:21 AM
True, she has remorse, now that she going to jail, but she had none when she sentenced this innocent kitty to death. RIP Adonis!:eek:

03-27-2004, 09:50 AM
The sad Fact is that if that person had stolen a TV , or Stereo , the sentance would have been harsher as Jugdes can understand monetary things easier ,than the intrinsic worth of a Pet! Very sad , but one hopes that the Three Months will make her think!

03-27-2004, 12:46 PM
I just wrote a letter to the editor of the Hartford Courant. Here it is:

Dear Editor,

I read with disgust the sentencing imposed on the CT Cat Killer, Jill Mazurek.

I would just like to point out that "the cat" that Ms. Mazurek referred to in her comment to the judge HAD a name. His name was Adonis. And until Ms. Mazurek succeeded in snuffing his short little life out, he was a living, breathing being.

Unlike Adonis, Ms. Mazurek will serve her 4 month sentence and then happily spend the rest of her life with a loving family. She never gave Adonis THAT chance.

I highly doubt that this heartless person would've shown ANY remorse whatsoever had she not been caught.

My only hope is that the entire outcome of this tragedy will send a strong, clear message that animal cruelty will no longer be tolerated.

Rest in Peace Sweet Adonis.

__________________________________________________ __

I also think that this witch needs anger management classes. This whole murder was for revenge because her roommate asked her to move out.