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03-13-2004, 10:59 PM
Layla has been doing so well lately with listening to me and behaving, that we decided to test her. The St. Patty's day parade was downtown today so we took her down there. She did so good! Everyone was telling me what a beautiful, nice, well behaved girl she was. We had a few embarrassing slip-ups though. I have never seen her do this but she attacked two yorkies. We were able to pull her back before she could get to them though. It could have been bad, for some reason she didn't like them, which is strange for her since every stanger is a friend she never meet. But it was a huge crowd and lots of dogs and she just sat next to us. When ever a dog when by and she didn't get up she got a treat and so she knew what behavior we wanted. All I had to do was say sit once and she sat. She doesn't even to that at home! I am just sooooo proud right now. I feel like I can trust her more in crowds, we normally avoid them because she gets over excited and jumps on people. She did freak out when the bands went by, crying, and hiding so I had to sit on the ground with her and cover her ears and pet her. She just shook and shivered, and she's never done that before so I was rather surpised. I guess I've bragged enough, but I just never though she would be that good in crowds.
I wish I had a few pics but the batteries were dead and the charger was at Alvins. I even had a cute green bow on her. She ate it on the way home.

03-13-2004, 11:21 PM
One more thing. She didn't 'get friendly' with anyones legs, thank goodness. How embarrassing that would have been!

03-14-2004, 08:11 AM
Sounds like you are doing good with your training. :)

Maybe she didn't like the horns in the band. Somedogs acts like trainsounds and horns hurts their ears.

She has a pretty name. Eric Clapton has a song called Layla.

Thanks for sharing.:)

03-14-2004, 08:37 AM
And you should be proud! She acted like a well trained lady. Congratualtion ons a good job teaching her and passing the first test!

03-14-2004, 09:08 AM
You should be proud! What a terrific accomplishment on both your parts. :D

Layla - what a wonderful girl you are and making mommy proud.

03-14-2004, 11:33 AM
My boyfriend and I love Eric Clapton so we did name her after that song and the name just fit her. We later found out it means night in aribic, which is fitting since she is black.
I have train tracks behind me an a tornado siren in front of my place and she has never been bothered. She howled with the siren but her tail was wagging the whole time. I guess we were a lot closer to the noise this time. She was ok until the percussion got close and the rim shots...hitting the edge around the drum...is what really got her. Darn it she was supposed to be Westerns Marching Band mascot. Since I'm not in the band anymore I was goin to take her to the tailgating and parade and stuff...I could get her little kid earmuffs. How cute would that be?

03-14-2004, 12:05 PM
Maybe she has just got to get a use to it. It could be because its a new sound to her?

My dogs are a use to the trains too. But I hear other dogs cutting up pretty good about them.

That would be cute Her wearing little kid earmuffs! :) If she does wear them, take a picture for us.:D