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02-17-2004, 02:05 PM
Cow swallows 1722 diamonds

A diamond merchant in western India whose cow swallowed a small bag of diamonds has laboured for three days to make the animal pass dung so that he can recover the precious stones.

Dilubhai Rajput has been able to retrieve 310 of the 1,722 small diamonds, worth about 492, which the cow ate up after the bag containing it was left in a haystack.

The businessman and his staff fed the cow lots of grass, grain and fruit and with the help of a veterinary doctor gave it lots of laxatives to extract the stones.

They were rewarded with some success after they had groped in the dung with their bare hands for three days.

Hindustan Times reports the resident of Limbudi town, 70 km from Ahmedabad told the Indo Asian News Service: "For three days I tried hard to retrieve my precious gems. But killing the cow would have angered animal lovers, so I tried a different way.

"I am sure within a week I will retrieve all my diamonds from the cow," he said.

Story filed: 14:11 Sunday 18th January 2004


What a crappy way to get engaged!

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:eek: :rolleyes: :D

I'm not saying a word. :p

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A diamond is forever.:D

PJ's Mom
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Lol. :D

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Oh Richard!!!! :o

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That is so funny! I could tell you a story about my pet chicken eating one of my expensive ear rings but I won't..:D

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What now I hear this!!!! I should have keep that cow......He could have been a diamond mine??????? :D :p
Now you tell me!! LOL

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*Snerk* That's too funny!