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02-04-2004, 01:36 PM
When I was younger and showed my collie, Willie, we used to get a magazine I think called the Collie Review. It was mostly dog show world news about collies and a place for breeders to announce puppies. Often, the issues would have this poem somewhere in them, sort of a story from a dog's point of view whose owner only cared about winning shows and not the dog.

I know certainly not all breeders are like that. Willie's breeder often had dogs all over the house and she dearly loved them. So it's not to say all breeders are like this.

Anyway, I just wanted to post it here, because I was thinking about it again today for some reason. It really could pertain to other animals too, those ones that spend their lives without love.

I don't know who it is by, it always just said anonymous as the author. Here it is:

What Am I To You?

As a pup I dreamed and wondered,
What life would hold in store,
For ME, I thought, there's something GREAT!
Beyond that kennel door.

Oh there are needy people,
And I have much to give,
Love and wit and gentleness,
To help them learn to live.

I'd be someone's protector,
Keep little one's from harm,
Or guide an old man's weary steps,
Or help to run a farm.

I'd run and bark and jump and play,
With friends along a sandy shore
I'd roll in meadows, thick and green,
That lie beyond that kennel door.

I lay here waiting - longing,
As the days and years went by,
My owner kept me fed and brushed,
But inside let me die.

I do not think of greatness now,
I'm old and filled with pain,
My owner has some ribbons
But I have lived in vain.

I cannot think what could have been,
My dreams are filled with hope no more,
Just floors and walls and broken heart,
For me behind this kennel door.

02-04-2004, 03:00 PM
:( :( :( Oh, that's SO heartwrenching. They ask for so little and give their all and never complain. I think of that each and every time I spend a frigid hour in the cold and wet, throwing a stick or ball for Star orwhen I take Cody for a long walk in the woods when I've got a pile of work to do. Nothing makes ME happier than to see THEM happy and joyful, enjoying life to the fullest! Thanks K9Soul!:)

02-04-2004, 03:26 PM
Originally posted by tatsxxx11
Nothing makes ME happier than to see THEM happy and joyful, enjoying life to the fullest!

That's so very true. I can be in the most down or depressed mood, and then watch them playing or running to greet their daddy, and my spirits are just lifted.

The poem is very sad, and some may not like it because of that, but I think for me it makes me even more thankful to see my happy pets, and to remember not all have happy lives. I spend a quiet moment and send out a prayer for those creatures who live their lives unloved.

02-04-2004, 10:22 PM
That's so sad. :( But very, very good.