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01-31-2004, 01:34 PM
A special request to share, from G.p. Girl, and Julie..

I have just started writing this.. I got really bored with the other, one, it had no point! So here is this one.. :p Don't hate me too much! :o

Heartless <3
I walked cautiously along the sidewalk.. Carrying only a grocery bag at hand.. I had all of my belongings in this bag, two shirts, and the pants I had on.. I had nothing else in this bag, I doubted anything else would fit, although its all I had to begin with.. I was poor, that’s correct, but I never gave up on god, I believe he loved me as much as the richest person in town, and he didn’t pick out or choose different favorites.. This was the theory I lived on, always.. God.. God, kept me going, being homeless, you don’t really want to live, you don’t want to live because things become too hard.. I believe being homeless only makes you stronger, makes you tougher, you think you have it bad now? Walk a mile in my shoes. I stepped off of the side walk onto the road, looked one way and crossed.. I looked ahead, at the “Cash for gold” shop.. I had only one piece of jewelry left.. My youngest daughters necklace and cross.. Diamonds in the cross. I opened the door of the “Cash for gold” shop and looked around.. I breathed deeply and sighed, the sweet aroma of roses, which the florist must have delivered today.. I walked to the nearest counter, and rang the bell provided, Ding, A man came out from the back room.. “Can I help you sir?” he studied me, I studied him.. He studied my worn, and torn shirts, and I studied his nice clean plaid shirt.. “How much would this be worth?” I asked and held out my hand.. He looked it over, he turned it every which way and examined the gold.. He brought out a magnifying glass and examined it closer.. “About 150" he glanced up at me, to see if I approved.. I looked down, its great money, more than I could ever get.. I could buy good food.. But my daughter isn’t here, she lived two states up.. I reminised to the day she told me she never wanted to see me again.. I remember it like yesterday.. We were fine, I was pouring a glass of orange juice, and sat down where she now sat, she told me she needed to tell me something, I told her to go, and those were the words that will remain forever in my heart.. She told me I couldn’t stay with her anymore, that I was costing too much, and that she hadn’t liked the way I had been since her mother died, she said I acted strange, not lively.. She told me, she never wanted to talk to me, she didnt want her unborn to know me.. And I choked the tears back.. That was the day I left and came here to New York.. Where I now live wherever there is enough space for me.. “Sir?” He intrurupted my day dream.. “Yes, ill like to trade it” I managed a smile.. “Alright” He went to the cashbox and said “Here is your money sir, good day”

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GOOD!!! more please:D

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But I can follow this one now:D

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Good good........:D Keep going. :p Looks like this will be a sad story!

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hehe, thanks! GCG, i guess i can update both of these! :p

I held the money in my hand and e gestured me to the door "Good day" he said.. I walked out thinking any minute my feet would take total control of my body, spin me around and make me buy back the jewlery.. I stepped outside and looked around, the first thing i wanted was food, im in dyer need for it.. Maybe a coke and a bag of chips.. I dont have to be cautious to save enough for the next day now..

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Really Good!! :D

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Very good!:D MORE!!!:D