View Full Version : Socializing ferrets with my new puppy

01-25-2004, 11:04 PM
Hi all,
I noticed that there are some people on here that own ferrets and dogs. I have 2 ferrets (Phoenix and Sierra) and we just got a Boston Terrier puppy (Ruby). We would love to get them all to be able to mingle together and be out and about at the same time but the ferrets, especially Phoenix, have gotten really nervous around puppies. Phoenix bit my girlfiends mother's puppy and he would always try to jump on her back and bite her.

I've introduced the ferrets to the puppy a couple times while holding them and I can see that same look on Phoenix like he feels threatened or something. And Ruby I can tell wants to play with them but maybe too rough for their comfort. She jumped at sierra and I dont think she liked it.

Basically I just want to ask if you think it is too late to get what we want or it they will eventually co-exist in peace? If it is possible how do you recommend we go about this?

Also, since ferrets play very rough with each other, do you think that they would play too rough with Ruby?

I think I got everything I wanted to say and ask out. I'll post anymore questions. Sorry for the long post.