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01-22-2004, 06:05 PM
I purchased one of our cinema deal offers for xmas present for hubby and I, so we get to go to the movies once a month now, wow, believe me that is a treat in my house, so I don't want to waste them on dumb movies.

I am thinking of going to "somethings gotta give" I think thats its name, with Jack nicholson in it, has anyone seen it,? and is it any
good,? any personal reviews would be appreciated, I can only attend a certain cinema in my deal, so not all movies screen there, but most of my favs do, also that mountain one that has all the awards chasing Lord of the rings, anyone seen that? sorry I am useless at remembering their names, clouded moutain or something similar. Look forward to your replies, you guy's are great critics, and I sure listen to all your inputs. Thanks.:)

01-22-2004, 07:28 PM
I haven't heard the greatest things about Something's Gotta Give. But Cold Mountain with Nicole Kidman is INCREDIBLE! I just saw that one and I loved it. The third installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a wonderful movie and should most definately be seen in the theatre. But you need to see the first two first if you haven't.


01-22-2004, 07:59 PM

I recently saw Master and Commander - and I enjoyed it.
I didn't expect too much from it other than an "epic" film.
Boy did they have it pretty tough!!!

Haven't seen many movies lately ......... so let us know what you go and see!

guster girl
01-22-2004, 11:26 PM
I saw "Something's Gotta Give" and I thought it was pretty good. Diane Keaton is great in it, and, Jack Nicholson, too. There are certain parts that are a little annoying, but, the chemistry between all the actors is pretty strong and there are some really surprising parts. Keanu Reaves is really surprisingly good, I thought. He didn't come across like an idiot when he talked, like he always has to me in his past roles. I remember thanking God that he didn't talk a lot in the Matrix films. Don't get me wrong, I love him! But, I've never really thought he was the greatest actor, but, I really enjoyed him in "Something's...". It's not necessarily one that you have to see in the movie theater, though. I've heard "Love Actually" was good. I personally thought "Big Fish" was wonderful! But, I'm a huge Tim Burton and Danny Elfman fan. Ummm...."Cold Mountain" is supposed to be amazing, and, I'm very interested in seeing "The House of Sand and Fog". Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

01-23-2004, 01:26 PM
Thank you all for the input, aha cold mountain, I knew it started with a c, was close he he.

I really want to go and see it, but not sure its screening at the cinema where my deal is, might shift to there , heres hoping, my friends 16yr old daughter saw 'somethings gotta give" she said it was stink, and stupid, so I really wanted some more opinions, I have seen the shorts on the Tv and it looks my kinda movie, I saw Love Actually, I enjoyed it, but thought it a little over-rated, but still was a good movie.,bit slow in parts.

I know this is an old movie now, but did anyone see 'The Horse Whisperer'? I loved this movie, even watched it on the TV, and I am not one to watch a movie twice, of course I love scraggy Robert Redford, so that helped, was great on the big screen.

Yes I have heard Big Fish is good, would like to see that.

Any more reviews much appreciated on any movies past or present, even though I Can't afford t go that often, going to the movies is one of my fav things to do.

01-23-2004, 01:52 PM
Cold Mountain and Big Fish are incredible.

01-23-2004, 01:57 PM
Thanks 2kitties, they are going on my list to see, if not I will have to wait for the video to come out, as I can get those for free.:)

01-23-2004, 02:20 PM
here is a great site for movie reviews. It takes all the reviews nationwide and "averages" them, so you get a good idea. And, for me, it's usually pretty indicative of whether I'll enjoy the film or not. It hasn't failed me.


01-23-2004, 02:23 PM
That movie blew me away. It is amazing, incredibly well written, great acting... I haven't seen a movie that spectacular in a long time. Trust me, you won't regret seeing it.

I also recently saw 'Along Came Polly' and 'Cheaper by the Dozen' they were both very good as well :)

01-23-2004, 02:31 PM
As far as "Something's Gotta Give" goes, I haven't seen it, but was told many times that it was good. My neighbor's parents said they loved it, but that someone my age probably wouldn't enjoy it--they say it was geared toward middle agers more.

I haven't seen a movie in the theater in a while, but I heard Cold Mountain was good (I can't stand Ms. Kidman though, so I won't be paying to see it), as well as Big Fish.

guster girl
01-23-2004, 07:33 PM
I loved "The Horse Whisperer", especially the scene where Robert Redford and Kristin Scott Thomas dance to Alison Moorer's song "A Soft Place to Fall".....one of my favorite love scenes ever, and, they are fully clothed and don't even kiss! But, talk about sensual! I think my mom and I watched it together and we both held our breaths the whole scene. Robert Redford is awesome, and, Scarlet Johannson is someone to watch, she was fantastic in "Lost in Translation." Another MUST see in my opinion. It comes out on DVD in February. Wonderful film. And, I thought "SOmething's Gotta give" was good, but, not the best movie of all time. I'm only 27, but, I got the significance of most of what was going on. I'm pretty good at relating. It was enjoyable, and Keanu Reeves was so good in it. His eyes just make me think!!!! :)

01-23-2004, 08:42 PM
Thank you 2kitties will check out the website, I still love to get all your personal opinions though, oh thanks for reminding me, I so want to see Along came polly, saw the shorts at Love Actually, it looks funny, I could do with a good giggle about now!!!!

I love romantice type comedy, that is my fav.

Yes I figured somethings gotta give maybe geared for a somewhat older audience, well that is me, so I should enjoy it, I remember going to both Charlies Angels films, and just about getting my ears blown off, the music was fine, I enjoy modern music, but loud, still I love going to movies, small price to pay for enjoyment.

01-23-2004, 08:45 PM
If you read The Horse Whisperer, you wil hate the movie. But on it's own, it's a decent, if not slow, movie. The book, though, is truly wonderful. The movie is good, but it eliminates the side story of the book that is so wonderful in the end.