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Cinder & Smoke
09-27-2001, 06:41 PM
Let's ALL continue the Cinder & Smokey Tails {Here} onna new topic... :D

We can see that Paul's pounding away on his "pawboard", trying to save our old page 8;
[/B]YESSS!! Page 8 is BACK! Way to go, Paul & Karen!! :D

He's even got a page 9 created; but :( we can't see #9 ~ yet...

I think we, with a lotta help from All our Other Dawg an Kat Pals, possibly set a record for the longest continuing run onna thread ~ Good Job! Fellow FurKids...

But maybe it's time to march on with a new thread - we might have pushed the limits of the BBS software when we filled page 8. Even if Paul is successful in postin page 9, we run the risk of loosing it again in the future.

When we get page 9 back, let's agree to stop posting there and invite ALL our FurBuds over to THIS topic and Continue our Furry Tails {here}.

Thanks to Paul we won't have to go back and pound in our storrie bout the Visit to our White Coat's Lab. But let's be thankful we all made it past page 8, and Keep our Big, Huge, Extended Pack together; and march on...

Who's up for the First FurTail on the New Thread?

Cinder & Smoke
09-27-2001, 07:42 PM
Well, NUTZ! We tried to post a close-out message that shudda gone onto page 9, but we got a "server error"; even Dad couldn't fix it :(.

We furgotz to post a link back to the "old" Tails pages ~ So, for new readers, here's a kliker-link back to the First of the Cinder Dog Tails pages were we chronicled the Arrival and Adoption of my lil brudder Smokey! Things got a liddel rocky back in January and February, 2001; but with a lotta help and encouragement from our fellow FurKids, along with their Moms an Dads, Our Dad let us adopt Smokey.

Here's the link to Smokey's Adoption Tail...
Cinder wants to keep the Stray she "found" ... (http://PetoftheDay.com/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=7&t=000036)

Get real comfortable before you get started... It's a looonng tail :D! Enjoy!

09-27-2001, 11:47 PM
Count me and Mom in on the new thread. We have been kinda bad we've had lots of company the last couple weeks . Mom has bearly had time to read the boaard to me.
Shes doing a new community project like last year she helped on "The Moose On the Loose" sshe and dad did technical stuff (putting forms to geather . This year moms on the board and gets to help form the commitees.
This year its grizzly bears, 20 of them for the artists to do their thing on. Maybe you can all help her out Last year they called them mooseterpieces. But she is having a hard time thinking of one using bears or grizzlies.
MERLIN!!!!!!oops mom caught me here mom just helping out.
Thanks the funds we raise are for 3 charites that are great, the spay and nuter task force (i work with that one ) humanites in horseback(works with disablities on motion) and the studio ( an art center for children) Last year we raised 500,000 for the 3 organazations to split. We bought a trailer and an acre of property to have a permant place to hold clinics.
Hope all are well on the board I have been working and entertaining family visiting, and working on the fundraiser. Poor Merlin only gets to see me at bed time and thats to curl up and sleep.Thank goodness we still have a boy at home to keep him company.Thinking of getting him a companion not sure it is a good idea hes been the only fur dog for 5 years.
Gotta really think it out, it won't happen till I get a fence around the yard 2 run lines would be too much. Have a great day every one.

Cinder & Smoke
09-28-2001, 11:33 AM
:( Sad to see the padlock onna "old" pages; but remember that you can still READ those pages. We'll try to stick a reminder link on here every so often, back to the old pages, for the benifit of new visitors to these storrie pages.

We all owe a BIG PT THANKZ to Mister Paul, the Quiet One of our co-Moderators, for all his wurk last nite to fix the old page 8! He stayed up late, way past dark:thirty, an made his finnerbonez sore, pounding out the "fix" for page 8. He's still gonna try and fix the closing page 9 where we invited ebberbuddie over to these pages. Thanks again, Mister Paul!

Hey Merlin ~ Welcome back! Ask yer Mom ta leave the puter on while she's busy out Fund Raisin - we all missed ya!

Now, where wuz we when allua puter fuss started? OH, yeah...

Member how there wuz the big diskussun bout what the pounds meter said atta White Coat's place on Wensdee? Ya shudda seen whut we boff got fer lunch yesturday! Cudda picked it up in wun paw! Dinner last nite wuz the same way - hardlee covered the bottom uvva bowl. Smoke finished his an comed ober an asked iffin we'd run outta munnie fer Dawg krunchies. I said "Don't fink so, can inna klozet sounded purdy full when Dad skooped it out. But he poured a lot back out afore he served us!"

Later, when I wuz snuggled inna kliner chair aside Dad, he sez What's that phunnie noize?

It's my emptee tummie-tank, GROWlin, Dad! Then after outies, we onlee got two medium sized biskits, stead of the big uns we used ta get :mad:! NUTZ!

Is this whut summa you guyz call a "diet"? Now it's brunch tima atta Shop. Dad pours out the krunchies into our serving kupz. Wait a minnut, Dad - ya onlee filled it up to the Bottom of the tape mark. It's supposed to be atta Top of the tape!! 3/4 of an inch a tape, in a LIDDEL KUUP, is a lotta krunchiez missin!! Dad poured SmokeMutt's inna bowl, took his sit-n-shake; then Smoke sitz back down an looks inna bowl. Looks back up at Dad an sez "Where's the resta my krunch?" Even offered ta shake again. No remorse frum Dad.

We've decided we're gonna lay unner the puter an alternately *moan* and sing a duet wiffa GROWlin tummiez. We're also gonna praktis wiff Smokey standin on my back ta see iffin he kan reach the Kat's krunch bowl onna baffroom vanity when we getz home tanite. Hafta be quick, though; Dad'll get kold :eek: iffin the Dawg blankets are gone offa bigbed for too long after lites out.

Ennie of you guyz knowe how to order dawg food onna puter? Will the UPS guy leave the bag unner the bushes aside the Ranch House?

09-28-2001, 09:27 PM
Hey Cinder and Smokey - ever try veggies? Carrots are pretty crunchy, like a biskit, and my dog when I was grwoing up LOVED them - and they count as diet food, too!

Unless you can sneak Dad's credit card, they don't let you order over the 'puter - and UPS guys don't usually hide stuff too good, either. Think yer outta luck that way! Good luck with the pleas for more crunchies!

09-29-2001, 10:36 AM
Hi Cinder, Smokey, Kat, Merlin and everyone else! This is Lilly....my mom and me are the only ones around the puter right now. Mom had us outside, takin pictures, as usual. She said she was just tryin to finish a roll of film so she could get it developed. But Honey has a dead bird in her mouth, and Mom is pretty upset about that, and she won't let her get near enough to take it away. She isn't chewing it up or anything....just carryin it around. I don't know why Mom would even care! We love stuff like that. :D She says we are tipical "Nawtee Dawgs". Mom tried to get us to sit by eachother and "stay". What's that? Honey sat there and did what Mom said (that was before she found the bird), but I just kept trying to get up and kiss Mom. She said I wasn't cooperating too good. Oh well, if any of her pictures turn out, she says she'll show them to you later today.

Cinder and Smokey...I gotta know. What in the world is happening? A diet for you too? I hate that "D" word! :rolleyes: But even though we're starvin here, she says we look so much better. She didn't take us to the White Coats to get on that scale again yet. She says she has to get a ramp to get us in the Jeep cause the doctor told her not to lift us anymore. She has a problem in her back and we haven't even gotten ride in the new car! I can't jump and Honey won't! :p Mom says that Honey is stubburn and I just am too heavy. But we have a "waste" again...and that makes Mom happy. Honey is prolly thru with her diet, but Mom says I have to keep on going. :(
But you guys look pretty good to me...can't unnerstand why you would have to do the "D" thing and miss all those crunchies.

One more thing before Mom makes me go back outside in the sunshine....our Butter has a big ole bump on the back of his head and Mom is wringin her hands over that. She says all that gushy stuff like "he's my precious boy", "I don't want him to be sick" and she tries to kiss him and hug him a lot and give him good skritches on his head. He ain't much of a kisser, and frankly, I just like to chase him up trees. He is a good toy for me and Honey. But he has BIG teeth and LONG claws....we get sorta upset when he tries to bit our tails. :eek: Makes me sorta nervous, you know? But Mom keeps on lookin at him, and trying to see what's wrong. Sure hope he's gonna be ok...cause we don't like it when Mom is upset. :(

Oh yea, before I forget. Mimi sez to tell you hello too. She's sleepin in our Helen's bed right now. Mom can't change the sheets til she wakes up. She duddnt like to disturb a sleepin kat.

I have to go help Honey with that bird now. Talk wif you later. Hope you have fun, whatever you're doin.

Love, Lilly

09-29-2001, 10:39 AM
Oh, I forgot one thing. Miz Karen....our Mom said that we could have lots and lots of them carrot things. We won't eat them unless she cooks them for us first! But we like popcorn and greenbeans. She says they're not so bad for us! :D


09-29-2001, 11:04 AM
Honey....Bella here! You go girl! A dead bird! Yippee! You are a dawg after my own heart. Hope your mom doesn't get to take it away from you. If ya see her comin' you just start galloping as fast as you can. She'll never catch up! We are just too fast! ;) Then when she is looking right at you, just start to chewin' that old bird. Guaranteed to send your mom gagging into the house!!!! :D That's what happened here! :D By the way, tell that Lilly girl that she gets a High Five too for alla diggin' I been hearin' about. You two are just great. I love NAWTEE DAWGS. Readin' about you all makes me feel so much better! Your pal, Bella

09-29-2001, 08:16 PM
Hannah checking in with my song of *Where did all the treats go*. I've been on the big D since last spring when we got our shots and Dr. A opened his big mouth about my ample pulchritude. Let me tell you Cinders, although it was hard at first, eventually I kind of got used to the smaller portions in the krunchie dish, but I sure do miss my BaaBaaQ treats we used to get when we went outside. And if your still getting 2nighty cookies, you are doing good. Wait til it's only 1! I do got somethin you might want to try, but it only works if you don't try to use it very often. Wait til Dad gives you the nighty cookie and then about 10 minutes later act like you haven't had your nighty cookie. Sometimes if they gots stuff on their mind, they can't remember if they gave you your cookie or not> :D and then if you play it right you gets anudder one. I want you to know I did lose 4 pounders according to when Mom hoists us both up on the scale and, get this, that is more pounders than she lost. http://plauder-smilies.com/happy/roflmao.gif Only thing makes both mom and me :mad: is that Tucker and Dad both eats more than usen and they don't do all the running around like we girls do either, yet they are just muscle, skin, and bones. Not an extra inch on nedder of them. Course they don't be gettin up in the dark to have snackies like mom does. There are Krispe Kremes in the house, so I'm predicting there will be gettin up in the dark tonight. hee hee. Maybe I'll get up with her and catch a crumb. Nah, I needs my beauty sleep.

Lilly, what's the ButterCup been doing to gets a lumper on his noggin? My Dad's got a lumper on the tip of his finnerbonz and gots to have it biopsied next week. Mom's freakin out too. If'n you can think a somethin to keep the moms from going bananas, I would sure appreciate it.

Tell that Honey, good one gettin the BURDZ. Tucker and I been stalkin chippies and evil squirrel but no luck yet in catchin em. One of our buds named Harley, whose a little bit of a fella, and lives couple blocks from our house got him a burd, and it was one that LIVED IN THE HOUSE. I don't want to say no more about it 'cause I know it'll just 'cause some of the moms and dads to feel :(

So gots to go, its time for one more time outside and then nighty cookie!!!!

Cinder & Smoke
09-29-2001, 08:31 PM
Hi, ebberbuddie; the Kidz are here...

Kinda phunn day - Dad's UP at dark:thirty (reelee spechul fer him). Puts onna Fire shirt an sez we can kum iffin we're "good". We're alluz good - count us in!

Trakter Kar winds up atta Fire Station - big blinkin sign sez Chikun BBQ inna afternoon. How comes we hadda get up so urlee? Oh, Dad's gotta cook em afore we eats. We gotz roped up near the big cook pit - had a buncha liddel Fire Kidz ta play wiff all day. Onlee woofed atta few (OK, a lot) of the dinner crowd. Dad's cookin wiffa few of the Fire Guyz...

Got kinda late; we're waitin on our chikunz... Allua sudden the server guys come out an ask "Ennie more chikunz - we're out!" :eek: Dad sez "nope - we cooked em all." Not eben a liddel *nibble* all day! NUTZ! :mad:

Joints all cleaned up now; we gotta half serving of our krunchies we keep atta Station. More'n the Fire Guyz got! Hehehe... We're goin home now - Dad *stinks* lika dead chikun :p.

We sure hope the ButterBall's bumpie neck getz better wiffout having to see the White Coat. Tell yer Mom ta take a deep breath and give it a liddel time. Mebee it'll go away wiffout a lotta fussin. Sure hope so!

We'll ask the Boots Kat ta cross his pawbones tanite, too!

Oh, about them karrut things... They're sorta OK, but don't have a lotta flavur. Ya sorta have to aquire the taste. Thing we don't unnerstand is when Dad munchez on em, he alluz dips em inna lil tub marked "unyin dip" afore he pops em inna mouff. We've tried it an it makes yer plain ole basic karrut stik taste a hole lot better. But Dad sez that stuff ain't a diet item fer us. Nutz!

Woof at ya'll later... :cool:

09-29-2001, 08:59 PM
Originally posted by Cinder & Smoke:
<STRONG> Not eben a liddel *nibble* all day! NUTZ! :mad:</STRONG>

Today while meeting some new neighbors, I got introduced to their Summa dog (summa dis, summa dat). He's a REALLY big dog. I noticed that when he barks, he sounds like he's saying "NUTZ!" just like our fire buddies!

I'm sure the new neighbors thought I was wacko when I laughed every time the dog barked - But I could just hear Cinder & Smoke doing their paw-pounding comment. Oh, how this PetTalk place will get to ya!
;) :D ;) :D ;)

09-29-2001, 09:43 PM
Originally posted by Cinder & Smoke:
<STRONG> he alluz dips em inna lil tub marked "unyin dip" afore he pops em inna mouff. We've tried it an it makes yer plain ole basic karrut stik taste a hole lot better. But Dad sez that stuff ain't a diet item fer us. Nutz!

Woof at ya'll later... :cool:</STRONG>

Tell Dad he can make uyin dip with lo-fat yogurt steada sour cream - that way it can be diet food for ever-buddy! But I, and my old dog, like carrots just plain - they ARE yummy, honest! ;)

09-29-2001, 10:00 PM
dear cinder and smoke, i really really feel for you with this DIET thing. earlier this summer, nice Dr Bev had me get on the scale so i could get more heartworm meds and she told my mom that i was 4# more this year then last year. so my mom started adding veggies to my bowl like carrots and green beans. i do like those, but it still wasn't the same as a full bowl. one day i went a little crazy (from hunger i swear) and helped myself to a big sweet potato, a yellow squash and a banana that was on the kitchen table on a bowl. mom says that if she doesn't catch me in the act she can't scold me :D but now she doesn't leave ANYTHING edible on the table. i keep checking tho. good luck on sucessful counter surfing, alex the wonder dog

09-30-2001, 02:47 AM
Precious Princess Sara here. I'm proud to say that I iz 60lbs of lean, mean, boxin' machine.

Ok...Not really.

Butta gurl can't neber reveal her TRUE weight, right? *whine* (Mom jist red dis and sed she taughtz me well. Seyz she told the DMV peepholes that she weighed 10lbs less than what she really does! :o )

Hunny, Lily, Bella, Hannah: We could all be sissies! DEAD BURDZ! WHUT FUN! Ya know whut I luv to do that COMPLETELY grosses Mom out?! Well, ya know, I gots dem big droopy jaws? Heh heh...I pick 'em up so datz their lil' leggies poke outta da sides o my jaws. Iffin' da burdz da right size, I can get itz head to stick out AND make dem leggies poke my jaws out too! Dat's BERRY effektive, when ya wanna make your Moms and Dads squeal!

Mom sez I hafta go to bed now but I wanted to tell ya one more thang. Mom did something she sez she may regret in da mornin'...she jist ordered a new puter! How eggs-siting! I'm jist happy cos now I getta bark at da delivery guy! WOOO WOOO WOOO... sorry...jiz, praktizing.

Cinder, Smokey: I'll try and sneak some kibble wit your address onto da delivery truck.

K well, shez yellin' a bit louder so I guess I'll get offa here for now.

Luh-uv to all,
Sara and the other fluffy-butts

09-30-2001, 09:05 AM
Daisy here, Honey, I'm proud of you, wow, what a catch. Hunting must be good in your backyard. I have to stay out here on the cement patio and one day I had good luck and a bird swooped down and I caught it. I had to run into my house to get away from Dad he wanted to take it away from me and Mom was yelling at him to get the bird. I went as faaar back as I could in the house but Dad got on his hands and knees and took it away.
Perry just sat there like a boob, he is so prissy he don't like to hunt. We hunters have to stick together.
Cinder and Smoke I know what you mean about the goodies. Geeze they are there one day and gone the next. I love goodies and the girl at the Petsmart gave me a cookie but I don't know if her hands were clean or not so I spit it out. She gave it to me again and I spit it out again. I think Mom was really embarrassed, but a girl can't take too many chances. Perry will eat anything that don't walk.
Well good luck on your "D", maybe your Dad will break down if you give him those sad eyes, it works for me.

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09-30-2001, 10:30 AM
Shhhhhhh, I snuk on here ta type to yas and mention that I'm kinda packin' on the pounds, too. Since Mom is to preockupied with the Kill-Boy, I've been gettin away with eatin' everythin Kill won't eat. I think that's over now, though, 'cause Kill's been even checkin my bowl (the nerve!!!) to see if I left anything (yah, right!).
Shhhhhhhh, don't tell!!!!


Daisy's Mom
09-30-2001, 12:04 PM
Daisy here. When I went to the White Coats for my Sir Jury, I hadda get weighed and I haven't gained any weight in a year so I don't hafta cut back just yet. Thank goodness! The way you guys are 'scribin' it makes it sound so horrid. My little houndy heart goes out to all of you who are getting less krunchies.

A bird, Honey? That's great! I never catch ennething. I guess the way I run at them barking and howling kinda gives them enough warning that I am on my way.

Well Mom's gotta go to work now, so she wants me to log off. Her new schedule with work and school and dance and drivers ed is really messin' up MY schedule! Oh well, I'll bark actchas later!


10-13-2001, 09:10 PM
Hi Friends....

It has been a while since we checked in wif all of you. But we thought we would avoid the "D" word tonight, and tell you about our day. In fact, we're so computer savvy that we will just show you what we wrote to our mom's friend tonight:

Mizzus Peggy,

We hear that you are a very nice person, and we know that our mom has been talking to you a lot on the phone this past week. But, my goodness, our mom made us go outside before the sun came up this morning. She fed us pretty good, but when she closes that door and LOCKS it, we know we're outside for a LONG time. The only good thing that happened is that she made those darn cats go outside too.

So all day, we waited and waited for her to pull into the carport. It was time for our midmorning nap, no Mom. It was lunchtime, when Mom always plays with us, no Mom. The afternoon came and went, no Mom. And then it was suppertime and we saw those lights in our eyes. Somebody was here! And it was our Mom!! We turned 50 flips in the air, so glad she finally came home! She said "hold on, hold on, I'm coming". And she did come right through that backdoor and sat on the ground and loved us and loved us. We kissed her all over, and then we started sniffing......

But guess what? She smelled funny! We kept on sniffing and sniffing, just trying to figure out where in the world she had been! Then, she said your name....so we are writing you to tell you that those really neat smells we smelled are all for you! Smelled pretty good to us, it was a "boy" smell. And Mom says that the boy is named Badger, and he rode in our car today! And he even got to sit in the front seat part of the time....we never get to do that. And he looks like ME, Honey!!! Wowee! Mom told us she loves us a lot, but she sure could have had one more to add and have plenty of love for everybody. But then she got sort of sad and happy at the same time (do you ever do that?). She said she was sad to leave Badger, but so happy that her friend Mizzus Peggy and Mister Terry were going to have Badger at their house. To tell you the truth, no offense, but we're pretty glad he's going to be at your house too!

Well, our mom says that she thinks that two is enough right now. And that the next time she loves on someone else's baby, we will get to be there too! We're goin to see Mizzus Betty and Mister Earl, and they live somewhere called the beech. You ever been there??

Anyway, thanks for listening, Mizzus Peggy. We sure are glad our mommy is home, so we will go make sure she knows.

Honey and Lilly

Our mom says that she drove a long way today to help her friend, Peggy, so we think its ok this one time. But boy, we have really asked for the extra tention tonight!!!

Hope you are all doin good, friends. Please let us know how you are and if your mom or dad does such strange stuff??

Honey and Lilly

Cinder & Smoke
10-13-2001, 10:55 PM
Hi there, Honey*Bucket and Lil ~

Yer Mom told Dad she went on a 500 mile Rescue Transport today. Wow! That's a long trip. Too bad you guyz couldn't ride along with the Badger Boy. Reellee neat that yer Mom did that to get the guy home :).

We went swimmin atta BigLake today instead of Dad mowin the grass wiff Odd Job like we shudda. Neighbors are certain we're growin hay :eek: inna yard.

SmokeMutt wuz first wun inna wadder today. He likes swimmin now; but he needs to polish up summa his skillz. Seems he furgetz where is is summtimes. Half way into shore onna first lap he stops ta shake the wadder outta the earbonez. Jest stopz. No paddlin wiffa arms an legs; jest stops an startz shakin the headbone. Sunk :( lika rock! Lotta burbblin an bubblin. Dad's gettin nerbus an gettin reddy ta jump in an play lifeyguard.

Smokester figgurz sumpins wrong wiff this pitcher and startz spinnin his propellerz. Finally came back up an headed fer shore. I ax'd him whut the heck wuz you doin? He sez the wadder wuz ticklin his earbonez an he stopped ta clear it out. I suggseted he wait till he wuz a liddel closer to shore next time. :rolleyes:

After we got purdy tuckered out wiff the swimmin, Dad pullz them evil toe chopperz outta his poket an startz whackin off toenails. I wuz purdy good; but Smoke startz *screamin* onna first *chop*. No red stuff flowin, he's jest hollerin. Peepuls are lookin; Dad's facebones are gettin all red; Smoke's *wailin* away. After the third or fourth chop, Dad *bonks* him onna nozebone an he shutz his yapper. Dad wuz lookin fer a big rock ta crawl under :rolleyes:.

We're like a surkus act wherever we go :D!

Hey *Star*Shine* ~ Where are ya? Yur supposed to be feelin lotz better an promised us a storrie today. Mebbee tamorrow, huh?

Alex, Sara, Miz Daisy, Shiloh ~ This big "D" thing we're on reelee *sukz*. Tummies are grumblin all day an nite. Wun thing we have desided is that Miz Karen's rite - them karrut stikz are a lot better than nuffin! Dad hasta guard the liddel karrut tubbie when he sitz down inna kliner chair ta munch on 'em. We're eatin bout an mennie as he is nowdayz.

C'mon Dad ~ we're signing off cuz it's Dinner Time now! Letz head for the Ranch!

Wagg em or wiggel em; Yap at all you guyz later...

10-17-2001, 06:21 PM
Hey everbuddy...Star (mYbladder's not burstin anymore) here. Boy, so much goin on wif all yuz guys. I been kinda buzy myself wif my weeing woes. What wif the pill cramin, trips to the big white house and mom chasin me round wif the duster pan to catch me inna peein act every second. Geewhizzers, what was dat all about?? But, they fixed me up good and now I'm feelin fine after havin my pipes cleared. Sure zonked me inna head...Mom made such a fussin, kissin, huggin "Oh my baby" scene pickin me up from the big white house! I kinda slinked outta there reeel quick wif my tail between my legs and my head down case any pups or 2 leggers I know were there. Mom's can be so embarassssssin!! You'd a thunk I was gone for forever!! Got lotsa yummies tho when we got home. Boy, I don't think I eber been soooooo hungry. I just planted my labbie butt fronta the ice closet and whined and winced like I was dyin. Worked reeel good! So, now I'm all well and gettin no sympathy no more. But I sure am itchin from the buzz cut the doc gave my belly. Now my little furettes are growin back an I'm scratchin like mad!!! Drives em all nutz ta hear my necklace and charms clangin! Heeehee!

So much a the "D" word talk! That's like cursin in my house...D-I-E-T!! Not me! Me and the Codster don't seem to haf to worry much bout that eatin stuff, what wif all our runnin round all day, chasin critters and patrolin the farm. Plus, Mom watches what we eat and we get lotsa fruits and veggies, from the ice closet and the garden, frosty paws, and once a month a bonz filled wif all that good stuff to suck outta da middle. YUM!

Yesterday it was so B-U tiful out so mom dragged us inna outdoor water closet and gave us both sudsy bafs and spiffed up Cody's claws. Can ya believe it? I'm a big 3 years old now, and never once did anyone ever take the claw chompers to me! No, I do my own filin down by runnin, chasin and diggin all day! Mom says their so stubby she can't hardly see em anymore! Cody was Ok wiffa baf after a while. Mom used the "W" water spout so she liked it pretty good. Wif all her lumpy husky fur, sure took lotsa water and time to put her through the rinse cycle!! :D Then we all dried out inna sun and today we got new neck bands and we smell reeel good.... to Mom that is!

Today was reeel nice again, so mom lit the outside fire pit and she raked up the apples while we tried to eat em all before she could pick em up. Cody kept looking for the squishy, gooey, smoooshed ones cuz the buzzzers were feastin on em. She'd sit and stare then....BOiNg!!! Down the hatch! Think she downed bout a dozen a the buzzzers! :eek: Even I wouldn't eat those critters!

Mr. B and Oliver been spending most a da summer loungin onna couch onna porch, chasin crawlin things and flyin friends. Oliver's taken up tail chompin and paw bitin. Mine, not his! Boy, that kid sure can be a nutz case.

Well, can ya believe summer's almost over? Mom's threatin to close my own personal Sparky swimmin pond soon. :( Guess I'll jest haf to go take a dunk inna swamp hole down the road. Still, I love rollin inna white stuff and makin Mom play wif us when its reeeeeeeel cold and Mr. Wind is blowin big time. Wonder why she don't last long???

Sure hope all you guys are doin good. We loved havin Mom read us everything you guys been up to. Can't wait for the winter games to begin! Well, better go round up crew. I think I hear Cody tryin to unlock Squeekers cage door. This could be fun :D :D :D

Love, yer pals, Star and Cody

And by the way, who says summer's over???



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Cinder & Smoke
10-17-2001, 08:26 PM
Hey Star**Shiner** ~ Glad ta see ya back onna pawboard - we sure did miss ya. Sorrie bout the baffs youse hadda have - Smoke an me getz ouut takin baffs kuz we go swimmin often enuff an that keepz the stinkie odors down. What's wiffa hat thingy? Keep the wadder outa yer earbonez or is that a Hallerween kostume?

Mosta the gang is gettin better frum the sickies; ButterBall the Kat gots a sore noggin, Lolly's hoppin round on three legz anna head cone; Hanna got outta the hoppsbittel; ownlee bad newz is about poor Bourbon :(. His Mom, Miz Diane, said God needed an Angel at the Big Bridge, so Bourbon went up to help out. We're all gonna miss him. Letz all cross paws an say a Prayer ta help his Mom.

Well, we're gettin *hongree*; sorta a regular thing these dayz, whut wiff the big "D" campaign programme. Whut reelee twisted our tailz wuz we hadda ride back fromm pet food store sittin onna bag a krunchies inna backseat :mad:. Dad kept checkin ta be sure we dint open her up urlee :rolleyes:. Time to head fer the Ranch an unpack the grub into the big can inna klozet.

Stay well or get better; wagg em if ya got wun; wiggle yer buttz if ya don't.

10-17-2001, 08:34 PM
Hi, it's me, Hannah! Wow Star, you and Cody are sure having some good fun, eating apples and catching Buzzers, and running around the yard, and dressing up for picture taking.

That picture of you is specially beautiful. I hope that Graham doesn't see it, 'cause I'm HISTORY if he does.

I got me a spot on my leg that has a buzz cut. Mom likes to kiss on it every time she sees me. She is going to wear a hole in my leg with all that kissing.

Gots to go too, time for a nighty cookie and then jump in the Big Bed!

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10-17-2001, 09:16 PM
Hi Everybody, it's me Miss Daisy, Perry is kissin up to Dad for some treats but I don't have to worry cuz Mom will save them for me.
Star, Cody and Cinder and Smokey you all have such fun, gettin to ride on the food in the back seat, I could have fun with that, and Star and Cody getting to eat all the apples you want wow. I'm so happy my girlfriend Hannah is back and can teach me some of her tricks. Perry thinks he is so big but I fix him I showed Dad where he was chewing his slipper, owwwwie, then Mom was going to let him sleep in the big bed but the big dork cried and wanted to go in his crate so she had to get up in the middle of the night to put him to bed. I loved the photos of you Star, and Cody, wow it looks nice there. Mom says there is no place like New England, it's in your blood. Well It's time to watch a little t.v. and see what the snack is for tonight sometimes we get to lick the ice cream bowls. You all be good.
Your girlfriend Daisy

10-18-2001, 05:30 AM
Hey Cinders, we keeps our krunchies in a big can inna klozet too. Sometimes when mom scoops em out inna little container, one or two krunchies drops onna floor and Tucker goes racing after em. Heehee, he's da wun who gots to wiggle his butt cuz his tail is just a stub, and how'd you get that picture of me at the puter?

Cinder & Smoke
10-18-2001, 10:01 AM
Hannah & Tuck ~ Ours is a shiney 26 galun *garbich :eek: kan*, but Dad sez it wuz brandy new, and gotz a baff afore ole Casey's (Rainbow :( Bridge) krunchies ebber went into it. He sez it keepz our
grub *fresh* an also prevents mid-meal unauthorized *snaks*.
As for droppin krunch onna floor, durn Kat hears em fallin offa
skoop and beats feet afore we do. He playz hockey puck wiff em
all ober the house. Rug sukker makes a neet *pa-Whang* :D noiz
when it finds a krunch inna fur bunnie.

Perry ~ ya WANTZ ta sleep inna Krate? That's like us wantin (not)
ta sleep onna time out wall inna basement. You gotz *strange* habbitz!

Guess the Cody and Star*Buster* gang ain't talkin bout the phunnie
hat thingie :p? Dad sez mebbee itz a ba-bush-ka wiffa earbonez
holdin it up inna air??

Hannah - Izzat YOU inna pixsure? Dad sez it's me; I sez itz HIM wiffa
extree eye lookerz anna big tummie [oops :rolleyes:] Spencer's
Dad started all that. http://wsphotofews.excite.com/007/S5/qr/LC/M198156.jpg

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10-18-2001, 03:30 PM
Hi everybody, Perry here, Cinder and Smoke you don't know what it's like trying to get some shuteye in the big bed with that "Goody fourshoes" Daisy and Mom. The big bed's not big enuff. Goody fourshoes wants to sleep sideways and has to have her special pillow, Mom takes up the rest of the bed and they expect me to sleep where ever I can find a spot, fat chance of that. Man I'd rather sleep in my crate and get a little peace and some shuteye than fight for a place on the big bed with them.
Daisy here, Oh Perry your a big ninny, all you do is sit in the lounge chair with Dad, take toys away from me, growl at the kids going to school, eat, eat, eat, and complain about not sleeping in the big bed when you really don't want to. Good thing you are my big brother and I love you so much or I'd get you in trouble again.

10-19-2001, 10:00 AM
Hey Pals, Star here. So Cinners, Smoke Man. Whad's the matter wif my babbooshka?? My dad brought my authentic doggie sun visor all the way from Soufh Afrika!! (That's a place WAY ober there!) Dad says der waz a nice doggie lovin lady who had a moveable house hut and sewed these nifty shade blinders for doggies from all ober the world! The flap flips up or down and it's got an ajusteeble strap. It's kinda real special cuz it was my labbie sister Jingles most special hat dat she use ta wore ta da beach. Jingy left for the Bridge the very minute of the very day I wuz born. No kiddin. My mom misses seein Jing in it and said it was up ta me to carry on the tradition. It kinda annoys me sometimes (I noticed mom didn't include THAT pikture!) But I know it makes her smile lots when I do :) Hannah, we always scrambles for the reneeeegade krunchies when mom drops em onn a floor. Sometimes we getz reeeel lucky and she'll drop the whole kitty krunchie bag. It's a reeel mad dash as they roll under the counter. I kinda like em rolled wif a bit a dust and dirt on em :D Today mom spilt dry oatmeal krunchies ALL OVER THE FLOOR! What a skramble fer the jackpot that was...Yum, that sure went down swell. Mom took our water bowl away fast fearing if we gulped too much down our stomachs might 'xplode!!! Let's see...1/2 cp. oatflakies; add 1 cup water, = 3 bowls! Heeeheeeeheeee.

Daisy girl, I'm wif you. Mattera fact when I wanna change bed positions, I just stand straight up right over mom's head and bark right in her ear :eek: and that sure clears the big bed fast. :D Our goody4-paws, the ever perfect Cody, loves to sleep in her orthopodick special heated bed. No sweat; more room for me!!!!

And Cinners, Smokey, talkin bout ridin home inna trakter widda krunchie payload...remind me later ta tell ya the classic, always popalar tale of "Jing and the Dunkin Donuts." It's a reeeel crowd pleezer! :D

Well, gotta rock and go roll in SUMTHIN! I'm already behind schedule in the mischif makin department! Labbie butt wiggles from yer pal "I'm ShIninG" Star!!!!!! Love you guyz. Cody sez hi ya all. She's out patrolin the perimeter!! And thanks guyz fer yer nice words bout our piktures. Hannah, as I told you once before. A guy will always go for the PLATINUM blond. No worries goregous.

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10-19-2001, 04:12 PM
Hi eberyone diz iz Sophie Bunny.

I'm kinda nerbous aboutz postin here cos Mom sez alotta dawgiez likez to huntz bunnies. I sure hopez you guyz ain't dat kind of dawgiez.

I'm inna process o' changin fur an mom's laffin. Itz not funny. She sez I lookz like a skunkie wif a mohawk and I sez whatsa mohawk and she sez itz a hair cut an I sez I don't kare and she sez don't get an attitude wif me and so I sez backs, kin I have more parsley and she sez no, cos I've already had some.

If you dawgiez promise not to huntz me, I'll share some of my karrotz wif you. Well I gotz to go nowz. I hear Mom comin' so I'm gonna hidez undernif da bed. (She offerz me yougurt dropz to come outz---an der yummy!)

Luv, Sophie Bunny.

10-19-2001, 06:36 PM
Hi little Sophie Bunster. Cody Girl here. Mom's shared yer sooooo purrrty pics with us. You are the cutest bunny girl we've ever seen. Full fur coat, buzz cut, mohawk, any way! And don't worry....yer safe here wif us pups. Happy to have ya aboard, Sophie. And guess what, me and my sister Star jest loves those krunchy orange stiks to munch on. Mom gives us plenty when she feeds the Squeeker man! Oh, he loves yogurt drops too! Slurps and kisses to ya Sophie girl. Sleepys good! Love, yer pals, Cody and Star

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10-20-2001, 01:10 AM
Hi, Sophie Bunny!!!

This is Shiloh! I love carrots....but I also love bunnies ummmmmm..............ouch!! Killi, stop nippin' me. I promise I won't chase Sophie-Bunny....No, really, I promise... Didn't I let the birdie and the chippymonk live??? Ok, I'll behave! Welcome, Sophie, you're safe here!!

Love, Shiloh

10-24-2001, 12:27 PM
Hey Friends!
Our mom has been hoggin the puter and we haven't even been able to get on here to say "hi" and tell you about our fun vacation!
Have you ever seen the beech? All we can say is "WOW"! We LOVED it, and all three of us, even Helen, have been asking when we can go again! Mom says she has to work sometimes....and if she doesn't work and make money, then no beech. But we have decided that livin at the beech would be a good thing. We're going to give you our versions of the vacation. Honey first:

Hey. It is me, Honey. Now, I admit, I like bein at home most of all. Mom kept telling me that I was gonna love where we were goin, but I wasn't so sure. She put us in the car, and gave us lots of nice, soft blankets to sleep on. Then when we were riding, she stopped once and Helen put me on a long leash and let me run, run, run through a big field. They got so excited just cause I "went" while I was on the leash. :rolleyes: Heck, when you gotta go, you gotta go. But anyway, it was dark when we got to the beech, and I was scared of those loud rocks in the driveway. So Mom had to carry me to the house and up the steps. I didn't like all those steps either. Good thing I lost a couple of pounds, huh? First thing, I ran back to Mom's new room and jumped on the bed, and I didn't get off that bed til 3:30 in the morning when it was time to "go" again. But then when we got up and it was light outside, we got back in the car and drove somewhere......and then, there it was, WATER, SAND, and no people! Helen hooked me on a very long rope so I could run and run, and boy did I do that!!! It was fun, fun, fun. Mom took us twice a day, everyday that we were there. And the last day, Helen decided I didn't have to have that ole rope anymore, and I had so much fun running with my Lilly. I didn't exactly "match" the other dogs since they were very red and I'm not, but I sure did have a good time!! :D


I'll turn it over to Lilly now:
Well, I had fun, fun, fun too. And the bestest thing was that I didn't wear my leash all weekend! :p Mom only clipped me up when we were crossing a busy street. But Mom said I acted like a puppy out there, and I felt like one! I ran like I have never run before. I even went swimming. The only bad thing was we had to get LOTS of baths cause we got so sandy. But it is ok, cause we also got brushed a lot, and I LOVE to get brushed. I told my mama that if she would take me to the beech more often, I could lose my weight. I was too tired to eat anything after we went for a long walk. Don't you think my mama ought to buy us a beech house?
:confused: Silly Honey, she was just lazy, I think. She didn't want to walk on those rocks and there was nuffin to it. Sometimes, I think she does those silly things just to get attention. But I did have fun with her, so I won't talk too bad about her. Just look at us walking with our girl, Helen.

Anyway, when we got home, Mama was so excited to see Mimi. We couldn't find Butter at first, but when we finally saw him, he walked right in the house, and bit Mama on the leg! Then he started eatin again. That's what he always does. :rolleyes: Don't know why Mama loves him so much. Do you?

Star and Cody, we just wanted to say how jealous we are of you. You got the ocean and a pool to swim in. Mama didn't like it, but Nana Betty said she would keep us and we could go to the beech every single day....it was sorta tempting.

Anyway, Cinder, Smokey, Hannah, Tucker, Bella, Merlin, Perry, Star, Cody, Daisy, EVERYBODY.....hope you are all feelin good and getting lots of good scratches and lovin from you humans. We think we have found Heaven, and if we behave, Mama promises we get to do that again!!!

Honey and Lilly

10-24-2001, 01:04 PM
That musta been a Neet-O :D trip, Honey an Lilly!

Makes our BigLake look like a liddel mud puddel! Wuz yer beech onna Oshun wiffa saltie wadder? Didja have to swim wiff yer eyeshades an moufs slammed shut? Dad alluz has to mind us ta swim wiff our moufs shut cuz we furgetz that :rolleyes:.

Who wuz the udder Dawgs inna pix? They relatives or sum beech bums ya hooked up wiff? They look like they wuz nice Kritterz.

ButterBall sez *howdy* a lot like our Boots, the Kat duz when we've been gone too long. He waitz till Dad takes offa hardpadz an then walks ober an gives a friendlee *CHOMP* onna big toebone - rite thru :mad: the sox cover!

Hey Sophie Wabbit ~ Welcome! to the Cinder Tails pages! You Bunz can hop round here ennie time an we'll all be nice - no *chompin* onna Wabbit's Feetz :cool:.

Yap at y'all later...

10-24-2001, 01:04 PM
Het sounds like the beech was fun. I had my own mini vacation as mom calls it My skin brother wanted to go do sumthing called fishing, so mom let me go to along it was about 15 min in the car , mom says it was in Glacier National park (what ever) I got to swim never really done much of that little cold now but mom says now that She knows I like it we'll do more in the summer. Good thing Idon't handle heat well. I'm a fall and snow do. The funny man on tv says we could have snow today ,mom;s not happy about it but I could just kiss the man. YAPPY YIPPY HEH!!!!! Mom calls me her personal snow plow. Your beech looks a lot like snow was it cold? got go watch for the snow yahooooooo!!!

10-24-2001, 01:19 PM
Uh oh, Mister Phred. We forgot to tell you bout the ocean water. We drank LOTS of it......and we found out that it isn't good to drink LOTS of it. :o Honey specially thought it tasted real good, and she threw up and threw up.....all water. And we got the bad bellies too. Mom just kept on saying "YUCK" :eek: Nana Betty says that everyone of us dogz gets that the first trip to the beech. We got smarter after that first day. But Mama was happy because we didn't have any accidentz in the house at all.

YES!! We had friends there too! Those kids names were Quinn and Aspen, and they belong with Nana Betty. Nana Betty rescued bof of them, at different times. She misses her George :( who had some problems and he now lives at the Bridge, but she is a lot happier now since she got Quinn to be with her and Aspen. :)

Hey Sophie Bunny. We are glad you are here too! We promise, we won't even try to pick you up in our mouths like we usually do with the critters who wander into our backyard. :D After all, we are Retrievers, you know.


10-24-2001, 01:46 PM
Honey, Lilly, SandySTaR here! All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a neatest, bestest, funest time you had!!! Your beech is sooooo B-U-T-Full and empty. Best time a da year fer doggies and beeches. You guyz was so brave, travelin all dat way wif new digs and lotsa new doggies and people. Me and the Cody girl are sure so happy you had a good time. And girls, from one beautiful blond to another, you sure do take a purrrty, purrrrrrty picture!! And the bafs really aren't too bad when you get a good brushin after, Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Me and Cody votes 4 paws and 4 feet up fer the beech house. Once that sand gits in yer blood, well, ders no goin back! Just tell yer mom she hasta work a bit harder and git up the loot!! :D Glad yer all safe and sound home on the farm. Mimi I bet liked the m.t. house time. But who did the Butter Tub get to bit wif no mommy around??? :D Guess things are back to normal now. Hope yer momma didn't need a boo-boo patch on her wheel bite! More pics if ya have em! Love, yer pals, Star and Cody

10-24-2001, 05:48 PM
Ohhhhhhhh, Killian, Shiloh and Sue are jealous!!!!!! :) :)

10-24-2001, 07:28 PM
Hi Miz Logan. Itz Sophie Bunny.

I'm glad yer dawgies had fun at da beach. I asked my mom 2 takez me 2 da beach but she won't. I asked her why and she said cos I wouldn't likez it so I azked her if I could havez some parsley cos I likez dat and she said no cos I've already had some todayz. Hunny and Lilly~ you have a reel gud mom. Maybe she would take me 2 the beach next timez you guyz go.

I'm so happyz that you dawgiez ain't gonna huntz me! At my Grandma's hause, there's a boxer dawg named Sara and Mom sez she's a 'fraidy dawg and dat's berry twue cos I jist gotta thumpz my feetz and she runz away.

Well, I've gotz 2 goez cos Mom hasta run 2 da store.

I hopez she buyz me more parsley!

Bye eberyone~Luh-uv, Sophie Bunny.

12-05-2001, 10:18 PM
Hey! Where's everybody been???? We keep watching this computer, waiting to jump in and read the stories, but we had to go way back to October to find you!!!

Anyway, we had a little story to tell you all while Mom is away from the computer, so here goes. We got a bath today, and we were gone away from home, all day long, getting all fixed up for our mama to take our picture with Helen for our Christmas cards. Well, we smell purty good now, and Mom and Helen said we look real good too! :D But here's the thing....that lady put bows on our ears!!! Can you believe that?? We look so silly. Mom said that she had to get at least one picture with the bows in there, just to remind her of how funny we look :o ! Can you believe that??? The only thing good about it is that she promised that she wouldn't send that picture in our Christmas cards. Whew!

Anyway, we have to go to bed, but wanted to tell you how silly some people are to think that big retrievers like us would actually want silly bows in our hair!!! What we figured is that tonight, while the ladies of the house are sleeping, we can pull them off of each other. What do you think?

Please check in everybody while your moms and dads are shopping and getting ready for Christmas. We want to know what's happening with you all! And we'll write more later!!

Honey and Lilly

12-08-2001, 07:05 PM
Remember when we told you about those bows? Our Mom took a picture of each of us!! :eek: We are really disturbed, but we thought you ought to see how ridiculous we looked. By the next morning, we helped each other get rid of those bows!!! :D

This is Lilly. She had just given up!!

And this is Honey, who was still a little unsure about the whole experience.


12-08-2001, 08:18 PM
Hi Honey and Lily, Daisy here, my Mom thinks you look adorable, but I know what you mean everytime Mom puts a neck thingy on me I just keep twisting it off maybe you can work on them there bows.
Mom wanted to take pictures again today and I hate it, but Perry loves it. When I see she gets ready to click the clicky thing I turn my head or look down, that gets her all riled up. Perry just stays there like a Nerd, he would sit for pictures forever, but when I get the chance I run to Dad. He always tells Mom why don't you quit now and it works.
I was smelling under the tree and saw some pretty nifty toys under there, tomorrow I'll tell Perry and he will go get them for us. He is pretty sneaky about things like that, usually we get to play with them before Mom notices. Well Honey and Lily, just think by tomorrow your pictures will probably have been taken and maybe your Mom will take the bows out for you, but don't hold your breath for her to do that, I think she kinda likes the look of them, I know my Mom does. Gosh I hope my Mom don't see them I'll have bows on my ears too.
Love Ya
Daisy annnnnnnnnd Perry

12-09-2001, 08:52 AM
Hi, Shiloh here. I think those cutsie thingies look cute on you, but don't get them anywhere near me. Don't let my human sis see them, cause she'd be sure to TRY to make me wear em, too! NO WAY! I'm a GSD, how do I keep up my reputation? The other dogs on the block would be laughin at me! How could I look mean and scary? Hah! No one would even try to put them on Killian. All he would have to do is give them "the look" and they'd back down! Well, just read that other post about Frosty Paws...gotta go see if I can convince Mom that I've lost enough weight to get myself some of those for Christmas.....By-eeeee!

Shiloh (P.S. Killian says, "HI!" or actually he said "woof", but I translated it for ya!)

12-09-2001, 09:22 AM
Hey there...Bella here! I'm with Shiloh! When I went to the groomers last time they wanted to put one of those thingies on the top of my head. My mom said, "don't bother, 'cuz she's a tomboy!" HA! Instead they gave me a neck thingie which was OK I guess. It had little Santas on it and it made my mom happy so I let them. Us poodles gotta put up wiff a lotta grief sometimes. Lotsa people think 'cuz we gots curly hair we are some kinda primadonnas! Not true! I like to dig and hunt with the rest of you guys and rollin' in yucky smells on the ground is oh so much fun. Sooooo Honey and Lilly I think all of our moms are gonna think you two look cute but as for me, I just hope you didn't have to wear them outside! :eek: Some of the other doggies in the neighborhood might talk! :D

12-09-2001, 09:33 AM
Hey Everbuddy! STaR here. Well, it's my pinion that those fru-fru bowzs are Ok for a date MAYBE, if he's the kinda guy that goes for THAT kinda thing. (Killi, I would wear them for you EVERY day if you asked me too!! :)) And Honey and Lilly, speaking girl to girl, I hafta admit yuz two do look gorgeous ANY day a the week. Bowzs or bowzless! But I'm wif the resta yuz. I'm an outdoor kinda girl. And while I'd like to think I kan turn a head any ole day, I'll take my chances! Cuz rollin ina dirt and mud, digging and swimmin ina water hole, kickin up my pawz and lettin the fur fly, is the only way to go! And girls, if any a them guyz don't like it, well, I say just turn up your tail and don't worry if yer doggie door hits him inna hiney as you walk away!! Hey, whadda ya think Cinners?? Cinder, Smokey, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Geez, think we outta send out the bloodhounds to find those guys?? Woof at ya later. Love, yer pal Star. Cody's sleepin in. But she'd want to woof at ya too, of course! And Killi, I hope Santapaws gives you a Frosty Paws for Chrismus. You deserve everthin Santa's got in his sack!

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12-09-2001, 05:05 PM
Now Jackie don't you DARE embarrass you dears with silly bows :rolleyes: let's give em a break here, nuff is enuff wit da acoutrements :D silly wabbit :D

Cinder & Smoke
01-03-2002, 05:10 PM
Hi, ebberbuddie ~ Here's a cupla our old Tails that got lost when our previous Tails pages 8 an 9 crashed...

July 18, 2001...
Dad hadda go to Pixburg to visit GranMom fer a "kupla dayz".
The regular house we goez to when Dad leaves us wuz gonna be emptee cuz Unka Pat went outta town fer a whole week. So Dad arranged for anudder of his Fire Buds to come uppa our house an take care of us twicet a day or so. We got stuck inna basement cuz we get too rowdee to stay a long time up inna house wiffa Kat...

Ownlee problem wuz Dad furgetz to tell us Tracy is gonna be visitin us atta Ranch. Fiday nite rolls round anna *stranger* busts inna house an opens our door . Miz Cinders meets the *intruder* atta door an starts aktin like a tack dog. I tried ta tell her that guy looks kind familur an she otta back off a minnit, but she's grabbin his pant skinz an aktin feerooshus. Well, Tracy dint like that so much, so's they had a liddel deeskusshin an Cinders agreed that OkeeDoKee, Mister Tracy kuld be boss. I jest akted normul an waved my tailbone an wiggeled my butt an jumped up-an-down . I wuz purdy happie jest ta see *sumbuddie*!

We gotz our kunichies, fresh wadder, and went for an *outie*. Mr. Tracy dint trust Cinners ta run loose, so she hadda stay onna long rope, but I gotz to run round wiffa leash draggin cuz I kept commin rite back whenebber Tracy called my name. After Friday nite we wuz purdy nice ta Mister Tracy an his WifeMate when they comed ta visit wiff us.

Dad comed home on Mundee nite. He wuz a liddel uppyset when he busted us loose cuz tween Tracy's mornin an afternoon visits we gotz a liddel *rowdee* an played tug-a-war wiffa lay-me-down pad . Kinda had pad stuffin all ober our korner inna basement.

We all jumped inna trakter kar an rode uppa street ta thank Tracy for takin care of us.
That's when Dad founded out bout Cinners way of greetin Mister Tracy an when we fluffed up our pad . Dad wuz happie cuz Tracy said we wuz reelee purdy *good* an he'd be willin to take care of us ennie time.

Mister Boots, the Kat, akted happie that Dad got back; an we all rasseled round an had a good time when we got back to the Ranch.

Smokey here...
Two weeks ago we wuz out for our b'fore bed outie. Miz Cinder is off checkin out the brush pile when she finds a Kat ta play wiff. Looked sorta like our Boots, the Kat, cept it had a longer nosebone, big fluffie tail anna big white stripe down it's back. Cinders is runnin round the pile Grrrrrin! and yappin at her new buddie ~ then alla sudden she jumps back an *yips*; then comes runnin towards the porch. Onna way by, I mention that she kinda **stinks** purdy bad. She sez the Kat she wuz playin wiff jest up an *pee'd* on her! Dad opens the door an we both bounced in an got our biskitz. Dad's sorta watchin the TV idiot box but falls asleep inna kliner chair. Boots comes over an *sniffs* us then hi-tails it into the baffroom an hides inna fallin wadder clubhouse. I couldn't stand the *stink* either and followed him inta the baffroom. Dad wakes up an starts *sniffin* an askin "What died in here?" Cinder getz up fron aside the kliner chair an starts *sniffin* along wiff Dad. I soon become the "suspect" cuz I'm huddled inna baffroom wiff my vibrate an shake mode turned on. Dad drags me out inna hall and starts *sniffin* all ober my body. Then he sez "You're OK; CINDER!, COME!" She don't *come*.
Dad found her unner the dining room table wiff her *whassa matter?* face on. Wun good *SNIFF* an he hollerz "You been Skunked!!!!"

Whassa Skunk? Cinders gets marched down inna basement for anudder *sniff* test. Dad decided she dint stink enuff for a bath or a nite onna front porch, so she got tied up onna time out wall wiffout the blankie to make all stinky. Me an Dad got the bigbed to ourselfs.

We went to the store an bought sum extra peroxode an bakin soda next day, but Dad had Fire Klass that nite an nebber got round to the Skunk Baff treatment. Cinders spent the next three nites inna basement. Been two weeks now, an she still hasn't had a baff!
He still minds her she stinks whenebber she stand inna co-pilots position tween the front seats inna trakter kar or when she snuggles too close onna bigbed. I think he's gettin used to her "ode-de-skunque" perfume! Mebbee sum day we'll burn that old brush pile!

September 1, 2001...
We're back (really inna Fire Station) while Dad makes out the fire report...
Nuffin much - big hot air balloon came in over the biglake an landed rite side the road
inna liddel bit a wadder . Pilot guy wuz OkeeDoKee, jest gotz his hard foots and the
basket thingy a liddel muddie . Fire Guyz helped load up the stuff inna chase trakter
truk anna Copperz made a report.

Afore that exsitement hit, we had phunn atta biglake while Dad werked onna Ranger's Patrol Boat. Dad, cupla Rangers, an 2 Wadder Deputies were onna dock playin wiffa boat. Dad let us FurKidz run round tied tagether. Allua sudden they hears a big *spaloosh*. I told Dad I wuz jest reachin ta get a drink . Wadder wuz kinda deep round the dock thingy. Nunbuddy hollered, so's we started playin inna wadder an I managed to drag SmokeMan in too. Wun Deputy said seems like the liddel guy doesn't like ta swim. Dad sez yeah, he needs lessins...

Next minnit I'm offa rope and Dad's towin the Smokester out inna wadder longside the dock... He don't reelee know how ta swim and his butt starts sinkin. Dad's holdin his head an earbones out the wadder wiffa rope. All a sudden he starts runnin wifffa fronts an can keep his head up - then he figgers out ta start runnin wiffa rear end. He popped up lika bobber an starts motorin round in cirkelz at the end of the rope! Allua guys start *cheerin and hollerin* ! He kept motorin back toward shore so Dad letz him come out afore he got skairt, but I thinks he liked it! Dad sez we'll go back again on Mundee for summore lessins.

Onna way to the Shop Dad sez he's gotta stop at the "groomer's place'. When he comed back he'd lost a lotta head fur an his earbones stuck out more . Smokey kept lookin at him like he wuz a "stranger" and started *sniffin* on Dad's earbones! I told Smoker not to sweat it, happenz every so manny munths or so... it'll grow back an he won't look so *dorky* inna few weeks! Well, it's true Dad, ya look like ya jest got off the turnip boat! Did ya fall asleep onna table or what?

Well, that'sa end of Cinder's pawboardin for tanite! Guess it's upta me, SmokeMutt, ta
say g-nite. I'll let ya'll knowe how this *swimmin* thing goes after I tries it a few more times. Gotta get the hang of keepin my mouff an earbones closed afore I'll reelee enjoy it!

Labur Day Report ~
We started off wiffa raid on Pet Supplies Plus ta get a bag of skratch sand fer the Kat's brownie box. Cleaned up the floor spills in the treats section and conned Dad into fillin up a baggie wiff fresh wuns, too. Then we hit the dawg food aisle and helped clean up the mess from a split bag. Store klerk wiffa broom said he 'preciated the help! **buurrrrrpp** Good flavor, Dad.

Next, we noticed Dad wuz pointin the trakter kar thru the woods inna City Park. Whoa up, Dad; there's wadder ober there. Dad parks where they rent paddel boats an we getz out. "Kan the dawgs swim?" asks Dad.
Dad, big sign sez No Swimmin!
"Sure." sez the kid rentin boats...
**Ker-sploosh** and Cinners is in!

Kum-monn, Smokey, I can't swim wiff you're butt playin anchor onna shore! Dad unhooks our y-thingy an I start paddlin round. Dad takes SmokeMutt out onna dock where they tie the boats up. Go on, jump in. Smoke digs in wiff all fours an tries to wrap his tailbone round a post. Dad prys him loose an gives him a *shove-in*. Terrabul big *ka-splash* followed by a lotta frantik pawin an splashin. Dad holds his headbone above wadder wiffa leash till he members to turn on the rear propellerz. After he got all four spinnin, Dad points him toward shore an he putted rite in an climbed out. Then we all went out onna dock. I wuz a liddel timid the furst time, so Dad *helped* me offa dock, too. Then he tells Smokey to "Go get her", and gives him annuder *shove-off*. He went down lika rock, but bobbed up wiff all four propellerz spinnin, turned towards land an followed me in.

After that, ya couldn't keep us offa dock. Wuz a race to see who could jump in furst
after Dad said OK. Smoke started walkin phunnie - sorta like he wuz tryin to cross his legbones. He runned up onna shore (rite to where two gurls were sittin on lawn chairs), hiked his leg, an started to pee. He musta pee'd fer two minnits strait! Ebberbuddie that wus watchin us wuz laffin and howlin! I wus 'barrussed ta tears.
SmokeMutt looked purdy "relieved" an trotted back onna dock.

Cinners, whadda you do wiff allua wadder; dontcha have to pee?
Yer supposed to swim wiff yer mouff shut, ya liddel dummie!
Ooooohh, that musta been why Dad wuz hollerin to "Shut yer mouff". I dint think I wuz barkin!

After bout an hour anna half, we wuz startin to slow down. Dad sez we better quit afore sumbuddie needs rescued half way to dry land. Onlee bad thing wuz Dad brought along the toe chopperz. Since we had em all softened up, Dad stops atta piknik table an starts choppin nailz! Uggh! Short nailz allus ruins our lap times when we run laps round the living room onna rug! We need ta *loose* them chopperz!

Now we're havin a pardee atta Shop. Dad gotz a call frum Cali Dog's folks askin if we could feed her cuz her GranMom hadda go to the Big White Coat's Lab. We gave her sum grub then brought her to our Shop cuz Dad's gotta fix a skool bus radideo afore tumorrow.

She's not havin too much phunn playin wiff us cuz we're so pooped frum swimmin that SmokeMan an me are takin turns nappin onna rug unner the puter!

September ??, 2001...
She dun it AGAIN: Skunk Kiddie #2

I jest don't believe how DUMM she can be...
Last nite we got our bed time outie. I'm doin my stuff out front, she's rompin round the
ranch house lookin fer mischef ta get into. I hears this *Pfsssssst* sound near the sidda house. Ole Cinners comes runnin likitty-splitz tryin ta rub her facebones tween her legs onna wet grass.
I axes Whuz rong?
Black an White Kat pee'd on me, again.
That ain't a KAT, dummie; issa SkUnk!

Dad opens the door an sees me onna porch wiff my dinnerplate eyeballs on; I jumps thru the door bout the time he gets the "scent". He hollerz so's I turned on the Shake & Vibrate an hide inna kitchen. She runs round the living room (spreading ode-de-skunque) an heads for the basement door. Dad finally corners me and I pass the *sniff* test. Now she's unner the BigBed gettin nerbus. Dad opens the cellar door an she flies down stairs wiff him in hot pursuit. Musta flunked the *sniffer* test cuz Dad starts grabbin stuff for the "skunque mix" an starts pourin it inna empty plastic pop jug.
I hears em go inna garage an wadder starts runnin...

Next I hear the time out chain rattlin; then Dad comes up (a liddel soggy) wiffout the
CinderMutt. I getz *sniffed* AGAIN, but I getz a biskit an we jump inna bed. I tried
ta mention that mebbee he otta close the winder, cus the air's gettin a liddel *thick*
inna bunkroom, but he sez shuddup & go sleep.

Bout dark:thirty I'm UNNER the bed cuza the *stink* inna bunkroom. Dad jumps up an yanks open the cellar door an *sniffs*. Comes back *sniffin* alla way. Uh-oh! Members he opened the winder afore the skunque eppisode started. Yep, *ode-de-skunque* flowin in thru the open winder. Tried ta tell ya, Dad. My Dad's not alluz the brightest litebulb in the pack. :rolleyes:

Morning comes an I go out fer a breath of fresh air - wheeew! Picked up Cinners onna
way to the trakter kar. Oh m'gosh - didja stik a paw inna lectrik sokket? FurSkinz stickin strait up! She's droppin furrz left an rite, so's we boff gotz a brush job afore we got inna trakter.

She's still havin a bad hair day - all fluffie and wavin inna breeze !
Dad telled her she wuz gonna be onna rope for outies till the Skunk Fambly moves outa towne fer the winter. Sum Dawgs nebber learn nuffin!

September 26, 2001... Cinder, here...
We're back; fromma White Coat's Lab ...

I nowed sumpin wuz up last nite. We gotz our grub urlee, then no outie till reel dark:thirty. Dad grabs a zippie bag an hooks me up onna leash stringy. No runnin inna yard; jest lotsa *go poddies*. I gived up and took a dump. Dad uses his lite stik then scoops up my stuff inna zippie bag?? SmokeMan's next onna leash. Found out later he wuz a tuff case - no poddy while Dad's lookin. Came back in wiff Dad mutterin he
thinks he got the rong pile - handz were so kold he couldn't tell iffin it wuz "fresh".

Lebbin a-klok atta shop; nudder zippie bag an Smoke goes out solo, wiff Dad hawk-eyen out the door. Dashes out an comes back *grinnin* wiffa fresh bag of Smokey stinkie. Letz go; we all hop inna trakter kar.

Hmmmm, this house looks familiar. Uh, Oh; it's Doc Mike's Lab. In we go; Smoke turns
onna *shake & vibrate* motor.

Furst thing is that durn elevator table wiffa meter thingy. I rides up an Doc sez...
Hmmm, 49.1; that's up four frum April.
Uh, Oh...
Doc's Gurl sez Wun more pound an she needs the big, spensive HeartGard.
Hush, Gurl!!
She's not overweight, YET; but you should cut her back a little...
Dad sez She won't get to 50.
Uh, Oh...

I got off purdy good; earbones squeekie kleen, heart tickin and lungs sukkin OK, toofs kleen enuff, eyeballs shinee an brite. OkeeDoKee, I'm outta here...
Check her hips.
The're fine, Dad. Whooa Doc; easy onna joints - my legbones don't go that far!
She's fine, nice and tight. Hold her for the *shot*.
{{Full-Nelson applied to headbone}}
{{Zippp, whooshe, pop!}}
Good Cinder, here's a biscuit!
Purdy durn small biskit fer all that Dad's payin ya, but thanks, Doc.

OK, Smoke, hop on the scale.
Nuts ta that, ya pulled me off when I tried ta jump on wiff Cinners. Well, OK; since ya
tossed me on an tied me here; I'll jest cower an *shake*.
He's 43.1; but the four pounds since April look good on him. And look - he's stopped
shaking! Good boy, Smokey! Have a biscuit!
{{Blush}} Na-na, Cinners.
Hey, Doc; get that telescope outta my earbone.
Express my WHATZ? Put my tailbone DOWN!
Hold onto him; he won't like this.
Yipes! I sure won't do ennie more *rug skootin* on my butt while Dad's lookin!
Yep, he needed that.
Like heck I did! Hope yer finnerbone stinks!
What about that knee, Doc?
{{more groping and poking onna kneebone}}
Well, he's got a class 3 out of 4 "medial Luxating Patella"; he'll be a candidate for
surgery if it gets any worse or bothers him. Cost about $800 at the hospital clinic I'd
I jest GOTZ ta stop *limpin*! Hoppsbittel? An they're talkin bout that Sir Jury guy again. Ate hunnerd buckz will buy a lotta toyz an chew bonze. Letz skip the Sir Jury gig!
Gimmie the krummie biskit an letz get OUTTA here!
Bring him back in February for his *shotz* and we'll look at it again.
Doc, you can bet yer last bippie I'll be outta towne that day! Hmmm; tasty biskit!

Glad that's ober wiff! Hey, Dad; does Smokey relee have to go see that Sir Jury guy?

We'll have to think about it. We don't want him to be a cripple in a few years...
Let's go back to the Shop and you Kids can have brunch.
OkeeDoKee; thatz a good plan!!

{{a short while later...}}
HEY Dad! Were's the resta my krunchies!??
That'll be enough for you, from now on, "Chubby".
CHUBBIE? Doc Mike dint say THAT! Jest cuz he rolled my side furz half way round to my
backbonez don't mean nuffin...
Smoke - didja have yer paw onna up-an-down table when they wuz all watchin the meter dial?

Nope, I dint do nuffin. Hey Cinners, how come we call that the White Coat's Lab? That nice Doc Mike wuz wearin a blue-green skrubby shirt an pantz, notta white coat?

Shut yer trap, Gimpy. I'm commin ober to help you suck up yer krunchies iffin yer not dun when I finish whut liddel I got in my bowl!

Sheese, whadda *grouch* she kan be!

OK, Dad; I'm all dunn pawboardin my storrie - letz head for the Ranch and DINNER!

Not dinner time yet, Kid. Suck it in for a while!

Grrrrr! Itz gonna be a loooong winter...

Those were sum of our fall Tails that Dad saved on the puter disk. We lost summore that we dint save...

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Cinder & Smoke
01-03-2002, 08:46 PM
Now we'll finnish tryin to ketch up wiff our Tailz...

End of summer wuz purdy neet ~ we went swimmin almost every Saterday rite up to Decemburrr. An Sundayz were so warm that Dad took us along to visit GranMom! We'd wait inna trakter kar while Dad ran inna Village an brung G-Mom outside inna BigWheel chair. Then we'd all romp around her Komplex inna sun*shine till dinner time. Sum nites he'd even bring her back out after Church an we'd all sit watchin the Sun*Ball fall down inna treez!

Good newz, fur Smokey, at least ~ Dad talked to the Village bosses bout lett'n Smoke an me back inside... They said OkeeDoKee fer Smoke; but I still can't come back in account a my *tussel* wiifa seekurity guy :(. Nutz...

But Chrismus Eve Dad tiez big red ribbunz on our neck belts an we jumped inna trakter and motor'd over to GranMom's place. He startz pullin stuff outta our dawg bag - OMG! :eek: My old *rain*deer antlerz and a string of lil sleigh bellz get put on poor SmokeMutt. Off they go to see G-Mom. He looked an sounded like a one-dawg Gipsee Band! Red ribbun, Blue bamdanna, Green antlerz, an Brass bellz. Whudda sight! :D Dad sez he wuz quite a *hit* wiff allua Grams and Gramps. The White Coats were all callin him the "Raindeer Dawq"!

We spent Chrismus Eve inna rent-a-room joint and gotz our Chrismus bonez at midnite. Chrismus Day Dad and Smokey visited wiff Grams and I guarded the kar while chompin on my new bone :).

Here's a couple diggy snapz...

Gram an Smokey, werkin on prezintz...

What'd ya get, GranMom? I gotz a New Bone!

Note the Boy's Fancy Get-Up ~ Ribbun/Bow, Bamdanna, Antlerz, and Bellz!

Hope ebberbuddie had as Happie a Holiday Season as we did! :) :D

01-03-2002, 09:37 PM
Oh Cinder and Smokey those pictures are treasures, sorry Cinder that you got kicked out for being nawty. Maybe next year they will let you in too. Smokey I love your Reindeer getup, looked real cool. Grandma looked like she was having a real nice Christmas and I know she was glad to see Smokey and I'm sure she missed Cinder some.
You all made out with those big bones, wow, we only get little ones. Mom says thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures with all of us and say Hi to Gran too.
Your friends, Miss Daisy and Perry, oh and Mom too.

01-04-2002, 12:49 AM
Hi Miz Cinner & Mizzer Mokey diz iz Sophie Bunny.

I iz reel glad u found yer tailz. I thinkd I'd mizz my tail iffin' it were gone. And Mizzer Mokey, I thinkd I'd runnd off next time yer pop pullz outz da deer horns! (And Momma toldz me 'boutz da nail-paw-lush incidentz ;) Geez, the thingz we doz to humor our parentz.)

Mom thinkz itz reely neat that you guyz get 2 go seez the ppl at the home. My Granmom werkz wif "challenged" kidz atta pre-skewl. She tookz me there one timez but I chazed da kidz. Den dey startdz skreemin' and I chazed 'em even more cos it wuz fun! But then Mom scooped me upz and sez that we gotsta goz. Nutz! She sez when I can lern 2 mind myself, mebbey we kin go backz. But in my 'pinion I wuz mindin' myself cos I toldz my feet 2 hopz after da kidz and they didz. (Mom toldz me not to feel badz tho cos another teacher broughtz a heeler pupE a different day and that pupE hadz em scaredz 2!)

Well, Mom sez itz parsley and klean kage time so I gotzta go.

Sophie Bunny

01-04-2002, 10:08 AM
Hi guys!
What great pictures of Grandmom and Smokey. I think Smokey has caught onto this raindeer regalia and unwrapping Christmas bonz quickly, considering he wasn't part of the family last Christmas. A great addition, thanks to you, Cinder.

01-05-2002, 04:20 PM
Hi Smokey and Cinners, Star**ShINe here fer me and the Codster. Geeeez, seems likes yuz two been gone fer soooooo long and it was reeel nice catchin up on all da goins on at yer place since forever! Mom's gonna read em again to us at bedtime :D But best wuz the Chrissmy Tale, with G-Mom playin Mrs. Claus, Dad Santa's Elf helper and you guyz Rudolph and Prancer! Yer G-Mom sure is purrrrrrty!! Just like we piktured her! And Smokey, you sure looked all nifty spiffed up in yer holiday outfit. Bet Cinners did too :) The raindeer antlers are the best. :) And Cinder, we're reeel sorry dat you couldn't see G-Mom in person :( Still, I'll bet she's sure glad ya made the trip! And all da udder G'Moms and Dads too! Bet they all curled their lips back and showed there perly whites when ya came jinglin down the hallway!! Sounds like all around this Chrissmy was extra special. A course da bonz as prezents were an excellent choice...but most a all cuz yer whole family was together, and you Smokey got ta celebrate yer first official Chrissmy wif yer forever familly! Well guyz, lookin at Smokeky eyein dat bonz is sure makin me hungry! Off to chow down! So glad to hear from yuz two guyz...Come back and visit soon. Love, your pals, Star and Cody

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Cinder & Smoke
10-17-2003, 05:14 PM
Test of sum Swimmin Pix...




10-17-2003, 07:26 PM
Pay em no mind? You kiddin ? Always wondered how Cinder
& Smoke went swimming with the their "lifelines" on.:D Great
idea.:D Looks like Cinder is really diving in. Great pics...:D

Cinder & Smoke
10-17-2003, 08:57 PM
Originally posted by lizbud
Always wondered how Cinder & Smoke
went swimming with the their "lifelines" on. :D
Great idea. :D


Naw, Dad sez dat's our No-TICKET Line! :rolleyes:

We'z in a STATE Park;
anna Park Rangers are purdy stuffy bout us Dawggiez havin
to wear a Leash wiffa Hoomin attached at da udder end! :p

Wun Ranger Guy LUVz writin :eek: *spensive* tikitz when he spotz
a Dawg wiffout da required Leashy anna Hoomin hangin on...
Durn ropey thing izza big Pain Inna Neck :p ,
but it beatz Sittin in Jail!


10-17-2003, 09:18 PM
Originally posted by Cinder & Smoke

Naw, Dad sez dat's our No-TICKET Line! :rolleyes:

We'z in a STATE Park;
anna Park Rangers are purdy stuffy bout us Dawggiez havin
to wear a Leash wiffa Hoomin attached at da udder end! :p

Wun Ranger Guy LUVz writin :eek: *spensive* tikitz when he spotz
a Dawg wiffout da required Leashy anna Hoomin hangin on...
Durn ropey thing izza big Pain Inna Neck :p ,
but it beatz Sittin in Jail!


OH, I see.:o

Geeze, wouldn't think just swimmin would need the leash
thingy.:eek: Never thought of that.Tikitz is no fun.....

10-18-2003, 01:39 PM
OMGoodness!!! C & S pictures!!!

We want MORE of them!!!! How 'bout posin' so we can see a front shot???? Please, please, please?????

10-18-2003, 01:46 PM
Wow, Cinner and Smokester pics and tales!!! We want more! We miss dem good old days!:) You sure do looks like yer havin' funz...eben wif da stringy thing attached! Sure does beats sittin in jail!:D

10-18-2003, 08:41 PM
Sandra & Sue,

Isn't it great to read C & S tales again.:D I remember "dem
old days " too. This thread was the first thing I always read &
looked forward to in Pet Talk. Still make me chuckle.:D

10-18-2003, 09:44 PM
I couldn't wait for the next episode of the Cinder and Smokey show!!! LOL

I would love to see updated pictures of those two cuties!!

10-19-2003, 12:33 AM
I second that emotion...words from another Smokey!

Cinder and Smoker, time for a few more tales from the Ranch, don't ya think. It can't be all that quiet. Dad doesn't have you both muzzled when it comes to reportin' about the goings on, does he? Nosey minds want to know.

10-20-2003, 09:20 AM
Excellent pics! :D

10-21-2003, 07:13 AM
I just can't believe how good those two work together! Great pics:D

11-08-2003, 06:08 PM

Hey................Cinder and Smoke................More 'picktures' wud go down a treat!!


Cinder & Smoke
11-08-2003, 08:18 PM
Dad sez "Hmmmmm... I thunk... :confused: "

He *thunk* we posted da *Kliker Link* to the Swimmin Partee Foto Album...

WE tink sumbuddie hadda Brane [email protected]! :p

So HERE"S da *Kliker* to the Swimmin Partee...

Cinder & Smoke - Swim Party Album (http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4288834031)

Enjoy! :D

11-09-2003, 05:27 PM
Glad to see this oldy but goody back. we need more of the tales of Cinder and Smokemutt. Your letting Richard take over the kingdom you were the reighning king of tales err tails. It's going to be a long cold winter your stories make it bear HEEE bareable.

11-09-2003, 06:42 PM
Wow, Cinder & Smokey,

That's sure a big swimming hole.:D Loved your pictures
sweeties.:) Looks like sometimes Smokey had to coax
Cinder into the water, or was Smokey just testing the temp
for the lovely Cinder? :D Beautiful pics you guys.:)

11-09-2003, 09:24 PM

Cinder & Smoke
11-10-2003, 10:25 AM
Originally posted by lizbud
... Looks like sometimes Smokey had to coax
Cinder into the water,
or was Smokey just testing the temp
for the lovely Cinder? :D

Ebber since SmokeMutt learnt ta swim,
he'z alluz inna *rush* ta Dive In!
He STILL duzint like jest *wadin in* frumma shore -
but gibe that boy a DOCK to *jump* from -
an ya kant keep him outta da waddur! :p

We're *sappozed* ta *WAIT* fur Dad ta get us lined up, side by side;
AND make sure Dad'z footz aren't snarled up inna ropey;
Affore we *jump* in...
SmokeMutt summtymes furgetz da *wait* part...
but I've managed ta get da furst jump a few tymes, too...
Smoke jest tumbles in behind me wiffa legz flyin in all direkshunz :eek: !

We're sorta like a Sirkus Act when we're swimmin atta boat docks! :p

Dad jest found da *Tail* tellin how Smokey learnt ta *swim*...
Cinder & the "Stray..." (http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/showthread.php?s=&postid=47125)
The Swimmin Tail part starts on Page 16 -
Dated 09/01/2001 @ 11:07 PM...

11-10-2003, 10:52 AM
I forgot about the learning to swim. Cruised though the thread lots of olders are gone such a shame. You do need to let the new ones see your writing talents. You guys always made me smile. I was really going through a lot then It helped me make it through.

11-11-2003, 12:19 AM
Super Duper pics of the bathing beauties (no offense to Smoke) Last year was so rotten, Phred, that anytime I needed to laugh and chill, I reread all your fantasitc stories! Heartfelt thanks! I just love those 2 crazy kids!

Cinder & Smoke
01-04-2004, 08:08 PM
Enniebuddie followin the Ohio Weathur knowez da Weathur Man
musta been celebratin New Years purdy hard... :rolleyes:

Saturday it wus 62 marks onna ThermoStick at noon!
We wuz headed fur da BigLake Park when Dad sed we otta check on Amos...

Poor Amos got stuck at his Ranch whenna Fambly went onna Chrissmiss
Boat Cruze - an he kudnit go along. :(
He has a Kuzin, anna GranPaw, anna kupla Nayborz, an DAD checkin up
on him ebery day, so he dint get lonelee an wander outside his
Lektrik Fence. We been ta visit most ebery day.

We pulled in Saterday an Here comez AMOS...

He'z a purdy HAPPIE Pup; an we all getz along great;
so Dad let us out ta "play"...

Well, we dun sum SEER-EE-US "playin"...
Amos & Cinder - Playin *Tag* inna mud!

Never to be left outta a gud MUDD Run - Smokey joinz da Chase...

Wuzint enuff ta be jest churnin up da MUDD;
Amos gotz a Creek anna Pond in hiz frunt yard...
*Sploosh* - *Sploosh* - *Splish*...
Dad sed :eek: anna few NawTee Wurdz...

Aftur a kupla hours of Rippin & Rompin around;
Dad started wunderin jest HOW *we* wuz gonna get back home...
MUDD Drippin :eek: Eberywhwere!

We all "rinsed" inna pond, shook of da big GOBZ a Mudd...
gib a bunch Bisquitz to Amos...
sed G-Bye an Loaded Up.

Whut'z NEXT, Dad? Dat wus PHUNN!
("Mumbel - mumbel - mumbel") wuz all we got back.

Hey Smoke! We're pullin inna BigLake Park...

We gotz hitched up wiffa Y-Thingy anna long ropey;
an marched down onna floatin boat dockz... ??

?? No boats ta look at... wunder Whut'z Up??
"OK Guyz; *JUMP IN*"

Dad - there wuz *ICE* Krunchies onna wadder last weekend!

Smoke sed "Whut da Hey - it'z WARM tuday"... *SPLISH*
Cinder got out an "OMG!" whenna ropey got tite...

OK - guess dis makes us Memburz inna Polar Bear Klub!

It wuz sorta Nippie inna waddur;
so we *putt*putted* inta shore purdy quick...
Then scampered up inna Park leavin Dad onna dock.

He ketched up an didda "spekshun".
We musta "flunked"; kuz we went rite back out onna dock! *JUMP*

*Splish* - *Sploosh*

We "passed" aftur da third *splish - sploosh* an
walked round da Park
ta dry off. Then, ta finish it all off...

Dad pullz da Dreaded :eek: Toe-Nail Chopperz outta
hiz back pokit. NUTZ!

Up onna piknik tabul an he startz *choppin*.
Smoke started HOWLin on each *chop* -
but noticed there wuz NUNbuddie inna Park to hear him...
so he jest *whimpered* fur a few more...
Since we dint raise enuff *fuss* dat da Rangerz showed up wunderin
WHO wuz killin a Dawg... we boff gotz Bisquitz
aftur da Toe Choppin wuz dun.

No PIX of da Polar Bear Swim kuz it wuz sprinklin rain...
But there's a kupla more of da Mudd Partee wiff Amos onna Album >>
Amos Visit Album (http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4288122029)

So dat'z our January Third Tail;
an wee'z Stickin To It!


01-05-2004, 05:24 AM
Amos Is Beautiful!!!! and HUGE!!!!!!!!
So glad they ALL get along!!!!!!!
Great Album Phred!!!!

Glad that Amos Has good Dog Sitters!!!

01-07-2004, 01:15 PM
Amos is so cute!! Lucky dogs got to play in the mud AND swim. :D