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09-08-2001, 08:50 AM
This was posted on a GSD website (how sad):

Unimaginable Statistics

As many as 10 million unwanted dogs enter shelters each year.
Only four out of every fifty dogs born will find homes that last their lifetime.
65%-85% of shelter dogs are euthanized each year.
As many as 2.9 million dogs have been euthanized annually in recent years.
Euthanasia is the #1 killer of companion animals in this country, simply because of over-population and unwanted animals.
It would take 444,000 homes just to take care of the offspring of 1000 female dogs.

PLEASE Spay and Neuter and
ADOPT if you can.

Thank you!

09-08-2001, 11:14 AM
I shuddered to read those stats--very sobering indeed. I've even seen arguments that the 2.9 million annual euthanizations figure is low, and that it's really about twice that number. :( <sigh>

Spay and neuter, spay and neuter, spay and neuter. It can't be said enough.

Daisy's Mom
09-08-2001, 01:10 PM
Wow... that's so depressing. I wish there was something I could do to change all of this.

09-08-2001, 06:06 PM
Those numbers are truly staggering, especially for animal lovers like us here at PetTalk. We know that each one of those animals in the statistics could be loving caring pets just like we share our lives with. How can we let this continue?

One of the small ways that anyone can help is to talk about this issue. Just mention it to friends or co-workers. Don't be a pest, but remind people that they should care! You can plant a "seed" of change in people. Awareness is a big part of bringing change.

What if, for instance, just 50 PetTalk people each influenced just one other person to think of animals in a new way? And then those people influenced just one person... The number of caring people will grow quickly!

I'm so proud we have young people here at PetTalk that are concerned! Things won't change overnight, but with your help it WILL change.

Will YOU talk to someone today?

09-08-2001, 06:42 PM
TheAntiPam, I really like your idea of individual people doing something positive to help solve this awful problem.
There's a meeting of animal welfare people here next week...& one of their concerns is that so many dogs are being born who will not be assured of a decent loving home & a full life.

09-08-2001, 10:12 PM
You expressed my thoughs exactly..
I do talk to co-workers about this issue
every chance I get. Also, the idea of each
person becoming involved at the local level,
with any Humane group promoting Spay/Neuter
programs!! Dog 'overbreeding',puppy mills,
and pet shop puppies all contribute to the
very real stats on euthaniazia all over the
country.. Yes , if we all spoke up & attended
our own local meetings, maybe we could raise more public awareness about this issue...

09-08-2001, 10:40 PM
I always plug adoption from our local shelters. Whenever anyone admires my two dogs, I PROUDLY tell them that they are rescues and many more like them can be found at the shelter for adoption. Actually, my whole family promotes adoption whenever possible. I'm happy to say that in my neighborhood, there are are a few rescues from two area shelters and Greyhound Guardians, not to mention my two. :) :)

09-09-2001, 04:44 PM
Scary numbers! Mike and I always promote rescue. As most of you know,all 11 of ours are rescues.

Daisy's Mom
09-09-2001, 07:19 PM
Wait, 11? Last I knew it was 10! Did I miss something???

09-09-2001, 08:03 PM
Yeppers....we now have 11. Her name is Sophie. She looks like a solid black Pharoah Hound. She is the reason you haven't seen me around lately. 2 weeks ago Saturday she and George were out in the backyard chasing each other and I wasn't paying attention and she was busy playing keep away from George and she ran into me full speed and broke my tibia. The bone broke near the patella and it broke across the bone and down the bone and tore the ACL away from the patella and the MCL was stretched so far out of shape that it didn't bounce back. I have 9 screws in my leg along with a lovely metal plate ( I guess that means I will always set off the alarms off at the airports huh? lol). I was in the hospital for 5 days and will be off school for 1 to 3 months. Ok, was that a long enough explanation? hehehe...I'll bet that was way more information than you ever wanted wasn't it?
I promise that 11 is the end of it. Jazzy had quite a hard time adjusting this time, so we figured that that was our sign to stop with the ones we have.
Daisy, you really pay attention!!! I'm impressed.