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11-24-2003, 11:08 AM
This time of year, my mind and heart are always particularly crowded with memories of my first two loves, my first two pups, Cody and Willie. Both of their birthdays were around this time. Willie's on November 9, Cody's on December 25 (he was a Christmas-born puppy).

My mother used to take me to dog shows, and between the shows and reading the books by Albert Payson Terhune on his collies of Sunnybank, I fell in love with the breed. So when I was around 13 years old, my mother got Cody for me. Two years later, we got Willie. We showed Willie some, he had 12 points including one major win, but we never finished him because I was starting college and we were too strapped for money.

Cody was the ultimate playmate and comforter. When I'd go sledding, he'd race along side grabbing the sleeve of my coat and growling and barking. He knew a bunch of tricks, play dead, roll over, shake, speak, jumping hurdles on command, and he would answer "What do you think?" with the cutest little growl/talking sound. When I was going through rough times, and when I cried, he sat quietly right by me, giving me gentle kisses, and offering me his paw. He had such a sense of humor, always delighting in making me laugh. Doing whatever goofy things he could come up with to make me laugh.

Willie.. ah Willie was the companion of my soul. He was much more serious than Cody, his entire being focused on pleasing me and being with me. When Cody and I played, he didn't join in as much (Cody was kind of rough), but he stood and barked nonstop, totally overjoyed to see me playing and laughing. When we went for walks, he trotted with his side pressed against my leg, just wanting to be in contact with me. He could look at me, and just know my heart fully, the way no one ever could, his deep eyes full of understanding. Oh how he would cry after I came back from being gone, just quivering and "sobbing" in overwhelmed joy. Cody was the people dog. Stepping forth to greet strangers and get pats on the head. But Will stuck close to my side, just watching all of them aloofly, interested in me and me only.

One time taking a nighttime walk, a strange man suddenly was walking towards us, and looking at me. Willie, doing something he never did before in his life, and never again after, went berserk, snarling and barking and lunging towards the man. The man quickly walked the other way. Who knows what Willie knew about him?

Both my collies died at an old age (for a large breed), after having a massive stroke. I held each of them as they passed from this world. Oh I held them each in my arms, my tears spilling in their ruffs, as they closed their eyes peacefully and I felt their last breath. I felt the horrible emptiness inside, and the horror of looking at them and not seeing that spark of life. I can never fully recover from that, but I would never in a million years have left them to pass on without me holding them. I am shaking as I type this, the memories flooding my mind. You just don't ever totally get over it. The best medicine when I'm overcome with it is to cuddle and love Tommy and Tasha, bask in their youth.


Cody's Tribute, at in-memory-of-pets.com: http://www.in-memory-of-pets.com/personaltribute.asp?ID=878


Willies Tribute, at in-memory-of-pets.com: http://www.in-memory-of-pets.com/personaltribute.asp?ID=12227

Their Memorial in my home

Cody's inscription plate reads: Cody, 1986-1999, Your love lives on in our hearts.

Willie's inscription plate reads: Willie, Nov 8, 1988- Nov 9, 2001, In my darkest hours, you were there for me. I will always remember.

11-24-2003, 11:20 AM
That is one of the most beautiful, most touching tributes I have ever read. You were so very blessed to have had two such devoted, loving and loyal pups to share your sad times, your happy times, your life with. And undoubtedly, they were very blessed to have had you as their caretaker, their Mom, their best friend. Now you have precious Tommy and Tasha to comfort you, to carry on their legacy of love. Bless you beautiful Willie and Cody. You are gone from this earth. But as your Mom has said, your love lives on in her heart and her soul forever.:) Love, Sandra

11-24-2003, 11:30 AM
Your Cody and Willie were incredibly special. Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us. :)


11-24-2003, 02:09 PM
Beautiful. :)

I wish I had something done for Benny, but.. I kept his collar, so that's my memoriam item of him..

11-24-2003, 02:50 PM
My gosh I got all choked up by the time I finished reading your post. Willie and Cody were both such beautiful animals and sound like wonderful companions. I'm sure they are watching over you every day. :)