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12-06-2001, 07:57 PM
Please e-mail me at [email protected]
If you know how to help me find a home for a dog i found...her name is Baby , or thats what i call her, if you live in Tennessee around Nashville please email me if you would like to have Baby she really needs a home, shes very lovable and shes great with strangers, when we found her her ears were hurt badly because someone had her tied up and she escaped, so please email me, to be the wonderful owner of Baby, she is some sort of hound dog and bird dog mixed. She has beautiful brown eyes and she is the sweetest, please email me. Thanx :(

12-06-2001, 08:20 PM
You should also post her on petfinder.org - a great site for just this sort of situation. Glad you rescued her, and let us know how everything goes finding her a new home!

12-07-2001, 07:18 AM
Dear Kristyn...Here's another great rescue link. Baby sounds so precious. And what a great thing you are doing trying to find her a home. Please give her hugs, and keep us updated. http://www.animalhome.com/

12-07-2001, 07:34 AM
Hi Kristyn,
Beware....you'll get really attached!! I hope you find Baby a home soon. You are an angel for trying to help. Good luck and keep us posted.

12-12-2001, 03:13 PM
Kristyn, have you had any luck finding Baby a home? I like to keep up on these things.

12-12-2001, 03:24 PM
I found a home for her it turns out she was my friends dog all along but we have a problem ... she keeps digging under there fence and comes back here! :eek: :confused:

12-12-2001, 04:01 PM
Originally posted by Kristyn:
<STRONG>I found a home for her it turns out she was my friends dog all along but we have a problem ... she keeps digging under there fence and comes back here! :eek: :confused:</STRONG>

She belongs to a neighbor? You said her ears were hurt very badly...What was wrong with them? Is your friend keeping her tied up or in a fenced yard somewhere? You seem like someone who cares a great deal aobut animals, perhaps you could inform your friend/neighbor about how to properly take care of their dog? I apolgize if that seems rude, but if the dog was injured when you found it, why is it back with the same owners? Am I missing part of the story?

12-12-2001, 07:41 PM
Oh, Kristyn, I have recently lived through a very similar situation and it upsets me so badly to hear that this girl isn't being taken care of properly. I don't really know what to tell you, but if she persists in coming to your home, and the people who own her, friends or not, don't care, you might talk with your parents about permanently rehoming her.....lots of ways to do that, but the best would be for her "folks" to agree to let you help. :( It makes me very sad to hear this......

12-12-2001, 07:55 PM
No No she has an ear problem ans she hadnt had her medicine so thst why her ears were bleeding, i hope that explains it, they just bout a harnes and put up and thingie on the trees ya kno wat im talking about ?? so she wont choke her self, shes doing alot better, she keeps coming back to my house cause she got attached to me :D everything is fine now, i go visit her alot now :) almost every day ~!~! ;)

12-13-2001, 07:55 AM

You might suggest to your neighbor that she get railroad ties and put along the fence, which should discourage Baby from digging out. I might even put decorative rocks on top of the ties to make it even more difficult. Now, my question is, why hasn't she had her meds? I am glad, however, that you found her home, now I just hope that the owner is going to be responsible. Does she force the dog to stay outside all the time or does Baby get to come in the house to live?

12-13-2001, 04:38 PM
Glad to hear that everything turned out okay with you and Baby. :)