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12-14-2000, 02:26 PM
Anyone have any info. regarding Dalmatian rescue in the southeastern region of Massachusetts? I checked on the internet and could only find one listing from which I have not received a reply. An incredibly selfish owner who boards at the kennel I help out at has decided they no longer want the responsibility of dog ownership. "We want to travel and have a life" they say. This will be the second time this year they have relinquished their gorgeous, sweet, loving girl "Beauty" to the local aspca shelter. A great organization, but a "kill" shelter none the less. The first time they had a twinge of guilt and re-claimed her after two days. This time they say they unless WE can find a home for her (we do place a lot of dogs for ill or deceased clients) they will drop her off tomorrow at the shelter after picking her up at the kennel where she was boarded during their vacation. If anyone has any info. re: Dalmi rescue, PLEASE post or email me. Thanks.
P.S. Beauty is the sweetest Dalmi you could ever imagine. She CRAVES love and hugs and kisses constantly. She is also incredibly beautiful and very gentle. She deserves the BEST home possible. Thanks

12-14-2000, 05:44 PM
How old is Beauty? I may know someone ...

And if not, my brother has said he'd drive to the Cape to get her and bring her at least to a no-kill shelter in Central Mass, where he got his baby! No dog deserves that, now the people, on the other hand - I won't tell you his opinions on that! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

12-14-2000, 07:05 PM
Karen, how wonderful of your brother to do that. Good luck. I hope all turns out well.

***Save a life, ADOPT***

12-15-2000, 04:44 AM
Oh Karen, thank you! The people are coming to the kennel to get her today so I want to go to work armed with all the info. I can. Beauty is young; 2 or 3? She is sooo sweet and loving. She just craves attention. Something she obviously does NOT get at home! I will let you know this afternoon. BLESS YOU, BLESS YOU BLESS YOU!!!!!

12-15-2000, 08:14 PM
Wouldn't we all love to say that this is an unusual situation? Sadly this is what most people class as being responsible owners now - pass it on instead of just dumping it in the road - but what can you do? Can you tell these people how savagely they have behaved? No, you have to tell them that they have done the right thing by bringing the dog to a place where it has a chance.
Tatts and Karen, you stars!!
Let us know what happens - I, for one, think you are both fantastic but won't stop being angry at the stupidity that governed dog breeding in the past and the lack of thought that goes into the breeding and ownership of the vast majority of dogs today. There is no excuse for it!!!!!!

12-15-2000, 08:30 PM
I heard from Tatts in email - Beauty is just a few months over a year old, and is in great shape - she has been physically well-cared for, but we all know that being loved is just as important to a dog - maybe even more so! I will keep people updated from my end if anything happens ...

At least one look in a dog's eyes can ease all anger at people. How could anyone give a dog up is beyond me, but better that than abuse, I guess.

12-16-2000, 04:27 PM
Hi everyone. Beauty asked me to post this update. "Hi, my name is Beauty and I would like to thank you all for trying to help me. My Mom and Dad say they love me, but for some reason I have to leave now. And it's Christmas to boot! I truly am a good dog, and everyone says I'm as pretty as my name. But, I have a problem my friend Sandra didn't know about until today. Turns out I am not a purebred Dalmi!! My Mom was, but my Dad....? God knows, I sure look like one! I've got all my spots and everything. But, that's what they say, and now Dalmi. rescue cannot help me. See, we pups were dumped at the shelter when we were just weeks old. I was adopted once, but now I need a REAL forever home. They say I'm great with kids and people of all ages. I love belly rubs and kisses. I would try my best to be your best friend. If you know anyone who would like to spend many more Christmas' with me, (I'm not yet 2!!) won't you please write my friend Sandra? (a.k.a. "tats") My Mom and Dad say there is "no rush" and I can stay with them until someone finds a family for me. They say they don't want me be sent to a shelter! Pheeewwww!!!!
Thanks you all for your kindness and help. Especially the nice lady Karen." Love, Beauty (Don't you love my name?!!)

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12-24-2000, 09:37 PM
Tatsxxx & Karen & Karen's brother, what wonderful people you are. I really hope that Beauty finds a loving forever home...she deserves it.
Merry Christmas to the 3 of you from us in Australia. And a Happy New Year to Beauty,

Daisy's Mom
12-25-2000, 03:24 PM
Hello, I have no idea where Dennis Village is, but I live in central Mass. near Worcester... there's a great no-kill shelter up here, the Sterling Animal shelter. I don't know if that's closer for you than the cape. Here's their web page anyway, my friend has adopted there and it's very clean and the people are good to the dogs.... hope I can help!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

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12-25-2000, 10:12 PM
Hi, FYI - Dennis is on the cape - about halfway out to the "elbow" on the "arm" of the cape!

01-08-2001, 01:21 AM
So, what happened??????? Did the beautiful Beauty find a home or a no-kill shelter? Did the humans that wanted a purebred Dalmi relent and keep her? Should we all write to Dalmi rescue and give them a piece of our minds that they wouldn't help out an obvious Dalmi? (Judas Priest, I had an all black dalmi in one of my classes -- the spots were on the chest spot). Tune in and find out these and other answers -- please?????

01-08-2001, 03:50 PM
I am so anxious about calling the owners. They said that they would not put her into a shelter, and would "wait" to find a good family for her, but....I just don't believe that if they don't find a home soon they won't. I wrote back all the Dal. rescue people, thanking them for listening, emphasizing (so pitfully) how beautiful she is, how Dal. like she is etc., hoping that they would say, "Oh, we would still like to help." But, no response to my email!! I guess since she's not "pure," they don't want to get involved. Maybe I'm naieve, but, I was kind of shocked that they would not choose to try and help her, just because, as they said, she didn't come from a breeder!! I know Lab rescue takes in all "lab-a-likes," abandoned, ill, etc. I intend to call the family this week. I had been waiting, hoping I would come across a family who could help, but no luck...poor, Beauty. I love her so. I can see her face right now, and I could just cry for her! Thanks so much for asking.

01-08-2001, 09:47 PM
Please do call the owners, bolstered by all the concern for Beauty expressed here. Remember, she would probably be better off in a no-kill shelter than being ignored in a home, and becoming a behavior problem. There are more dogs that are given up because they were, essentially, lonely and bored than there ever were that are "bad" dogs. What is her personality like? Is she hyper? That's the question I get asked most about her, given her breed's reputation. Do you have any pictures of her? At least ina no-kill shelter, people would get a chance to see her, and would know she was available. She's also probably get some interaction with other dogs, and maybe even playtime. We worry about Beauty, all of us, and some of us are geographically (kinda) close if need be.

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01-09-2001, 02:55 PM
I tried calling today, but no answer. Will try again later. I spoke to them between Xmas and New Year and let them know I was still looking for a "family." They said, again, that they wouldn't "dump" her in a shelter, and didn't want to put her in ANY shelter, even a no-kill one!! Ugh! I know if people saw her, they would scoop her up in a second. No, she's not hyper. She's just very, very NEEDY, if you know what I mean. Ignored is pretty close to her situation. She does like to exercise, walk, and the people say they can't deal with that. She "pulls" on the leash!! Duh! No exercise; and I think she has not yet gone through obedience. Still, not at all what you might call hyper. After all, she is just a year old. Just wants to be with "someone" and be hugged, kissed etc. When she's at the kennel, she just stands on her back legs and sticks her little face between the fencing BEGGING for affection. Her personality is definitely more of whatever "other" breed she is. Very loving and sweet. The parents say she's great with people including their grandchildren, so...I'm going to ask them if I can have/take a picture of her. She really IS a "Beauty!!!" Let you know what happens.

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01-12-2001, 01:02 AM
Egad, can we all say "DOLTS"? Why don't these people take this lovely dog to obedience class and see if she wouldn't become a better member of the family? This sort of human behavior just gripes my butt. My mom placed one of the Border Terriers she bred with a Dentist and his family and they finally sent him back because he managed to dig through the bottom of his crate and into their floor -- they were only home about an hour a day except to sleep because they were all so involved in other things. He also became somewhat aggressive and the final action with him was to put him down despite the begging my eldest daughter and I did on his behalf. He stayed with my daughter for a week or two and was quite the gentleman. I couldn't believe my mom had him put down despite what the two of us said. We were both working at PetsMart at the time and had much more experience with this type of situation, but she and her co-owner decided it would damage their reputations too much and they would not be considered responsible if they placed him again and something happened. A perfectly nice dog dead because people that shouldn't even have had a dog ruined his life.

The same could be said for these Dalmi rescue people. They should be willing to take the "accidents" as long as they know one of the parents was a Dalmation. Lab Rescue has the right idea. I better stop, 'cause this kind of situation makes me so mad, I could spit nails.

01-12-2001, 02:53 PM
Another example of the "disposable" life style so many of us indulge in these days. Too much trouble, not "exactly" what I wanted, outlived it's purpose...out it goes. In this case, a poor litte border terrier, with a horrifying, revolting death. I am so sorry. And sure you did everything you could to save her. I am, at this point, not really sure how I feel about breeders anymore. Even the so called "reputable" ones. Is it done for love...of what?? Of dogs?? Perpetuation of the "breed" in all it's perfection? MONEY??? I am sure there are many decent breeders who truly love their animals and would never do anything cruel to their charges. But, as much as I ADORE so many of the pedigree breeds, I am sickened by the thought that the "bitches" are sometimes used as mere puppy factories, cared for but not loved as they should be, and often, as I have heard from some breeders, "put down" as they are deemed useless when their breeding days are over. I have a couple of friends who have intervened just in time and adopted an older pedigree female when a breeder they knew was about to "put down" a bitch after her birthing days were over. The breeder did not need another "family pet."
Just when they should be enjoying their middle and senior years, after all they have given, DEATH! I have heard of breeders that also destroy puppies with maladys or physical problems as they serve no purpose, cannot be sold, and are not wanted as family pets. They would be, for me, the most worthy of all the love and care possible. Better stop before I get in trouble!! As for Beauty. The people are just TOO busy and disinterested to try to remedy the situation, AND they want to be free to travel. Gee, whatever were they thinking when they adopted her in the first place!!!!

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01-12-2001, 10:03 PM
I agree with you - some people shouldn't ever have pets. I find the Dalmi rescue folks way out of line. The Schnauzer site I use will always advertise non pure bred animals. Who cares - they are all animals in need of love and affection. It really makes me furious to think of all the loving little lives that are not getting what they need.

karen israel
01-15-2001, 12:20 PM
This sad tale jogged my memory. When my Cody was about 1 yr old-still going thru puppy trials and tribulation, and me a 1st time dog owner, I used to see a guy walking his beautiful yellow lab puppy. I spoke to him a few times, he was young but grumpy and did nothing but complain about the dog! (argh!) I later saw him at a family owned drug store getting malaria pills for some exotic trip. I asked him what about the puppy?? And he said (the pharmacist went "oh, Oh!)that they were boarding the dog, but if their was no behavior improvement when they returned, the dog goes. Afterall, he and his wife work 10 hrs a day and by the time they get home all the dog wants to do is play and run around and they're too tired! Needless to say I flipped out very loudly, gave him my phone number but never heard from him and never saw him on my block again. Sad isn't it?? Poor thing didn't deserve them.