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08-19-2000, 12:53 AM
Hi - I have a dog that is in need of a home.
I have to give up my dog because I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and can't find affordable rental housing in a safe neighborhood that will accept a dog.

He is a neutered 2-year-old retriever mix, incredibly sweet and full of love, but very attached to my sister and I.
If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. I can't bring myself to just leave him at a shelter, but I don't know what I can do. I have contacted all the family and friends I can think of, and no one 'needs' a new dog. Are there any other venues that you could suggest? Thanks

08-19-2000, 05:49 AM
I do !!!!You can advertise at your local vet or there is many many websites that you can visit and advertise him on.If you don't want to leave him at a shelter ...Why not ? I had to once and it's really not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Tommy almost immediately "made friends" with the other dogs and I felt better.Eight days later he found a loving caring home.If you keep in contact with the shelter, it's really not that bad.

08-20-2000, 09:19 PM
in addition to what buginatub said, try to find the local no kill shelter in your area and see if they will accept her there. i know the ones in my area place them in foster homes until they find a permanent home. i had a bad experience with my local animal kill shelter. i found a stray and took there and they were going to put her down after only two weeks. it was cheaper than taking her to a vet to get her antibiotics and medicine to kill the parasites living in her that weren't letting her gain any weight. she's with me now.

karen israel
08-21-2000, 09:52 AM
Everyone is right.. there is a no kill shelter in the SFO area that has had stories about it on TV -can't think of the name-I'm gonna hit the websites to check for you too! There's a foster placement service too..I think there was an article in People magazine about it.. I'm working in it-I'll be back!!!! Your pet talk buddies are here for ya!!!!!

karen israel
08-21-2000, 11:50 AM
Back again... I asked Jeeves for no kill animal shelters- there are lots of them. There is a GR Rescue in Sunnyvale 408-730-9422. Keep moving down in Jeeves for more options in Altavista. I KNOW there's a no kill in SFO but do not remember the name so I couldn't decide what item to chose. How about Foster Care??? Contact Hearts United for Animals at 402- 274-3679 and maybe they can help. Best Friends is in Utah-that's kinda far is another idea. God, I hope this helped a little. If I lived near you, I'd take your dog in a flash!!! Good luck!..Love, Karen

karen israel
08-21-2000, 12:36 PM

karen israel
08-21-2000, 02:46 PM
forget dogwalk-jeeves was drunk.........you want...www.sfspca.org-the no kill shelter

08-22-2000, 03:58 PM
A good idea if you put him up for adoption yourself, in the classifieds or internet or pet store or whatever, is to charge an adoption fee, even if it is just $25. This helps weed out any shady characters with bad motives or irresponsible people who will just take a "free" dog.

08-30-2000, 01:53 PM
Thanks for all your replies. Just when I had given up hope... I found a place for me and my pup to live. Signed the lease this morning, but I still need someone to pinch me because I don't believe it's true.

karen israel
08-30-2000, 03:57 PM
Boylebe-YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!! YAY! Could NOT be HAPPIER!!! Lots of luck in your new endeavor! And a smooch and big puppy hug to your furbaby!!! Thanks for keeping in touch!!! Best always...Karen

10-27-2000, 05:36 PM
Hip Hip Hoooray!!! Couldn't be happier for you both. If you need any help in the future, or know someone who does, there is a great organization that rescues and finds homes for abused, abandoned, ill, homeless or needy labs and lab mixes. It is called "LabMed" Check out their terrific site with tons of happy success stories, great links and tons of doggies info. @ www.labmed.com (http://www.labmed.com) Good Luck

10-27-2000, 05:39 PM
Just remembered you may have some difficulty using labmed's web address directly. Instead, type in labmed using a search engine and all their sites will come up!

11-06-2000, 01:16 PM
The LabMed Rescue web site is at: http://www.labmed.org

They sound like a great group for helping Labs.

karen israel
11-07-2000, 01:45 PM
SOB,SOB, CRY, CRY Poor 'lil Davey! Happy, Sad Website....Another box of tissues... another website saved to folder....Another great organization. Bless 'Em!