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Rio and Me
10-13-2003, 06:04 AM
Well i passed my test last monday!
insured the car on sataday (thank god)
and so me and a friend (and work buddy)
took our dogs (rio Rottie x and my mums Beth a working BC and hers bonnie a BCx) on a trip to Golitha falls (huge river)
so off we went and it was dark and i stupidly took a wrong turn so i did a u turn and started drive back up the hill (country roads) and STUPIDLY started winding up the window (cold and rio had her head out)(shes loves that) and BANG up the hedge and if i was that bit fatter we would have tip right over went a few inches on TWO wheels till we crashed down and she just said youve got a puncture and i got out and the left front wheel was well bent and flat! all the dogs were fine thank god!!!( there was a rock in the road that i took out of the hedge was the size of RIO (wow im not kinding)
so luckly a realy kind guy drove up a said allright ladies, its sunday night!!! so he was so kind drove home and got his jack and changed the tyre!!!! (life saver) so he left and i in spected the car!!! somehow on the passenger side there was a dent in the roof and the door at the top has a small gap!!! (my poor car)
so i got home a told my brother, hes taken it to work today to get the dent out and check it over! (hes a mechanic and pannel beater lucky) so if he can we wont have to tell mum she worry all the time otherwise!!!
were all fine luckly and thats where my car got the name BAMBI (she lept on the hedge and back down safely!!!! GOD BLESS THE HUMAN WHO INVENTED SELT BELTS!!!!!!!!
And i admitt it was all my fault and its a lesson WELL learnt!!!!

Rio and Me
10-13-2003, 06:10 AM
Oh yer sorry about the long post!!! (i had to let it out)
And i had only just pulled off and i wasnt going fast MAX 20mph in first gear, But GOD how stupid was I!!!
I WONT being doing that again!!! (ALLWAYS CONCENTRATE)
Rio from now on will have a doggy seat belt on the passenger side (backseat) with the window a tiny bit open!!!!

Rio and Me
10-13-2003, 01:14 PM
Well my brother has inspected the car and its about 100 (give or take) worth of damage!!!
if its not worth it, he has a Nova that i can have so im not out of a car and noone lost a life!!!
Im well P*!/ed about it though!!!

10-13-2003, 01:24 PM
I'm just glad you're ok! I know that had to be scary! Good luck with the car. Hopefully it will be good as new when it is fixed. I'm hoping the same thing about my own!!!! :)

Rio and Me
10-13-2003, 02:00 PM
Yer i was more worried about the 3 dogs in the back but they were all fine!!!!
it should be good as new in about a week!!! i hope!!!