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12-18-2000, 03:05 PM
I wanted to report that I had the honor and pleasure of meeting our moderator Karen during my stay in the Boston area this week. She is every bit as friendly and pleasant as you would imagine her to be.

It was great to meet you, Karen!

In other news, we think we found a place that allows pets (a rarity in rental properties for that area, it seems)! We're waiting to find out for sure. The realty company that helped us also gave us the addresses of a couple of shelters.

Glad to be home, after a disastrous trip home that included an unplanned overnight stay in St. Louis. Need to get unpacked and settled and then I'll catch up here...

12-18-2000, 05:41 PM
How exciting, I hope you get the pets-allowed place, even if it's not in my neighborhood! And we know lots of shelters, believe me! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif When will you know?