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12-07-2000, 07:06 PM
Hi everyone! I am a lets say "beginner" in grooming dogs, I hope to be a professional and have my own buisness one day, along with breeding and training horses on the side. I love all dogs but some of my favourites are Shih Tzus, Cavilier King Charles Spanials, and English Setters. Does anyone here groom dogs and have any helpful tips that I could use? I just started nail clipping, and it isn't the easiest part.


12-25-2000, 11:29 AM
For short hair dogs like boxers, start with a rubber curry and work all over the body. Then spray with a grooming spray (I like Crazy Dog in Pina Colada) for gloss and shine, and brush with a bristle brush. Then spray some grooming spray onto a soft cloth or chamois cloth and wipe forehead and around the face, being careful not to get it in the eyes. To finish up, give a "massage" with the chamois or soft cloth. This helps add shine and softness. I also give my boxer three teaspoons of corn oil everyday n her food and that helps her coat to be soft and glossy. To calm a dog before a grooming session, give it a full body massage with your hands. Also, when you give a dog a bath, do it in a non-slippery area and, wash the head (carefully) last so the dog will not shake as much. I like to use puppy shampoo on all dogs because it makes the coat soft and also in case it gets in the eyes.

01-10-2001, 06:59 PM
Thanz.. those are some good grooming tips.. do you groom your own dog as a hobby, or do you groom other ppls? sounds like you know alot about boxers.. they are beautiful dogs.

01-12-2001, 03:00 PM
i just groom my dog nikki for fun, not as a career. boxers ARE beautiful!