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07-27-2003, 04:31 PM
We have just adopted two dark grey rats. Both are male, and one has a white underbelly and the tip of his tail is white. The part white one is El Barto and the other is Chief Wiggum, and I'll put up pictures as soon as possible. :)

Update: Bart's a jumper, lol. We have them out in a fort of boxes and he keeps jumping out. Wiggum is learning from him. ;)

07-27-2003, 11:39 PM
Hrmm, Russian blue rats maybe? I can't wait to see pictures!!! What type of cage do they have? So glad you adopted two, and the same sex too, yay! :D

07-28-2003, 01:38 AM
Yay! Congrats!

They sound like Russian blue to me too...A russian blue berkshire and a russian blue self maybe?

07-28-2003, 02:12 AM
Congratulations! I can't wait to see 'em! :)

07-28-2003, 07:36 AM
Congratulations!I like how you named them after the Simpsons.:)

07-28-2003, 07:51 AM
Congrats! I cannot wait to see pictures of your new ratties! :D

07-28-2003, 12:17 PM
Let's see, they have a three level cage with little starirs to climb to get from place to place, and a hammock, but they won't go in as of yet. They have some cotton scraps to burrow in, a food dish and water bottle and chew toys. The cage has two doors, and my stepmom sealed the bottom one, and the rats are hiding on the bottom, so until I can get that open, I can't bring them here to climb on me while I type, lol. Oh, and I almost forgot there's a little tunnel for them to hide in, but I lifted it to pick up Bart, and I think they might be afraid of it now. :(

I can't find their adoption certificate right now, but I don't think they're Russian Blue Rats.... of course, I could be completely wrong because I don't really know how to read it. ;)

Well, the rats got a good night's sleep, and should be less afraid of their new surroundings today.... I hope. :)

07-28-2003, 12:45 PM
Here are some russian blues :)


Do yours look like this? :)

07-28-2003, 01:10 PM
Yes, they look kind of like that. I'll have to try and get some pictures up. :)

07-28-2003, 01:11 PM
Yes, they look kind of like that. :)

07-28-2003, 02:27 PM
Here are some more pics of Russian blues, these are my babies, the first RB's born in my rattery, exciting! I will attach a pic of an American blue as well, perhaps they could be that. :)

Here is my RB dumbo boy, although he is silvered.


And here is his sis:

And here is Sterling, he is an American Blue.


WolfSoul, I LOVE the picture of the rex RB's! When my little girl is old enough, about two months I am going to breed her to my BIG rex boy, and then backcross for some dumbo rex RB's. :p

07-28-2003, 02:37 PM
Here is another pic of the little girl



BTW Magcpen, Chloe has not given birth yet, I miscalculated her due date, it is actually today...duh! :o So hopefully tonight we will be graced with several tiny pinkies. :D

07-28-2003, 02:52 PM
Originally posted by luckies4me
WolfSoul, I LOVE the picture of the rex RB's! When my little girl is old enough, about two months I am going to breed her to my BIG rex boy, and then backcross for some dumbo rex RB's. :p

How neat! I can't wait to see some pics of those kittens in the future! :)

07-28-2003, 11:39 PM
We took pics and they'll (hopefully) be up soon... but so far they're just of Bart, Wiggum is busy burrowing. ;)

07-30-2003, 03:41 PM
I checked the adoption certificate: Rat 1, I'm not sure which that is, probably Wiggum is a Black Irish, and the other is Black Berkshire, hope I spelled that right. They don't look black to me, but that's what it says anyway. :)

07-30-2003, 04:21 PM
They could be dilute black. ;)