View Full Version : Releasing Photos of Saddam's Sons.

07-25-2003, 01:18 AM
I've seen photos of Saddam's Sons dead on numerous websites. I think it's absolutely wrong for whoever took those photos to release them into the public.

Sure they were evil, gross men. Besides that it's way desrespectful to release them no matter who they are or what they have done.

Are we really sinking that low?

I'm sure they did it just to prove that indeed they are dead.

I still don't think it's right to show photos of them dead on tv or on the internet.

07-25-2003, 07:59 AM
I decided not to look at the pictures, expecting warning on the tv news if they were going to show them. We usually watch Fox and Friends while we get ready in the mornings. I was appalled that the pictures were flashed right up with no warning. So, even though I had decided not to look at the pictures (I don't even look at deceased family members of my own when they die, preferring to remember them in other ways), this time I had no choice. There they were and they kept the pictures up for an eternity while they talked about it.

Scott and I talked about your point this morning, KayAnn, and the only thing we can come up with is that these pictures weren't really intended for us, but with the media being the way it is, they just "had" to have them to broadcast. It was for the Iraqi people to hopefully prove to them that these guys are really dead. We talked about the fact that we, as very informed Americans, would probably be more likely to understand and believe DNA records, dental records, etc since our society is so open and we hear about these techniques all the time. Iraqi people have heard what their government wanted them to hear and may not be convinced in the least by that most compelling evidence, therefore they need to see for themselves. I certainly didn't need to see it.

Just my two cents.

07-25-2003, 09:10 AM
Yesterday they showed the pictures on the local news. I was so disgusted. I was trying to eat and I saw like 5 bulletholes in each of their heads. I thought that was totally wrong, but they did give a warning before.

I think it's wrong to post the pictures. As terrible and awful as those men are, let them be. I wouldn't want my bloody corpse showed around the world on the net or on TV. I guess broadcasting the pictures once or twice for a short amount of time is okay, but they leave them up there for the entire time they talk about them. I don't think that's necessary.:(

07-25-2003, 09:32 AM
I have not seen the photo's and do not want
to. From what I understand, the reason why
the photo's were made public, was to show
proof to the Iraqi people, and for those who
require proof.
I for one, think their was no reason to show it
on our media, and what one chooses to show
on their own countries media, that would be up to
their governement.
IF one argues freedom of Press, than
show it after 10:00 p.m. with a warning sign
here on US media.


07-25-2003, 10:16 AM
I thought we should have shown the pictures sooner. I don't pretend to understand the Iraqi people, but it does make sense to me that they would want visual evidence.

At least we didn't resort to the old feudal methods of putting their heads on a pike in the town square. Sorry, but with these two, this would have been a fitting finale.

07-25-2003, 11:08 AM
I can understand the Iraqi people needing to see the pictures and know for sure these awful men can no longer hurt them but I certainly didn't need to see the pictures. I was amazed that they showed them on our local stations with no warning. Now they are flashing the ones of the bodies after the morticians worked on them, which look even worse to me. These are even in color. Once again the media doesn't know when to stop!:eek: :mad:

07-26-2003, 01:50 AM
I know these men were extremely EVIL , so I feel no loss at their death, It is Justice IMO, however I still did not approve of the graphic photo's being shown, two wrong's don't make a right.