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Aspen and Misty
06-30-2003, 10:52 PM
I cleaned out the rats cage today and for toys in the rat cage I put in these 2 little house things for them to play in. They have holes in them and then they can hide in there. It was allways Hope and Melony's fav toy. I go to get some tissues when all of the sudden I hear all this banging going on. I figured they were just pushing things down the floor. Well to my surprise Tundra got Stuck in one of the holes :eek: :eek: . My big fat baby girl couldn't get her slef out!. I felt so bad. Well I grabed her and held her and clamed her down. no matter how hard I tugged I couldn't get her out of there so I ran to the kitchen and called my sister, by this point I think Tundra was having trouble breathing (not sure though). Finally after she was all calm and everything she was able to pull herself out the hole. By the time my sister got here I'm in tears and craddling Tundra franticly screaming TUNDRA MARIE WHAT WERE YOU THINKING YOU SCARED YOUR MOTHER HALF TO DEATH YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!. :rolleyes: I look at my hand, blood, I look at my shirt, Blood. I start to freak out and cry even more. I can't find out where the blood is coming from. I checked all over where she was stuck in the tub, all over where she pulled through. I finally notice her foot, she ripped a toe nail completly off (eww). I felt so bad, I called the vet and they told me to make a corn starch and antibiotic conbination. So I put it on her foot and hugged her some more. Gave her kisses and stuck her back in the cage, took the other house out and gave them all some yogies.


06-30-2003, 11:02 PM
Oww, poor Tundra! Glad that she is okay though. That must have been quite a scare!

07-01-2003, 01:02 AM
aww poor tundra, I am glad she is ok :D. I hope she gets her toe better. poor thing.

07-01-2003, 07:59 PM
Poor Tundra :( I hope she feels better, and I hope her toe gets better! That must hurt! :(

Heather Wallace
07-02-2003, 05:06 AM
Glad that you got her out now. Poor thing!