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06-29-2003, 07:03 PM
and boy did we have fun!!!!

We all ran into a little trouble getting htere, as traffic was AWFUL on I-75 about the last 3 miles. Phred made it through first and helped us around, but Anna and Leslie both sat through and increased their travel time A LOT...but we all made and thenthe fun began!!!

First everybody did some sniffing and playing and checking out the woods...and Kersey decided to scare her mommy a little by disappearing...somebody let her out into the parking lot!!! Thankfully she didn't go anywhere and was found unharmed.

Then we decided it was time to celbrate Kia's Birthday!!! She got a candle and everything!!! Frosty Paws for the pups and cake for all pups and peoples alike. I have never seen a WHOLE cake disappear so fast!!!

After that, it was time to do some swimming!!! Kersey and Cinder and Smoke all showed the pups how to "dock dive" Kia and Sadie seemd to prefer going in off the ramp and Cincy kinda, "belly-flopped" in from wherever!!! Spot and Roxey, got their feet wet, but decided dry land was better, and Huney said she knew that from the get go!!

After that is was time for some more running on dry land, and boy did they run!!! The humans took their turn to get some snacks (Thanks Phred, for the pop and cookies!)

There were lots of other dogs there too...everyting from little terriers to St. Bernards, Great Pyrs, and and Irish Wolfhound...and lots of Boder collies, labs, goldens , huskies and Boxers in between!

It sure was a fun day!!!

Happy Birthday Kia!!! Hope you had a fun day...we sure did celebrating with you!!!

06-29-2003, 07:10 PM
Sounds like a BLAST! You guys took pics, right? :D

06-29-2003, 07:13 PM
I took a few, but on 35mm, so I have to get them devloped. I actually didn't take that many, as it was more difficult to keep track of the dogs, than in Findaly, becuase of all the trees, and paths. Kim and Andy took quite a few, and I am sure they will share ASAP :)

06-29-2003, 08:54 PM
Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. My crew says that the dogs that didn't get wet were smart, water is evil.

06-29-2003, 11:51 PM
W:eek:W!! Sounds like everyone had a blast! I wish I could have come with Alex.....he would have loved the other dogs (especially the Great Pyrs:D) the cake, and maybe the water! I hope everyone will post pics! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIA!! Hope you had a great party:D

06-29-2003, 11:54 PM
Sounds like a GREAT time was had by all!! I'm eagerly awaiting the photos!!! :D

06-30-2003, 12:21 AM
Sounds like you had an amazing time! Can't wait to see pics! :D

Wish I could have gone...:(

06-30-2003, 05:36 AM
Wow, what a day!!:D And what a wonderful way for Kia to celebrate her B-Day!!:) Thaniks for the great pics!!

06-30-2003, 09:18 AM
It was a great day! I'm glad you guys had fun. :D I'm downloading the pics now.... should have them posted by this afternoon. :)

Dakota's Mommy
06-30-2003, 11:07 AM
Sounds like so much fun, can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinder & Smoke
06-30-2003, 01:09 PM
Eben tho Dad still lookz like he got rode hard & put away wet :p He'z reelee GLAD we kame up fur da PARTEE!! Anna wethur wuz jest Bee-u-teeful ALL day! Nary a drop a rain fell; SUNNIE all day!!

But da PARTEE - HO Boy wuz it **PHUNN**!!

Lotta our Budz showed up; an ebberbuddie inna Park wuz reel nice. Lotta da Loculz figgered out Dad had TREETZ an dropped by fur a *snak* purdy offin. 'Course ole GRAHAM kame ober soon as he an Kersey showed up; plopped his lil butt down in frunt of Dad an sed WOOF! Treet, Pleeze!

Da Bark Park iz a Great Place! Reelee *BIG* wiff lotza nice woodz an trailz; an plentee of room ta *run*!
An wow! Soooo mennie Dawgz an Hoominz - but enuff space fur ebberbuddie ta have phunn wiffout gettin in eech udder's space.

We spent sum tyme jest checkin da Place out - explorin da woodz an trailz, gettin to knowe da Localz. Cinnerz wuz akshully *gud* bout not wandurin *toooo* far - an ran (sorta) rite back iffin Dad kalled us! Onlee wun who didda *no-no* wuz Miz Kersey when she wandured outta da fence inna parkin lot :eek:! But she wuz a Gud Girl an stayed rite near her traktur kar - an Miz Leslie got her back inside wiffout any problumz. (Wheeew!) An Oh Guddie! No Tyme-Out Jail! Iffin ya didda no-no - onlee ting happenz is ya gotta "SIT" wiffa 2-Legger fur a kuple minnitz!

Aftur da furst explorin; it wuz tyme fur da Seerius PARTEE stuff. Mr Andy set up da Guddiez onna piknik tabul outside da fence. We all went out an sed Happie Birfday! :D Kia! den it wuz tyme fur da KAKE & ICE KREEME! Miz Kimmy passed out a Kup of Frosty Pawz fur EECH FurKid! Dummie Cinnerz wuzint shure whut it wuz - so I gobbeled up da furst wun! MMMMMM! GUD!! She noticed mine went downa hatch purdy fast; so she wuz reddie when Dad popped da lid on nummer two! Aftur herz wuz gone, she sed we need ta find da Frosty Pawz sekshun inna grocery store an show it to Dad!

Next wuz da KAKE! A REEL 2-Legger kinda Kake! All painted up fur Kia wiffa Kandil burnin! Miz Kimmy served eech Dawggie onna plate. I took wun look an FOOMP! - sucked dat puppie down in WUN BYTE! Hadda lick sum icin offa whiskurz; but Wuz it GUD! Cinnerz wuz a lil bit more Lady-Like - took TWO bytes on herz. Den Roxey an Huney made us all look like lil Piggiez - THEY *SAT* an ate their kake offa FORK - all polite-lkie! Dad thunk dat wuz soo neet WE hadda do da Fork Thing when we all got sekund helpinz... :rolleyes: Ennie Fing to *Pleeze da Hoominz*. (Der'z prolly gonna be *PIX* of dat, latur...)

Back Inside da BarkPark fur summore Romp & Chaze & Play...
den it wuz tyme fur Swimmin!
Thru da woodz an down to da Beech (well, out onna dock... not quite da Beech.) REELEE **loooong** dock... lot longur dan WE ebber been on! Dad wuz a lil *nerbus* kuz *I* nebber been swimmin wiffout bein tied ta Cinnerz... Dad alluz figgered She wuz my Life Guard an wuld keep me outta trubbel. But dis wuz Free Swimmin! Trotted rite out onna dock wiff Dad an he sez "OK Guyz, Take a Dive!" SPLOOSH! SPLOOSH Off we goez!

Nice long swim back to da beech. We klimbed out, SHOOK, an dashed back out ta Dad onna dock. Looked up *waggin* our Tails like krazey; he sez Take a Dive! an off we goez agin! Well, dat wuz about allua "coachin" we needed! Got soz Dad wuzint too sure WHERE we wuz... We wuz making round tripz so fast he quit tellin us it wuz "OK" ta take a Dive - we jest dun it soon az we dashed back out onna dock. Sumbuddie musta showed Cinnerz how ta uze da Rampz... she'd Dive In, motur round inna cirkle, an klimb uppa Ramp. I jest kept doin My Ting - offa dock, put-put inta shore, then *DASH* back tween allua 2-Leggerz *tryin* ta stand onna rollin an swayin dock; den SPLOOSH back in fur anudder Lap! Lotta da guyz wuz doin "Resquez" fur da Hoominz - kept swimmin out an draggin Drownin Dummiez back dat da 2-Leggerz were throwin in...? Cinnerz sed we bettur not try dat - Dad wuld wunt us to do it Allua Tyme! She sed it Looked Like Werk ta her. Gram & Kersey, an Cincy & Sadie were gud wiffa Two-Dawg Team Resquez... boff Dawgz inna Team swam out an grabb'd da dummie, den swam back to da ramp holdin onto da SAME Dummie!

Huney missed out onna Swimmin - sed she dint wanna *Mess Up her Fancee Hare-Do*! An poor Roxey - she got *Snookur'd* by wunna us - guess she dind't know whut *swimmin* wuz all about. She went out onna dock wiff Mom, an followed sumwun offa dock inna waddur - den sed " :eek: Dis stuff iz WET!" She dint do no *swimmin* aftur dat!

Dunno How Long we wuz swimmin - but a Lot Longur den we ebber dun affore! We prolly nebber wudda quit; but da 2-Leggerz got so wet wiff allua *splooshin* an *shakin-off* we tink dey wunted ta go dry off. (Dad'z pantz wuz so *wet* I thunk dey mite fall down!) But I kept tingz goin fur a while longur - got *off-track* wunst goin inta shore - went thru da SWAMP an kame back onna dock lookin a lil *diffurnt* - BLACK frumm shoulderz down! Dad looked rite AT me a axk'd "Were'z Smokey?" Sumbuddie sed "Izint DAT him!?" Dad took anudder look an sed <EEK!> I got da *Size 10 Boot inna Butt Offa Dock* dat tyme! Took about six lapz inna waddur ta kleen da GOOK offa my furrz... :rolleyes: By da tyme I looked like *Smokey* agin, ebberbuddie wuz slowin down a bit; anna Hoominz were purdy well az soaked az dey kuld get ;)... so we all hedded back up inna BarkPark ta Dry Off.
(Note: udder dan Wun *slip* onna slippy dock; No Hoominz wuz *harmed* inna Swimmin Kapur... Nary a Wun gotz pushed offa dock inta da waddur! Dad wuz tinkin DAT wuz a Mirakul!)

Back inna Park, da 2-Leggerz wuz lookin a li *bushed*; so Dad volunteered to go get da Chokka-Cip Kookiez an sum kold pop... Kame back frumm gate we gotz in thru wiffa *sad look* - da gate wuz locked up! Mr Andy, bein da Skinney Lil Guy he iz, sed he'd take a stab at *slippin thru* - he took our kar keyz an made da grub run - an MADE IT! Aftur refreshmuntz, da Hoominz started roundin up FurKids ta hed fur home... Dad kept puttin off leevin - he wuzint lookin ta make da Long Hike allua way round da Locked Gate! Den Mr Ralph sed he wuz gonna try *squeezin* thru da gate to go get hiz kar... Aftur he dint come back - Dad thunk mebbeee der wuz sum hope *HE* kuld fit thru da gate, too. OMG! I thunk! Whut iffin he getz *STUCK*!? We'd hafta kall da lokul Fiur Guyz da kut him out! OK, letz gib it a whirrul! Mr Andy went furst - show us all *how itz dun*. Dad *MADE IT!* Miz Kimmy slipped thru like a pro, too!

Back ober to da karz atta Skoowel, (WE hadda getz a "brush job" ta get all durt offa furrz affore we wuz loud inna kar!) Den it wuz tyme ta say "G-Bye to da BIRFDAY GURL" an hed fur da Ranch... WE wuz sawin logz onna back seet affore Dad made it outta da parkin lot!

We'll tell da Tailz bout ta Trip Home latur...
Gotta see iffin da Pix Are Up yet!

But wun more tyme...
TANKz, Kia fur invitin us all to yur WUNNERFUL Birfday PARTEE!!!!
GREAT Tyme wuz Had By ALL!!


/s/ Chief Korrispondent, Smokey ;)

06-30-2003, 01:46 PM
Great Korrisponding Smokey, couldn't have said it better myself;)

Thank you Kim, Andy & Kia so much for the invite, frosty paws, cake (with sprinkles!), and all the fun. We'd love to do it again sometime! Hope you had a fun, fun birthday sweet Kia!

And Phred, thanks for the cookies (wonderful as always:)) and the pop, it really hit the spot!

Since the pics aren't up yet, I'll go and upload the ones I took...even though I couldn't seem to get one "good" picture:o
There were way too many pups with things to do than be still for a picture:D

Thanks again everyone, we sure had fun!!!!!

06-30-2003, 02:33 PM
Ok, here are the pics I took (like I said they aren't too great:o )

Kia's birthday party (http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4289797317)

06-30-2003, 02:34 PM
I'm sorry I missed such a great time. But it sounds like one hell of a party!! Great narration Phred! See you guys on the 13th!

06-30-2003, 03:33 PM
I Love the pics Anna! :D

06-30-2003, 03:37 PM
Yay, Great Pyrs were there!! Fabulous pictures Anna!!! wish I could've gone