View Full Version : Avizon Bird Food?

06-22-2003, 05:24 PM
This is a new pellet food by 8 in 1 called Avizon, they make it for various bird types.

I was just wondering if it was any good.
I have been long searching for a pellet that has fruits/veggies IN the pellets themselves. As my bird whom I've had for 2 years now, will not eat fresh foods, or even the dried fruits that come in some bird foods. He only likes seeds and pellets.

Here is part of the ingredient run down...
Corn, Wheat, Brown Rice, Soybean Meal... Shelled Millet Seed, Safflower Seed, shelled Sunfower Seeds, Shelled Almonds, Shelled Pumpkin Seeds, Shelled Whole Peanuts, Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Carrots, Spinach, Filberts, Dried Papya, Shelled Pistachios, Whole Dried Egg, Raisins, Peas.... Oyster Shell, Shelled Walnut, Cantaloupe Seed, Pineapple, Coconut, Pinenuts, Red Peppers, ...etc
Protein: 16%
Fat: 6%
Fiber 5%

Does this look like a good food? Please tell me what you think, and specially if you have fed this food before.
So far my only quarell with it, is that for a parakeet the peices seem a little too big, but we'll see.


06-22-2003, 07:38 PM
Sounds like it has some good ingredients. I will have to check and see what is in my pellet.