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06-22-2003, 12:51 PM
Well, this is gonna be very, very boring, so brace yourselves. Well, we bought a house about six years ago and the only reason we bought it is because we got help from my grandparents. Otherwise, we would have had to rent. Well, in 1999, by grandfather died, and my grandmother moved to NJ because she couldn't live here because it was too emotional. They were the ones helping us pay for it and such, and she is still helping us pay.
A few nights ago she called us and I knew something was up because my mom and dad were talking about mortgage at dinner time and stuff. Then last night I was feeding my dog, and they were talking. First, you should know that about three of the houses all next to each other are all the same, and appraisers have been coming around. I guess they went to one of the other people's houses who does not like us one bit and I suppose they didn't like what they were told (probably that the garage was built into another room on the side of the house, like ours) so the family told them our house was made the same way. When we moved in six years ago, half the garage had been made into a storage room, and the other half into the dining room. We got a notice in the mail saying that the house wasn't permitted to have the second story changes done to it those many years ago way before we were moved in. They don't know about the garage being converted, and it looks like the people before us didn't have a permit. (they did all the work themselves)
They said we'd have to pay for the permit and a fine even though we weren't even living in the house at the time!!! And we can't afford it. This sucks.
Sorry, but I just had to vent bout this, because...I dunno. I just had to write it down. :rolleyes: :p :mad: :(

Such stupid people...I hope we can contact the people who lived here before us, because it shouldn't be our duty to pay for something they neglected to do, and it's not cheap eaither. Maybe they can pay for half of it or something, I dunno. Then we're gonna get into more trouble for the garage. :mad: :mad:

06-22-2003, 12:52 PM
Ok, sorry, that made absolutely no sense. :rolleyes: Sorry bout that.