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06-21-2003, 05:42 PM
Owen (my scotty) and I went to an Earth Dog fun day today. It was great! All the "pro" earth dogs were there, and they let the visitors play too. Owen got to run a few heats with an experienced jack russell and a few other newbies. He did the kind where you are in the little cage, then the door opens and you chase a tail down a long chute with other dogs. Winner is the one who goes through the end first. Anyhoo. He loved it. First time he was sorta unclear on the concept. But I ran with him and he figured it out. Second time he came in SECOND (of the beginers, lol). After that he loved it! Every time a new heat started he tried to get right in there. I think we will go back! It was a hot day (it hasnt really been hot yet) and Owen is black so we left after a few hours.
What fun! Bonus: we met some nice other dogs and owners.
Does anyone else participate in "formal" games with their dogs?

06-23-2003, 08:52 AM
:D oh it sounds like owen and yourself had a wonderfull day together "playing"

iam interested in earth dog test that are held here (victoria australia) , but none of my dogs are that interested.

and there are only so many dog sports one can compete in lol

my rottweiler X and i are crazy about flyball (40 more points till she gets her flyball dog champion title) (FDCh), and we also trial in obedience (yawns) very boring stuff that obedience lol, and are going to try and get her jumping and agility dog titles before she retire's (she is nearly 5 yrs)

are you involved in any other sports?

06-23-2003, 09:49 AM
Flyball sounds fun. Owen has a ridiculously low center of gravity. Jumping is not his forte! lol. we aren't doing any other sports yet, but I did talk to some folks about starting agility. Scottys are stubborn, and not known for training success, but Owen's really very obedient, and seems to enjoy being worked with, so we might try....

let us know when you get the 40 points!