View Full Version : Another white coat visit for Pixel!

06-21-2003, 03:21 AM
We took her in this morning for her final booster shots. She's now fully vaccinated, and won't need to go back to the white coats for another year, well let's hope so!

We also got that "Revolutions" stuff that you rub on the back of the cat's neck. It protects against fleas, ear mites and all the icky bad worms.

The White Coat vet man was very impressed with how well behaved and healthy Pixel is! He said that after her needle, she'd become a little drowsy, and sure enough - she's sitting all cuddled up next to me here on the futon.

Unfortunately, I can't provide any pics as our crappy cam has finally gone the Sony RB!


When we have a bit of spare cash, we'll score ourselves a nice, new digital cam!