View Full Version : Been gone and going to South Caralina(sp)

Aspen and Misty
06-21-2003, 12:06 AM
Hey everybody! I am so sorry I havn't been on latly. My home computer crashed and I have been extremly busy moitering anything that goes in to it makeing sure they don't deleate anything on it as they try to start it back up :rolleyes: I've also been really busy with all the animals and my room. Wwe painted my room blue, it used ot be white, I just love it so much. But the only thing that stinks is we steamed vaced my carpet so I have no where to take Julian to play and to get out of cage time, he hates that cage!. So I spend like 4 hours locked in a bathroom with my bunny. :D and the rats have been wanting out alot latly so I try to get them out to run around the bathroom for atleast a half hour and then a little bit of one on one time for them to. And I've been teaching Novie some new tricks, she can crawl and she can put her head on the groun, she also can go to her mark, Sit like a human, which is where she puts her bum on the couch and her front feet on the floor, adorable! Next Monday a Paw With a Cause person is going to be coming to my house to interview the family, so that is really really exiting! We also deced today that tomrrow we are going to South Caralina for the week, we will be back Thursday, hopefully my computer will be up by then and I will be able to come on and chat with ya'll. I'v missed you all alot and can't wait to be back on here posting.


ps: Some very very very Exiting News! I got a Job :D

06-21-2003, 12:20 AM
A job doing what?? You can't leave us hanging!!!! :D