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06-03-2003, 12:25 PM
It gonna be a hot summer...and I sure aint talking about the weather.....my friend Jenny (who recently was realesed from the hospital,) parents are haveing a divorce, not a nice one either....well Jenny, her brother brad, me and our friend Kels is caught in it.(not so much me because even though me and jenny have been friends for 7 years, we didnt talk for three of them and just became really close now.) Jenny's mom is a wreck and her dad is a jerk. She cries all night while he goes to see his girlfriend, Susan. Its really hard to watch all of this....mostly Jenny's mom...she tries SO hard to make all the pieces fit and then he goes and disrups it all....She is so strong and so I dont know it makes me just so proud to even know her. Well Jennys mom moved out and her dad moved into town (they used to live in the country) Her mom moved to South Dakota and Jenny and Brad are gonna move with her. She's still getting everything settled up there so the kids are staying down in the town house and with there dad.

**Last night it got ugly and its only the start....I was going to come over to her house...kels was there already...I called to see if I still could come over and during the call I said some stuff I really should not have said...it was alittle immature...basically her dad was listening on the other line upstairs with susan. (The next stuff I found out from kels because I wasnt there) Jenny found out he was listening and went upstairs to yell at him like any teenager would do. Her dad snapped. I guess he graved the choke chains that where around her neck and started yelling....I dont know much after that except kels got really scared, susan stood and watched, and that he wouldnt let them leave the house so they snuck out jennys window and walked to jenny's grandma and grandpa's house which is two blocks away.

I feel so horrible...I want to call and appoligize to susan, but I dont know...how kels, jenny, or jennys mom would feel about that. Im so stuck and I dont know what to do.

Picture Time
My friends and what Jenny looked like before she got sick(other friends are on that page too (http://www.geocities.com/iceyshiver21/fr.html)
Us the weekend we made our cake for jenny's mommy for mothers day to cheer her up (http://www.geocities.com/iceyshiver21/jenny1.html)