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05-29-2003, 05:42 PM
What simple everyday things do you take for granted? My dad told us this summer they're going to be shooting a movie here (With Daniel Day Lewis or someone..they never do stuff here..lol), and I was like why it sucks here..we don't even have mountains. And my dad was told me about this dentist from Ontario who though there was a dam somewhere used to make the water in the river thing going in and out at certian times of the day..like at one point in the day, its full, later, it has less water..Till someone told her its the tides which they don't have there. I never thought of that before..I'm always at the beaches and such too.

Miss Meow
05-29-2003, 06:36 PM
Good health
Hot water
Freedom of speech
Not having to hunt and gather food
Air travel - the world is so big yet so small!

05-29-2003, 06:59 PM
Originally posted by Miss Meow
Good health
Hot water
Freedom of speech
Not having to hunt and gather food
Air travel - the world is so big yet so small!

my mom says, 'Isn't hot water the best thing they ever invented??"

when were were small she'd sit by the window on a horribly
rainy night, look outside and said to us, 'how would you like to me homeless tonight and where would you go?'

a warm bed
clean clothes and
a family to love and share things with..

05-29-2003, 07:28 PM
I'm embarrassed again to say that I end up taking most things for granted.....which is not a good thing......

until I read a post like this.

Taking things for granted means that you don't think about them too often and always assume that they are there for you (people and things) until they are gone.

Things I'm thankful for: (just to name a few)
My family (immediate and furkids and PT family)
My job
My health (incl. hearing and sight)

And, of course, Dick's Place....:D :D

05-29-2003, 08:01 PM
I take alot of things for granted...and I feel really bad everytime I see a homeless person or a tv program about kids in third world countries. I mean, I have a blasting stereo, nice fairly expensive computer, expensive lamp, new mountain bike, expensive blanket, and much more in my own room and I just feel so horrible everytime I see someone less fortunate than me. Things I don't take for granted though...are true friends and Kai. I treat Kai with the love and attention I would give him as if it was my last day on earth.

05-29-2003, 08:10 PM
Things taken for granted:

NOT having your jaw wired shut. :D

Being able to blow your nose without potentially hemorraging (sp).

Eating solid food.

Feeling healthy.

Looking like yourself. I've included a picture to emphasize this one. This was me 2 days after surgery.

The love of family and pets.

05-30-2003, 12:22 AM
Stupid Ontarioer!!

hmmm... I live in Ontario... Ontarioer's...r...stupid... Hey!! r u calling my stupid??

05-30-2003, 10:32 AM
Waking up in the morning:D

05-30-2003, 08:48 PM
Having a job!!