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11-29-2000, 09:36 AM
Does anyone know of the least-smelling breeds of dogs? I've heard Chow-Chows and Bijon Frises are among them.

11-29-2000, 12:39 PM
I don't know about purebread Chow-Chows, but my boy Sue is half Chow and he wants to smell everything...


http://members.home.net/steak-daddy/images/suesig.gif Life ain't easy for a boy named Sue... (http://members.home.net/steak-daddy/sue)

11-29-2000, 12:55 PM
LOLOLOL, Steak! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/wink.gif

11-29-2000, 01:53 PM
Well I will put in my plug for poodles. I was told by a co-worker many years ago (who owned two) that they had no odor. I have since owned 4 and she was absolutely correct. Also, I guess it doesn't hurt that they must be bathed and groomed approximately every 6 weeks, so that may give them an unfair advantage when compared to other doggies who go longer without their baths. I guess if we humans went as long as most dogs do without bathing, our furry friends might even give us a critical sniff! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

11-29-2000, 03:16 PM
Well, I may be the last one any one of you wants to hear re: my opinion of doggy smells, but... Fritos go without saying. MMMMMMM, MMMMMMM, good! But in addition to them, I just love doggy ear smell, fur smell, (wet and dry) and doggy breath, (puppy breath is particularly devine!) I think it's all just a matter of association. Every one of their smells evokes a wonderful memory/thought of them. I had a friend once who, if you can believe this, loved the smell of dirty diapers!!! Any baby's dirty diapers! Just brought back wonderful memories of her loving time with her daughter as a baby! I really have no expert opinion on any particular breed being less smelly than another. But, having worked with dogs in a grooming setting, I can say that the groomers feel, and it seems logical, that most unpleasant doggy smells really do come from improper or inadequate bathing and grooming, as well as unclean ears, draining eyes, etc. Long haired dogs, of course, having more fur, have a tendency to get stinky faster than short haired dogs. Just more surface area to get dirty, retain scents, etc.! Poodles, at our kennel at least, seem to be groomed on the most regular basis. Maybe that's part of it! Anyway, good luck!!!

11-29-2000, 04:28 PM
I think I would rather smell the dirtiest dog in the world than dirty diapers yuck!

11-29-2000, 08:11 PM
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11-29-2000, 08:48 PM
Originally posted by ownerof3dogs:
I think I would rather smell the dirtiest dog in the world than dirty diapers yuck!>>>>>>>>>

I think I can agree with you on that one too. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

11-29-2000, 10:56 PM
Well, I have to put in a pitch for my Jack Russell Terrier here. She seldom smelled "doggy" and didn't get bathed very often. A lot of it depends on how sensative you nose is, I guess, but any dog is going to smell bad if he/she finds "yard treasures" that are raunchy. We've lived in the country for years and our dogs always found something to roll in that was noxious to say the least. What my point is here is that bathing in a good quality shampoo (but not too often as it will strip the hair and skin of essential oils) is an option that must not be dismissed. So, with that in mind, pick a breed that you like although, I wouldn't recommend the Shar Pei or any of the wrinkley dogs, as they can get smelly wrinkles or may have skin conditions. Another thing to keep in mind, feed the dog a quality food and you'll have less smell from the dog and the yard.

11-30-2000, 08:12 AM
Speaking of treasures: Hubby and I were out recently exploring with our two furkids. We were walking along a creekbed and discovered that we were in cow country, as evidenced by the presence of many, many cow "biscuits". My border collie Max was right by my heels, but when I looked for my aussie, Annie, she was no where to be found. I backtracked a bit and found her, much to my horror, rolling her head in a fresh "biscuit" http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/eek.gif
Thank god we were next to water, because she got her first winter bath. She wasn't going to get in MY car!

11-30-2000, 05:42 PM
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11-30-2000, 07:48 PM
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12-01-2000, 04:37 AM
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karen israel
12-01-2000, 09:00 AM
While we're on the subject...Cody has been known to roll his face in smelly stuff too!!! Other than soap and water, is there any "quick fix"when that's not available?? Maybe some of those packaged handwipes? He won't go into the tub or shower, and it was freezing and late so I didn't want to wash him outside, so I gated the kitchen off and soaped up his head, but what a mess! You guys are so much better than me!

12-01-2000, 08:35 PM
Karen, sounds like you did the right thing soaping him up in the kitchen. I've never tried the "baby" wipes, but it might be worth having some around. Especially if you catch them "fresh". I guess they think it's "doggy perfume", but, Man, it's nasty!!!

Ikki: I hope we haven't put you off dogs with this discussion. I really do think the Bichon Friese is a lovely little dog that sheds little and is a very smart little dog. What it all really boils down to is this: you'll want to avoid a breed that has a tendency toward skin problems, and then keep its environment as clean as possible and you should have few problems with odor. Please let us know what breed you decide on.

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12-02-2000, 08:54 PM
RachelJ, you really have? I never noticed it with the rescue greyhounds that came into PetsMart for informational purposes and potential adoption. Wonder if they aren't keeping them very clean???? The ones I mean re: skin problems are Shar Peis and other wrinkley dogs like Pugs and Bulldogs (English and French, tho' those Frenchies are really cute).

12-03-2000, 08:29 AM
RachelJ!!!!! You are a brave woman, I'll give you that, but it is the enviroment the dogs have been kept in - not, I repeat NOT, the dogs!!!
Greyhounds, if kept in clean conditions and groomed regularly, are one of the least offensive animals in the world! Even my mother has been known to touch them on ocassion and that's saying something!!
We kept up to 42 dogs in excellent kennel blocks under excellent management ( O.K it was mine - but I was GOOD!) and visitors nearly always asked how we kept everything so clean and smelling so fresh. Our dogs were groomed daily, fed well and excersised properly. I know I'm going on but I have never met a smelly Greyhound that was healthy!

You did mean me didn't you??!!! (ha ha ha!)

12-03-2000, 10:52 AM
I watched a show a few months ago called "Top 10 Family Pets" (I think that was the name) The Standard Poodle was in the top 10. Their best features were that they had no odor, rarely shed and they were hypoallergenic. The poodles shown were featured with their coat in its natural state and were absolutely beautiful!

12-03-2000, 11:19 AM
Genia you struck a cord with me on this one! I have had four poodles, the last one being a black standard. The others were toys (2) and a miniature. Can't praise standard poodles enough although I loved all of mine dearly!! Standards are just so elegant!!! There is one area that must be kept clean in poodles of all sizes and that is their ears. They grow fuzzy little hairs down in their ear canals which can mix with wax and then have a not-so-nice smell. Most poodle owners merely pluck those hairs at the time of their grooming (which is usually every 6 weeks or so) so it doesn't become an issue.

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12-05-2000, 03:30 PM

12-06-2000, 11:46 PM
1!)There is no reason to be mad at anyone!!!
2!)I agree with Carrie all the way across the world - my greyhound has no smell whatsoever the only time she did smell was when she came home from the Humane Society when she was around other dogs. One other time I was with her in the backseat of my dad's truck and my mom was in the front and I said "Shai, you stink!" And my mom said "I don't smell anything!" So I don't know what I smelled! Which like Carrie's mom is saying alot- she is not a dog person and cannot figure out where she went wrong with me and my sister!! But she does allow my dog in her house, just not on the furniture which is fine b/c the only thing she is allowed on at my house is the bed. Shai somehow knows when "grandma" is around she isn't allowed on the bed!!!
Anyway, I have talked to SEVERAL people that are aquainted with greyhounds and they all say they don't smell, so I don't know what she was smelling, but they must not have been in very good conditions!!! I don't even have to bathe Shai very often to keep her from stinkin'!

12-07-2000, 08:25 AM
I will defer to the experts. And I have deleted my post. I don't want to deter anyone from considering adopting a Greyhound because of inaccurate information.

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12-07-2000, 12:10 PM
Aw Rachel, your post was funny, good natured and you have as much right to tell us of your experiences as anyone else. Greyhounds kept in bad conditions will smell as bad as any dog kept like that! You met some and told us about it - no problem!

12-07-2000, 12:16 PM
Smelly or not,-I have read they don't smell,- I have not been deterred form adopting an ex-racing greyhound as my next dog. I'm very excited about being able to do this, and find it hard to wait patiently until this happens! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/wink.gif

12-07-2000, 12:21 PM
RachelJ, I didn't want to offend you! You were just relaying your experience! I don't think one person's opinion would affect the greyhound adoptions.
I forgot to mention that I use baby wipes for quick cleanups they work really well!

12-07-2000, 10:26 PM
No offense taken, really. Just want to be fair to the greyhounds. While you guys are here how about checking out my two kids. Hannah in back and Tucker in front. http://members.aol.com/rj4mcbldr/myhomepage/00000064.jpg

12-07-2000, 10:33 PM
Oh Rachel,
They are wonderful! They look like such good friends too. They are much like Honey and Lilly, only smaller!

12-07-2000, 10:44 PM

Thanks for sharing the picture. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

12-07-2000, 11:59 PM
They are soooo cute!!!

karen israel
12-08-2000, 08:15 AM
Hi Rachel! Hannah and Tucker are splendid! Lucky me that I've already checked out your photo gallery .. why don't you share what it is so that everyone can see more adorable pictures!? http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif Lots of kisses and hugs!

12-08-2000, 10:39 AM
What...and definitively answer the question..."Can there ever be too many pictures of one's dogs?"

By the way, my two are real happy that when I finally determined how to post their picture on this site, I put it under the "Smelly Dogs" topic. To them it's a compliment. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/tongue.gif

12-08-2000, 05:20 PM
How precious Rachel!!! Give them big kisses from Star and Cody! You must be one proud Mama!!! And no, there can never be too many pictures of one's dogs!

12-08-2000, 06:09 PM
If we really understood dog language then "smelly" in human would translate as "damned expensive perfume" in dog!

12-08-2000, 10:58 PM
What adorable cutie-pies!!!

***Save a life, ADOPT***

12-08-2000, 11:41 PM
Went to the store looking for a new collar for Bandit and saw doggie perfume called "Pucci". Cracked me up! What the heck is this stuff and does anyone really buy it? By the way, little late on the "firto" thing, but I asked my daughter to smell Bandit's feet and said he smelled like he had stepped in pee, then when she smelled Jeffrey's she said "...corn chips". I think you all are insane and I do beleive you are taking me with you. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif I confess I did smell my dog's feet and there is a certain frito-ish aroma!

12-08-2000, 11:43 PM
Went to the store looking for a new collar for Bandit and saw doggie perfume called "Pucci". Cracked me up! What the heck is this stuff and does anyone really buy it? By the way, little late on the "frito" thing, but I asked my daughter to smell Bandit's feet and said he smelled like he had stepped in pee, then when she smelled Jeffrey's she said "...corn chips". I think you all are insane and I do beleive you are taking me with you. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif I confess I did smell my dog's feet and there is a certain frito-ish aroma!

12-09-2000, 10:07 PM
Yes, people really do buy doggie perfume. I worked at PetsMart in Indianapolis and we carried four scents and while they didn't fly off the shelves, they did get purchased.

Rachel: What a pair of cuties. Did you have much trouble posting the pic here? One day I'll have to scan in a photo of Trev and post it (soon as I figure out where to put it on the web).