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Aspen and Misty
05-25-2003, 12:30 PM
Nova is really bad with bones and uses a very mean growl when anyone is in the same room with a bone and her. So we stopped giving her bones and started giving her Greeies (mm fresh breath :D ) Well yesterday I gave Nova her first greenie and she seemed to like it but wouldn't eat it. I left the room and came back like 10 mins later and Nova is doing her pee pee dance by the door so I let her. I watched her for a second and she went straight to the mulch dug a hole and barried a greenie in :eek: she then pushed all the dirt back ontop of the greenie useing her head. LOL. Well then today I let her outside and came back in a half hour or so to get her to do take a nap and I walk out and call her but she walks over to the dirt, digs and looks at me. I'm like I didn't take it a groundhog probly snuch in here and stole it. So I went over and un-dug the greenie with her got all nice and muddy. LOL. We finally found it and she ran away with it! I started saying really loud "Hey, I helped you un-bary that I want a bite of it!!!!" I said it a couple of times. I walk inside and there is my friend standing there laughing at me. I'm covered in mud and was just yelling "I helped you un-bary that I want a bit of it" LOL. I am offically nuts she says.


05-25-2003, 03:08 PM
hahha cute story! Kai is nuts for greenies and raw turkey necks. I try not to give them too often cuz a few greenies a week plus turkey necks zaps my money away..its hard esp when you don't have a job lol

Cisco's Mom
05-25-2003, 04:11 PM
Aww.. your such a great mom!! Only the bestest of momies would get all muddy to help find a buried greenie. Cisco is all the time trying to bury his Nylabone in the blankets. He was busy doing just that one night and I was watching tv not paying any attention. Next thing he was wanting me to help find it. I looked and looked and couldn't find it!! It had dissappeared. I looked under the bed all around on the floor shook the blanket out( several times). Finally, I told Cisco I didn't know what he did with it. Than I noticed a small whole in the seem of the comforter. Yep!! He got the dang thing inside the comforter!! :eek:

05-25-2003, 05:25 PM
LOL I love greenies.. well not me myself, but that they are good for the animals hehehe.

I've had dogs that are posessive only over one thing, my last foster had a thing with Raw hides, but we had to put an end to that, we do NOT put up with that in our house hold at all, specially when he would jump on my bed (where he was not suppose to be) and chow down on a raw hide, and growl at me when I told him to get down.
I have to train my animals to not be posessive cause I don't want to risk injury ever, specially since I have a young child.
We put a stop to that, he is/was no longer posessive of anything now. :)

His former owners of 6 years, knew he had the problem, but they never corrected it, they were scared of him so they just never tried to take it again or train him otherwise, cause they didnt' want to get bit by him.

I give a greenie to my ferret now and then (supervised of course), my cats wont touch them :)
I think it says to give one a week, but as they are human grade ingredients and fully digestable I dont' see the harm in giving a little more.