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02-22-2001, 09:26 PM
Pretend there is a Camera on your Dog or Cat. What is her/his day like?
Daisy's Dad gets her up about 6:30 in the morning out of our bed and she grumbles, then he lets Perry out of his Crate (which he loves) They go out to do their duty and then eat breakfast. We sit and have our coffee while they play, then it is snack time and they must do something for that. For the first snack they sit up, the second they lie down and the third they shake paws.
Their snacks are shaped like people and are called "People crackers". Then they take their nap, Daisy in my chair and Perry in his Dads chair and we get our work around the house done. When we have errands to do, we take them with us. Daisy hates her harness so hides in her crate or runs around the chair so we can't catch her. Perry gets very excited because he knows he is going somewhere and usually pinches me in the butt.
We strap them into the seat belt in the Explorer and off we go, to the bank, grocery store, post office etc. To Perry and Daisy there are enemies everywhere, the boy riding the bike, the girl jogging, the man going into the bank and they bark at all of them. If they are lucky someone will park next to us and they can surprise them by jumping up, barking and scaring them. By the time we get home they are tired out, all that guarding the family. Of course one of us does the errands and one of us stays in the car with them. Dinner is at two for them, Daisy is very picky and we have to change her food every week or so, Perry will eat anything.
After another nap, we take them outside in the lower yard for their exercise and we throw a ball for them, they love that. Perry lifts his leg on every bush, rock, tree etc.
Daisy runs through the bushes and makes a tunnel for herself. They play in the upper patio till after dinner and come in and we play with them some more. Bedtime is 9 p.m.
(remember we are pretty old) Perry goes in his crate, sometimes he likes to sleep in our walkin closet, his choice, and Daisy gets settled in our bed with her night night a red rabbit. That's just about a day in the life of Daisy and Perry!

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02-22-2001, 10:12 PM
Simba's day starts out around 6 my mom gets up lets him out then she gets ready for work... he goes and lays in my mom and dads bed... then when they leave he comes in bed with me i get up at 8:20 and then Simba gets up and eats then goes in my room and once again goes to sleep.. my friend Valerie comes over ( she gets a ride in the moring when my mom comes home from work to get us at aroun 9:10) Simba gets up and then when we leave again he goes strait to my parents bed and stayes there alll day. We have tested him to see if hwe gets up because we have placed a whole peaice of ham in his bowl and it was still there when we got home. Then when my mom get home at 2 she lets him out then gives him a little of food and some fresh water. Later I come home and he greets me with puppy kisses and hugs. My dad comes home about a min after me and
Simba gets all hyper again..... more to come on Simba's day 'cause so far we are only at 4 o'clock and its time for me to go to bed cause im tired and its 11:13 bye bye!!!

02-22-2001, 10:19 PM
Jackie, I like you! This is a good one. I WISH I could place a camera on my dogs. I get up about 5:00 every morning, take the dogs out. On Mon, Wed, and Fri around 5:15/5:30 (depending on how many times they have to mark the tree out back) I have to go for the dreaded run. Jeffrey is my motivator because he stands by the door excited as I am grumbling to myself "I hate running", he gets me going. I leave for work about 6:45 on Tues and Thurs and on my work out days 7:45. My daughter leaves for the school shortly afterward. The time between leaving for work and coming home for lunch isn't so bad. I'm sure they're sleeping off breakfast. They get a snack when I come one for lunch. The only performance required for a snack is for Jeffrey to "Sit" while I'm getting there snacks. That is very hard for him to do. He'll sit, see the snack, jump up. I have to say "sit" so many times that he'll finally submit and lie down belly-up. They go out once more. I leave, then that's when the fun begins. I see evidence of them on the tables. I given up on center pieces. Today, the utility room was left opened so the plunger was on the living room couch, handle chewed. I usually do an inspection of the house before I leave home to see if there is anything they can get into. Sometimes I miss things. Thank goodness they are out of the furniture chewing stage. I return home around 5-5:30 take them out again. Dinner is at 6-6:30 then we all go out for a walk around the nieghborhood. I walk Bandit and my daughter puts on her rollerblades and takes Jeffrey. When I run errands I take the dogs with me. Jeffrey loves everyone so he constantly looks like he's saying "Hi!, Hi!" . Bandit is like Perry and Daisy, everyone is the enemy. He barks his head off at everyone! Jeffrey doens't bark...ever. I've heard him bark about 5-6 times total. First couple of months I had him I didn't think he could. The weather is getting better (76 degress today, Yeh!)so I can start leaving them in the back yard in the afternoon.

02-23-2001, 12:30 AM
Merlin has a really tough day . 8am get mom up (not happy now that shes not working) out to play snow plow , in the house beg for snack , crawl back in bed now that moms up. after her shower breckfast and move to the couch or under the computer if moms working on it(great cave) move just enough to keep blood moving though out the day unless my human brother says outside then it's time to play snow fight. 4:30 bark at the ups man ( he is afreid of dogs) Dad gets home about then and it's fallow mom in the kitchen time . bug the cats Winky who is brothers and lives here. Really pester Moose sisters cat (can't have at her apt. so he's visiting for a while til she gets apt that allows him. evenings vary til 10:00 just before news I need out for the last run of the night (gotta say good night to the girls next door) Merlin

02-23-2001, 06:26 AM
Boy Genia you really know how to rub it in....76 degrees!!! We are getting over a snowstorm here that caused a 50 car pile up on one of our main routes and had people stranded 4 hrs.!! (Sorry but I couldn't help but write that when I saw your weather. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif)

We have had a couple of cases in these parts of people leaving their dogs in their yards and they are "dognapped." I guess it's just a sign of the times but very upsetting that people would do such a thing. I loved Jeffrey and Bandit's day (especially the part about Bandit being like Perry and Daisy and "everybody being his enemy." http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

Peanut Brittle
02-23-2001, 07:38 AM
Peanut Brittle's day begins at about 3:30 a.m. when her tiny bladder says, "Can't do this anymore." So one of us humans (Puppa and I take turns) gets up and we let her out of her training crate for a bathroom break outside. When she comes back, she gets to come into our "nest" until Mom gets up. Then it's breakfast, and then back into the crate while Rocko and Kate have their breakfast. Then it's Tussel Time, where all 3 go nuts. Then the big dogs ask to go out on their deck, and Peanut Brittle takes a nap and Mom gets some work done. When she starts throwing her "tuggie" around, it's time for the big dogs to come back inside and Tussel Time starts again, interrupted periodically with bathroom breaks, and then we leash up and go get the mail and newspaper. More Tussel Time. Another nap or two, then Puppa's home. Time for supper. Back in crate while big dogs eat, then out again and more Tussel Time. Puppa watches the little one outside while he deals with wood, and by the time everyone's in the big dogs just want to sack out by the wood stove and the little one wants cuddle time on the couch. When the humans go to bed (after more bathroom breaks)it's back into the training crate for the pup, and the big dogs have their blankets spread out for them. And all is quiet until 3:30 a.m. when our day begins again!

The big dogs have a different take on this. Their days don't begin until the food dishes emerge. Then they do their best to ignore the little one until they can't take it anymore and just have to participate in ruining the humans' wood floors. Then, one at a time, they like to go outside and "read their newspaper," (they sniff the perimeter of the yard). Their favorite thing is to be outside on the deck where they can bark their head off at all kinds of imaginary intruders. They put up with the pup some more, tire her out so they too can nap, and everyone waits for that magical moment when Puppa gets home and the supper dishes emerge again!

Neekoh's Mom
02-23-2001, 10:11 AM
Neek has it rough!! I wake up about 7:00am and jump up on mom and dads bed 'till I see one of them "stirring" then I climb up between us them and shower them with "good morning" kisses. They love this! Out of bed at 9:00 with mom for breakfast and then outside while she showers. Back inside to sleep with dad while mom gets ready or wake dad up if he has to go to the store and then bug him while he checks his e-mail and eats. 9:45 I leave for the store with mom and chase the squirels the second she opens the door!! Hee hee hee! Into the car and we're off. Once we get to the store I check to see if anyone messed with my toys overnight and wait for mom to get out my blanket. Then I nap 'till someone comes in. I greet everyone and nap in between. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif Sometimes kids come in and they play with me and we run around the store but mom and dad get mad! 6:00 We head home for dinner but if I am really good mom stops at McDonalds and gets me a hamburger. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif Once we get home I get to go for a walk. Mom calls it our quiet time. Back inside I curl up on the couch with mom to watch t.v. 'till it's time for bed. Wow...now that I see it all written out like this, this dog thing is okay!!

-Neek and his Mom :)

Daisy's Mom
02-23-2001, 11:08 PM
Daisy here. Mom wants me to say that I am a very spoiled girl and you will agree after reading my story. I do not think I am! I have a rought life. On weekdays, my poor Mom has to get up at 5:45. Poor me too, 'cuz I sleep with her and I have to hear her darn clock. That alarm clock starts screamin', and I moan and cry until she shuts it off. She laughs and says, "Oh yes Daisy, your life is so bad, huh?" I don't know why she laughs, it's true! Then she gets up and tucks me in good, and says, "You all comfy cozy?" I do a big sigh and then she goes to get ready for school. I go right back to sleep but she comes in again every morning to kiss my nose before she leaves. I am usually only half awake when she does this. I wander out of bed around 9. I sit at the door until Gramma sees me. Then she puts my collar on (Mom takes it off at night 'cuz she thinks it hurts me when I sleep) and lets me outside. I bark at cats and trees and the horses next door, and if I am lucky, the UPS guy. There are 3 that come. Two of 'em like me and pet me but the other one jumps on the hood of his truck, screamin'. It's great fun! I never get to be outside when he comes anymore though, 'cuz he told my Mom to keep me inside on days he comes. He called me dangerous. What a whimp. Anyway, then I go inside and eat my breakfast while Gramma sits at the counter readin' her paper. Then she goes to help Grandpa get ready and they come two hours later. I pass that time by eatin' my lunch, chewin' my bone under the fooz ball table, and sleepin' in the red recliner chair. I also like to sleep on top of two couches that are back to back. That way I can see out the windows to protect the family. I eat my lunch then too. When they come down I sit at Grandpa's wheelchair and make him pet me. When he stops, I cry and nudge him until he pets me again. He gets pretty tired of that, so Gramma makes me go play outside. That's not so bad, 'specially if my friends are visitin', like Lucky the Springer Spaniel. Then we play all afternoon. At 2:10 I stop whatever I am doing and I sit on the porch, not moving. That's 'cuz my Mom's comin' home! At about 2:11 she walks up the driveway and I get all excited, cryin' and wigglin' my butt until she gets up the steps. Then we fall down on the porch and I give her tons of puppy kisses. If it's not winter, we go for a walk with Mom's best friend Courtney and her dog, my boyfriend Moe. He's a Brittany Spaniel and VERY good looking too. Then we go home and I sleep while Mom does her homework. When she is done I make her play chase with me, and when her sisters get home there are even more people to play with. I play and sleep and eat for the rest of the night. When my family eats dinner, I sit underneath Mom's chair 'cuz she sneaks me goodies, even though Gramma gets mad and yells, "Look at that dog beg!" I do not BEG, I sit and look up at Mom with my big brown eyes. It's not MY fault she can;'t say no to them. Around 9 I get sleepy, and I go curl up on the couch. When Mom's ready for bed, she takes off my collar and picks me up and carries me upstairs to bed. She complains about this and has tried to give it up since she told me I weigh more than half of what she does, but if she doesn't carry me up those 15 stairs, I sit at the bottom crying all night. (Mom said to say SPOILED!). She puts me in her bed and always lays me on my own pillow. When she comes back from brushin' her teeth, I am always on her pillow and she doesn't even bother tryin' to move me. She always lays half on, half off the bed. So that's my day! I guess it's alright... but me? Spoiled? Ha!

02-24-2001, 01:02 AM
Daisy, soundsw like you have Mom right where you want her; wrapped around your little paw. I love the UPS story. He's smart to jump on the hood. He knows you are vicious and will do anything to protect your family from receiving those awful packages http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif I wish I were you!

02-24-2001, 11:46 AM
ok heres the rest of Simba's day.....
at 5 o clock or around that time we eat dinner Simba gets some meat or some scraps of what we had and he gets his big bowl of food for the day ( about a half of bowl)
after dinner me and simba either go for a walk or play ball of tug o war some kind of game. If it is a wendsday or a saturday he gets a bath. and from around 6 on he sleeps and lays around some times on sundays he goes for a ride with my dad to my dads buisness called Family Appliances and my dad goes and works and catches stuff up ( he owns the buisness) Simba likes going to the "building" as we call it and my dad likes the company while he is working. well thats Simba's day... Simba had been bumming out 'cause the lil boy that used to come over every day and give him some "num nums"
moved and now Simba wont be able to see him as much : O ( and neither will I : O (


02-24-2001, 07:06 PM
Hannah checking in. Mom says one of the other moms on Pet Talk has a furkid named Hannah too, but that Hannah hasn't taken her paw to the computer yet. If she does, I may have to go by my other name *Snarla* or include my middle name -*Hannah Noel* which I got from Mom having to tell me "Hannah, No" so often, she said she might as well make it part of my name. But I was going to
tell you about our schedules.

First our dad has to get up kinda early to go to work. It's before 5:00 am according to Mom. I dunno, 'cause I'm still sleeping. Mom gets up and lets Tucker out. She used to make me get up and go out with him, but I had a real problem with that 'cause I am NOT a morning pup. So Mom brushes her teeth, Tucker comes back in and I'm still in the bed. When I am good and ready, I will get up and amble out to the kitchen. Dad usually has toast for breakfast and he saves me the crusts which he leaves on a napkin. Sometimes I can get my paw up to the counter to where the napkin is and ease it on over off the counter, but generally Mom sees me and says, "First you go outside and go potty, then you come back in and you can have your toastes." That convinces me to go outside and take care of business, because I love toastes. Tucker gets part of it too. Then we both say bye to Dad and Mom fixes our breakfast crunchies. We like a little hot water on them. Once Dad leaves, it is back to the Big Bed for some serious cuddle time with Mom. This is when I get my morning massage. After that Mom gets dressed and ready for her commute to work - which is 2 feet to her office right in our house. About that time she asks us if we want to go out again. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. Mom lets us decide. Tucker and I take our places in one of several spots. We have our choice of the green recliner, the living room couch, the living room chair, or the family room couch. Mom gets ticked if I lay up on the back cushions to look out the back door. She says I'm no kitty and if'n I'm scrunchen down the back cushions I could at least do it evenly, which I guess I don't. Tucker likes to go to the toy basket and drag out the toys one by one. I might have to bark at the kids walking by our house going to school or the garbage truck or the awful squirrel who knows how to push all my buttons. But if Mom hollers out "No bark", I do cooperate most of the time. If Tucker or me need to take care of business, either he or I will go get Mom in her office. At noon she puts on her exercise clothes and goes down to the basement to walk on the machine that goes nowhere. Sometimes Tucker and me will go with her but mostly not. It kinda gripes her that she has two dogs and neither one will keep her company, but she can come out of her office to get a kiss or a hug anytime, so what's her problem? Tucker used to be planted right by her feet all day, but I had to set him straight about that. You do that and you spoil them. Afternoons are the same as mornings, napping, watching out the front window, and sounding the alarm if anything is out of the ordinary. Mom says I can tell time bcause at 4 pm, I'm the one to go into her office and tell her it is time to PLAY! Then everybody goes outside for chasing after the Kong, running and practicing some lessons. That is until this winter when it got so cold that Mom decides we should play inside. It's okay, but not near as much fun as outside. I'll be glad when it warms up enough that she will go outside again. About then Dad comes home. When Tucker or I hear the garage door go up, we both run to the back door and sit one in front of the other waiting for it to open. We are both wagging our tails so hard that our butts wiggle. We greet Dad and tell him how much we missed him all day. This kind of grates on Mom because she was with us all day, taking care of our needs she doesn't get any adoration like Dad does, but that is NOT true because in the evening after our dinner crunchies are done, she is the one we sit with on the recliner while she watches TV or reads the paper. Soon it is bedtime and we all pile in to the big bed. I'm on top of the covers next to Dad and Tucker crawls under and slaps himself up against Mom until he gets too hot or Mom starts tossing too much. If that happens he slips out to a dog bed which he keeps right next to the big bed. He is also getting into doing a potty run in the middle of the night sometimes, but Mom uses that as an excuse to get a midnight snack. Dad and I just keep sawing ZZZs. A beauty such as myself, needs her sleep.

Now you will notice that you did not see anything about getting to go for a ride in the SUV. I see other doggies have a far more active social lives than we do and it is an issue that will have to be addressed just like letting me sleep in was. I'll keep you posted.

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02-24-2001, 07:56 PM
Hannah you are a trip!! You have me laughing about "the machine that goes nowhere!" Sometime your mom will have to explain to you why she does that. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif I love your stories Hannah. Keep 'em coming! Tell your mom to give you and Tucker a couple of big smooches for me. (I don't want to hear that you didn't tell mom to give Tucker a kiss.)

02-24-2001, 08:08 PM
Hannah, I love the way you describe you and Tuckers day, I think you would be best friends with Daisy. You have a lot in common.
Keep us posted! All the stories are great, I love reading them all, you all have such wonderful furkids.

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Daisy's Mom
02-24-2001, 09:22 PM
Daisy here. Hannah your day is pretty cool! Yeah I am not often driven around either, even though I saw a movie called "Driving Miss Daisy" and I barked to get Mom's attention to the title... she doesn't seem to get the hint though. She has an excuse though, she only has her permit and I don't think I even WANT to drive with her yet... but Gramma could drive me if she wanted! She usually says no though, 'specially if I haven't had a bath in a while, 'cuz she says I smell "houndy." Mom loves my houndy smell! I think it's very nice myself. Hannah we gotta come up with a plan to get in those cars... maybe we should learn to drive!!! It can't be as hard as Mom's makin' it out to be!
Slobber Kisses,

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02-25-2001, 09:14 AM
Originally posted by Daisy's Mom:
Daisy here. Hannah your day is pretty cool! Yeah I am not often driven around either, even though I saw a movie called "Driving Miss Daisy" and I barked to get Mom's attention to the title... she doesn't seem to get the hint though. She has an excuse though, she only has her permit and I don't think I even WANT to drive with her yet... but Gramma could drive me if she wanted! She usually says no though, 'specially if I haven't had a bath in a while, 'cuz she says I smell "houndy." Mom loves my houndy smell! I think it's very nice myself. Hannah we gotta come up with a plan to get in those cars... maybe we should learn to drive!!! It can't be as hard as Mom's makin' it out to be!
Slobber Kisses,

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Daisy's Mom, it's funny you mentioned
"Driving Miss Daisy" that who we named
Miss Daisy after, you know us ole folks love those kinds of movies.

02-25-2001, 12:00 PM
Whats this about being old?!!! I remember that show so do I have to be old to like it? Please so Noooooooo! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

02-25-2001, 01:06 PM
Originally posted by sammi:
Whats this about being old?!!! I remember that show so do I have to be old to like it? Please so Noooooooo! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

Thought you young people didn't go for those movies like "On Golden Pond", "Driving Miss Daisy" etc. Thought you liked the high tech stuff. No I guess you don't have to be old to enjoy good movies. By the way did you
see "Traffic"? The location is here in San Diego and Tijuana, it gives one something to think about!

02-25-2001, 01:15 PM
Hi, it's me Hannah, again. Thanks for reading a Day in the Life of Hannah (and Tucker). I want to thank all you moms who told how your furkids got to go places because guess who got to *Go Fried* today (as Sophie would say). To all you newbies that's short for "Go for a ride". Yup, it's true, me and Tucker got to go in the SUV to Target. I was so excited that I started whinning a little. Dad can't stand that! Then on the way back I didn't whine at all and we stopped at PetsMart and Mom took just me inside. I got to meet and sniff four different dogs and I didn't give anybody "the lip" either. I was on my best behavior although I did pull a little, just trying to see everything. Mom says next time I'm wearing my training collar. Mom stopped to see Jeramy, the Cat, who was still there. She was a little sad since Dad has vetoed the "let's adopt him" notion. While we were there Mom bought Tucker a stuffed Easter Bunny but I knew she wouldn't save it for Easter, she had to give it to him as soon as we got home. He loves his stuffed toys so much. I wasn't interested in it in the store, but as soon as Tucker had it in his mouth, I saw how much fun it was. Well, gotta go. Tomorrow I go to my groomer, Cathy, which I don't particularly want to do, but at least it is another opportunity to GO FRIED!

02-25-2001, 01:39 PM
Hannah, it's me Miss Daisy. Wow don't you love riding in the SUVs, so much room in the back. I sit up or lay down, but Perry always gets tangled in his seat belt and we have to stop so Dad can get him untangled. I love to go to Petsmart too, Perry always stays with Dad and I get to go with Mom and I love to scare all those big dogs, but sometimes they scare me too. Mom always buys us each a toy and when we get home, Perry wants to take it away from me, but I just run to Mom and she looks at Perry and he drops my toy. In the morning when he wants to take my bone away from me, I run under Mom's long robe and hide, he just leaves me alone and goes back to Dad. Anyway, glad you got to go for a ride, now you can bug them every time they get their car keys out like I do. Say hi to
Tucker from me and Perry.

Daisy's Mom
02-25-2001, 07:07 PM
Daisy here. That's great that you got to go ridin', Hannah! We don't got a PetSmart 'round here but we do got a Petco and I LOVE Petco! I get to pick out anything I want there as long as Mom's with me, 'cuz she can't say no to me. I met a Bulldog there one time who thought I was so pretty he starting peein' right there. I thought it was funny but his Dad didn't seem too thrilled. Jackie, Mom told me to tell you that she loves old movies and old music, and she even watches the Brady Bunch and those old shows. She thinks she was born in the wrong generation. She's always complainin' 'bout the stuff people her age today are listenin' to and watchin'... she's a lil' ol' lady. By the way, my day today was not normal and it was very bad. The hyoomins had to go to a birthday party of Gramma's dad and so they left me in the house all alone from 1:30 until 6! How rude. And to make it worse, they remembered to put the trash can on the counter so I couldn't even amuse myself with that. Mom's littlest sister Rachael did leave a soccer ball around though so I played with that 'till it got smooshy and flat and didn't roll anymore. I think it got tired. It's not much fun anymore and Rachael cried and yelled at me. Oh well. At least when Mom got home she gave me lots of kisses and snuck me some chicken from her chicken salad. Well I gotta go. Seeya later!

02-25-2001, 08:04 PM
Daisy, Miss Daisy here. We must be very special to both have the same name. My Mom picked it out because she loved "Driving Miss Daisy" what made your Mom pick it out for you? I think you better watch out for those ole Bulldogs, they can get pretty excited when they see a pretty girl like you.
One fun thing about going to Petco or Petsmart, you can play with all the toys before you decide which one you want. Mom says she guesses she was born in the right generation, because she likes antiques, 40, 50 and 60s music, family movies and all Pets.
I guess she ain't all bad.
Don't feel bad when Mom and Dad have to leave and the weather is not good, we have to stay in the kitchen, that's really fun, all Perry wants to do is sleep. I'm so bored I just chew my nylabone, because they put the trash can on the counter. Oh well when they get home Mom kisses and kisses and kisses me, yuckkkkkkk